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The Multiverse AI Review: #1 Professional AI Headshots?

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The Multiverse AI review.

A professional image is crucial for success, especially in the professional world. Your headshot is often the first impression you make on others, whether on social media, professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, or corporate websites.

But if you're like me and other professionals, you often don't have the time, resources, or knowledge to create a high-quality professional headshot. That's where The Multiverse AI comes in, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to try it and share my honest thoughts with you!

The entire process was quick, easy, and affordable. After uploading a few selfies, The Multiverse AI sent me 120 stunning professional headshots in only twenty minutes:

Original selfie compared to a professional headshot generated by The Multiverse AI.

In this Multiverse AI review, I'll explain what it is, who it's best for, and its key features. From there, I'll show you how I was able to generate and customize stunning professional headshots so you can, too. Finally, I'll share the best AI headshot generator alternatives so you know which one is best for you!


The Multiverse AI is the best user-friendly and cost-effective solution for generating high-quality, professional headshots, offering a variety of styles and settings to suit different needs. While there could be more camera angles, its quick and easy process makes it the best choice for individuals, remote teams, and businesses looking to upgrade their professional image.


  • Receive 120 professional AI headshots within 2 hours for only $24.
  • 20 AI headshots you can customize with text prompts.
  • Comes with an AI portrait generator for artistic/futuristic headshots.
  • The best AI headshot generator for professional business photos.
  • Headshots are accurate and high-quality.
  • Variety of styles and settings.
  • Saves a significant amount of time and money compared to traditional photo shoots.
  • The process was quick and easy.
  • Great for remote teams and individuals.


  • There could be more camera angles, especially from a more zoomed-out perspective.
  • Customization could be more accurate than just relying on text prompts.
  • The ability to choose clothing and background styles would be nice.
  • Some headshots didn't look like me, and there were slight distortions.

What is The Multiverse AI?

The Multiverse AI homepage.

Trusted by experts from Google and McKinsey, The Multiverse AI is an AI headshot generator that uses advanced algorithms to turn your selfies into high-quality, professional headshots to boost your professional image! The process is straightforward: Pay $24, upload between 12 and 20 selfies, and receive 120 AI headshots within two hours! This saves a lot of time and resources compared to a traditional photoshoot.

In addition to the incredible AI headshots you'll receive (I was impressed by the quality and accuracy), you'll get credits to customize your photos with AI text prompts! The Multiverse AI will suggest some ideas with examples you can copy in case you're unsure of the text prompt you want to give it.

I used The Multiverse AI customizer to generate a photo of me with rainbow hair, and I was happy with the results:

Professional custom AI headshot of a woman with rainbow hair generated with The Multiverse AI.

Whether you're working remotely, part of a team, or an individual looking to enhance your professional image, The Multiverse AI is a user-friendly AI headshot generator that produces a variety of high-quality results.

Who is The Multiverse AI Best For?

The Multiverse AI is an excellent solution for anyone who doesn't want to spend time or money on a traditional photoshoot for professional photos. However, The Multiverse AI is especially beneficial for specific types of individuals:

  • Job Seekers: Creating a professional image is crucial for job seekers. With Multiverse AI, you can capture your unique personality and stand out from the competition with professional headshots to add to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or professional portfolio.
  • LinkedIn Users: LinkedIn is where professionals showcase their skills and experience. The Multiverse AI offers a solution for creating professional corporate profile pictures that make a strong impression on LinkedIn. With its AI technology, The Multiverse AI helps your profile picture stand out, leaving a lasting impression and increasing your visibility.
  • Corporate Professionals: The Multiverse AI offers remote corporate professionals a virtual space for uploading selfies and receiving professional headshots, eliminating the need for in-person photo shoots. This makes a positive impression on colleagues, clients, and business partners.
  • Business Owners: Multiverse AI helps business owners create professional corporate photos that reflect their brand and professionalism. Use these headshots on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to impact your target audience confidently.
  • Creative Professionals: The Multiverse AI helps artists, designers, and photographers generate headshots that reflect their artistic style and vision. The AI portrait generator, in particular, is specifically geared towards creative individuals, creating 100 artistic or futuristic headshots to present themselves professionally and creatively to clients, collaborators, and the creative community.
  • Remote Teams: The Multiverse AI offers an affordable way to get high-quality headshots specific to teams! The headshots are cohesive and professional, even when working from different locations. This boosts team morale and presents a unified front to clients and stakeholders, especially for headshots on a company website's “Team” page.

