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5 Best AI Tools for Public Speaking (June 2024)

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In the realm of artificial intelligence, the application of AI tools in public speaking marks a significant advancement. These tools offer practical solutions for enhancing speaking skills, addressing common challenges faced by speakers at all levels. By leveraging AI technology, these tools provide valuable insights into speech delivery, content organization, and audience engagement.

Our exploration of some of the best AI public speaking tools will introduce a range of innovative platforms designed to improve various aspects of public speaking.

1. Yoodli

Improve your public speaking with Yoodli - AI speech coach

Yoodli positions itself as a pioneering AI-driven public speaking coach, redefining how individuals enhance their communication skills. This tool is designed to provide private, real-time coaching and feedback, creating an environment where users can develop their speaking abilities without the pressure of a live audience. Garnering the trust of over 100,000 professionals and employees from various companies, Yoodli stands as a testament to its effectiveness and reliability.

The platform's main attraction is its personalized analytics, which dissect the visual, verbal, and vocal elements of a user's delivery, offering clear, actionable feedback. Yoodli proves to be versatile, catering to various scenarios like online meetings, job interviews, presentations, and sales calls, making it a go-to tool for diverse communication needs.

Key Features of Yoodli:

  • Advanced Analytics: Yoodli provides an in-depth analysis of the user's speaking style, covering aspects like speech pacing and filler word usage, which are crucial for polished communication.
  • Real-Time Coaching: Unique to Yoodli is its capability to offer private speech coaching during online meetings, allowing users to receive feedback and guidance as they speak.
  • Customized Audience Settings: The tool features AI-driven audience settings and follow-up questions, simulating a range of speaking environments for practice and preparation.
  • Progress Tracking: With Yoodli, users can quantify their speaking style and monitor their development over time, fostering continuous improvement in public speaking skills.
  • Ease of Access: Available as a free desktop application, Yoodli is readily accessible, making it a popular choice likened to “Grammarly for speech.”

Yoodli emerges as a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to elevate their public speaking skills, skillfully blending the power of AI with the finesse of personalized coaching.

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2. Verble

Verble - Your AI Speechwriting Assistant

Verble stands out as an AI speech-writing assistant, crafted to aid users in mastering verbal persuasion and storytelling. This tool distinguishes itself with a user-friendly chat-based interface, enabling users to engage in a conversation with the AI assistant. This interaction is the first step in a streamlined speech preparation process.

The assistant prompts users with targeted questions, encouraging them to articulate their thoughts, understand their audience, and clarify their message. These inputs are then ingeniously transformed into a coherent and structured speech draft. What sets Verble apart is its incorporation of insights from speech coaches who have studied some of the world's most accomplished speakers.

Designed to accommodate a variety of speaking scenarios, Verble is adept at assisting with business pitches, keynote addresses, wedding speeches, and even specialized presentations like those in the medical field. Its ease of use and innovative approach make it a valuable tool for those looking to prepare impactful speeches quickly and efficiently.

Key Features of Verble:

  • AI-Powered Chat Interface: Offers a conversational approach to speech preparation, making the process engaging and intuitive.
  • Tailored Speech Crafting: The AI assistant asks pertinent questions to help users refine