The Multiverse AI Key Features

Here are The Multiverse AI's key features:

  1. AI Headshot Generator for Business Professionals
  2. Custom AI Headshots
  3. AI Portrait Generator

1. AI Headshot Generator for Business Professionals

The Multiverse AI's AI headshot generator for business professionals.

The Multiverse AI's primary feature is its AI headshot generator, tailored for business professionals. Using advanced algorithms, The Multiverse AI takes your uploaded selfies and creates professional AI headshots.

For just $24, all you have to do is upload your selfies, and within two hours, you'll receive an email with a link containing 120 AI headshots! The 120 headshots you receive make up 100 professional AI headshots and 20 custom AI headshots, where you can use text prompts to edit your photos.

Professionals from Google, Forbes, and McKinsey trust the headshots generated by The Multiverse AI. The Multiverse AI ensures that every headshot reflects professionalism, confidence, and authenticity. It helps make a solid impression on colleagues, clients, and investors for business professionals of all kinds.

Team Headshots

The Multiverse AI doesn't limit itself to individuals; it also offers AI headshots specific to professional teams. It only costs $21 per person, and you'll get 100 headshots for each team member by default and up to 500 upon request at no extra cost! The more team members, the bigger the discount. It's the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to get professional corporate headshots for your team.

With The Multiverse AI team headshots, you can quickly build a consistent team gallery that reflects your business' professionalism. You'll get ten formal and casual styles to find the perfect fit for your team's brand. If those don't work, The Multiverse AI also supports custom styles.

The process of getting AI-generated team headshots with The Multiverse AI is simple:

  1. Provide team information: The first step is to provide the Multiverse AI information about your team. Select the team size, make the payment, and provide a list of the team members' emails.
  2. Upload selfies: The Multiverse AI will send each team member a link to a form where they can upload their selfies.
  3. Receive AI-generated headshots: After two hours, each team member will get an email with a link to their headshot page to access their AI-generated Headshots!

The team headshots offered by The Multiverse AI are perfect for getting expertly crafted, professional headshots for remote teams and organizations.

2. Custom AI Headshots

The Multiverse AI custom AI headshots.

The Multiverse AI goes beyond the standard headshot offerings by providing the option for custom AI headshots! Give the Multiverse AI a text prompt and turn yourself into whoever you envision yourself to be with just a few clicks!

With the custom AI headshots feature offered by The Multiverse AI, you can transform yourself into whoever you want to be. If you wish to portray a powerful executive, a quirky creative, or anything in between, you can bring your imagination to life!

3. AI Portrait Generator

The Multiverse AI portrait generator.

In addition to headshots, The Multiverse AI also offers an AI portrait generator! It turns your regular selfies into artistic portraits, making this an excellent tool for creative professionals to stand out creatively.

The Multiverse AI offers two styles to choose from: Artistic and futuristic. The artistic style is better for creatives who want a more traditional, painterly look to their portraits. The futuristic style, however, is perfect for those who want a bold and contemporary vibe.

To use The Multiverse AI's portrait generator, you only have to make the payment and choose a style. Next, upload and crop your photos. In no time, you'll receive an email from The Multiverse AI containing a link to access your AI photos!

With the AI portrait generator, you can transform your selfies into stunning works of art. Whether you're an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, or someone who wants to see yourself in a creative light, this feature will perfectly match your profile picture to your creative aesthetic!

How to Use The Multiverse AI to Generate & Customize AI Headshots

Using The Multiverse AI to generate AI headshots was a straightforward process that only took a few minutes! Here's how I used The Multiverse AI to create and customize headshots and how you can, too:

  1. Submit Payment Information
  2. Upload 12-20 Selfies
  3. Receive Generated Photos
  4. Select Customize
  5. Create an Account
  6. Write a Prompt
  7. Generate Custom Photos

Step 1: Submit Payment Information

Selecting the get photos button on The Multiverse AI homepage.

I started by going to The Multiverse AI homepage and selecting “Get your photos for $24.” The Multiverse AI asked me for my payment information.

Step 2: Upload 12-20 Selfies

The Multiverse AI selfie guidelines.

Once my payment information was filled out and submitted, The Multiverse AI asked me to upload 12-20 of myself with no other people. It's essential these photos are not a series of selfies taken on the same day and that they show a clear and visible face.

Photos uploaded to The Multiverse AI.

It took a bit of time for me to find selfies that fit the criteria (I'm not big on taking selfies, so I had to dive into the archives), but The Multiverse AI made it easy for me to upload and crop my photos directly onto the platform.

Once everything was uploaded, I hit Finish at the bottom.

Step 3: Receive Generated Photos

AI generated photos made with The Multiverse AI.

The Multiverse AI informed me I would receive my generated photos in an email in about two hours. The email containing my photos came in after only about twenty minutes!

I was impressed with how my photos came out. Some didn't look quite like me, which is expected for AI headshot generators. But there was a decent amount that looked like me with a high quality and detail!

I was thrilled with many of them (it was hard choosing my favorites), and I liked having a variety of styles and poses to choose from. The photos look stunning and professional, much better than the original selfies I submitted!

Considering how easy the process was, how quickly I received my AI headshots, and the quality and professionalism of these photos, The Multiverse AI is undoubtedly the best AI headshot generator for stunning, professional images.

Step 4: Select Customize

The Multiverse AI photo options.

After receiving my photos, The Multiverse AI gave me a couple of options at the top of my results for what I wanted to do next:

  • Unlock 100 more photos for $7
  • Get higher-resolution pictures for $8
  • Change input photos for $14
  • Download all photos
  • Customize

Step 5: Create an Account

Selecting Customize to get 20 custom headshots from The Multiverse AI.

I was curious about the Customize feature, so I selected the “Customize” button. Signing up for an account let me customize up to 20 headshots.

Step 6: Write a Prompt

The Multiverse AI customize page.

After creating an account, I was taken to The Multiverse AI customize page. One image = one credit, and I was given 20 credits. All I had to do was give it a text prompt, including the word “me.”

The Multiverse AI ideas tab.

The Multiverse AI also had an “Ideas” tab with examples of how others had customized their AI headshots. I hovered over the customized photo I liked and copied the prompt to be pasted into the AI headshot generator text prompt field.

Step 7: Generate Custom Photos

Adding an AI text prompt to The Multiverse AI customizer and selecting Generate.

I wanted to see how I would look with rainbow highlights, so I copied the text prompt, “me with rainbow hair highlights,” and pasted it into the field. I chose how many images I wanted to generate, ranging from 4 to 40 per text prompt, and hit “Generate.”

The Multiverse AI custom generations with rainbow hair.

The Multiverse AI immediately started generating, and after a few minutes, I had my results! All the photos had excellent quality, resembling my features, but only one of the images accurately looked like me.

Overall, I was impressed with how my customized photos came out with The Multiverse AI!

Top 3 The Multiverse AI Alternatives

Here are the best The Multiverse AI alternatives I've tried you might want to consider!


Aragon AI homepage.

With over 15 million headshots generated, Aragon AI is an excellent, popular alternative to The Multiverse AI. I tried it for myself, and it generated impressive, high-quality results I was very pleased with:

Aragon AI before and after headshots.

Aragon AI pricing is similar to The Multiverse AI. Still, Aragon has more flexible pricing, offering three different packages instead of the single pricing option with The Multiverse AI. With Aragon AI, the process also takes a bit longer, and you'll have to upload a few more photos compared to The Multiverse AI.

With Aragon AI, I also received double the number of photos (200) compared to the 100 generated by The Multiverse AI. Overall, I was more satisfied with the results from The Multiverse AI, even though Aragon did an excellent job. Aragon AI also had a wider variety of camera angles with more zoomed-out photos of myself.

Both Aragon AI and The Multiverse AI produce outstanding professional AI headshots, so you can't go wrong with either. However, if you want more flexible pricing, more variety of headshots, and more photos for a similar price, I'd recommend going with Aragon AI. For a quicker process and high-quality headshots that look the most accurate to how you look, choose The Multiverse AI!

Read our Aragon Review or visit Aragon.


HeadshotPro homepage.

HeadshotPro is another professional headshot generator that generates over 120 headshots in various styles. I tested HeadshotPro for myself, and here are my top results:

HeadshotPro AI generated headshots.

HeadshotPro has similar pricing to The Multiverse AI but with more flexibility, offering three different packages.

What I liked most about HeadshotsPro was the variety of clothing styles and backgrounds I could choose from. However, I liked the headshots produced by The Multiverse AI much better.

For more pricing and more customization flexibility, I recommend going with HeadshotPro. For the fastest access to your headshots and better headshots overall, I recommend The Multiverse AI!

Read our HeadshotPro Review or visit HeadshotPro.

Vidnoz Headshot Generator

Vidnoz headshot generator landing page.

With nearly 3.5 million AI headshots generated from over 170,000 users, Vidnoz is another popular AI headshot generator that creates professional headshots without the physical photoshoot, saving you 80% of traditional costs! Like The Multiverse AI, you must upload your selfies, and Vidnoz will generate the headshots.

The process of generating AI headshots with Vidnoz is simple:

  1. Choose your clothing and background styles.
  2. Create an account and make the payment.
  3. Upload 9-14 selfies.
  4. Specify your gender, ethnicity, and eye color.
  5. Generate and receive your headshots in about 2 hours.

One of the best things about the Videnoz AI headshot generator is the number of styles you can choose. You can choose between 5 to 22 clothing and background styles depending on the package. However, the selfie upload time tends to be slow, and the results may be distorted.

For more customization and pricing flexibility, choose the Vidnoz AI headshot generator. For excellent results and a quicker process, choose The Multiverse AI!

Read our Vidnoz Review or visit Vidnoz.

The Multiverse AI Review: Does It Generate the Best Professional AI Headshots?

The Multiverse AI is a handy tool for anyone on a budget who wants to generate high-quality, professional photos of themselves within two hours. Individuals, teams, and businesses can easily enhance their professional image and stand out:

  • Job seekers can create professional headshots that make a positive impression on potential employers and set them apart from the competition.
  • LinkedIn users can use The Multiverse AI to enhance their profile picture to attract recruiters, clients, and professional connections.
  • Corporate professionals and remote teams can use The Multiverse AI to ensure a cohesive and professional look throughout their team.
  • Business owners can create professional corporate photos that reflect their brand and professionalism, attracting customers, clients, and business opportunities.
  • Creative professionals can use The Multiverse AI Portrait Generator to create artistic/futuristic headshots that showcase their artistic style and personality.

My experience generating AI headshots with Multiverse couldn't have been better. The process was easy, and I was shocked that my headshots were ready for me in my inbox after only twenty minutes!

I was happy that the headshots came out crisp and clear, with great attention to detail. Naturally, not all headshots looked like me, and there were slight distortions, but I was more than satisfied with many of them! I can easily see myself using these on LinkedIn or my website.

The Customize feature that allowed me to give The Multiverse AI a text prompt and customize my headshots was a lot of fun to play around with. Applying a rainbow color to my hair was effortless, and I was happy with the results.

Despite lacking more zoomed-out poses, The Multiverse AI is my favorite for professional AI headshots compared to the other AI headshot generators I've used. The process was the quickest and easiest, and the headshots looked professional and polished. I'd highly recommend trying The Multiverse AI for yourself and see what it's capable of!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multiverse AI?

The Multiverse AI is an AI headshot generator that will turn your selfies into 120 professional headshots you can use for your LinkedIn profile, website, resume, and more. You'll also get credits to use AI text prompts to customize your headshots however you want!

The Multiverse AI specializes in creating professional headshots with various poses, expressions, and backgrounds. The algorithm continually improves with more data, resulting in highly realistic headshots.

How do you do the AI headshots?

Creating AI headshots with The Multiverse AI is straightforward: Upload your selfies to the platform, and the AI technology takes care of the rest, analyzing the photos and enhancing them to create professional headshots. With The Multiverse AI, you'll receive high-quality headshots without needing an in-person photoshoot!

Is The Multiverse AI legit?

I have tried The Multiverse AI and can confirm it is a legitimate service offering professional AI-generated headshots. The platform has received positive reviews from satisfied customers, and its AI technology is highly regarded for producing high-quality results.

What's the best AI headshot generator?

The best AI headshot generator for generating professional headshots is The Multiverse AI. It's affordable, the process is quick and easy, and the results are high-quality and professional.

However, determining the best AI headshot generator is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Some excellent alternatives to The Multiverse AI I've tried include Aragon, HeadshotPro, and Vidnoz Headshot Generator. Do your research, try out different options, and compare the results before deciding on the best fit for your needs.

How much does it cost to buy The Multiverse?

The Multiverse AI costs $24 to generate 120 professional AI headshots within 2 hours.

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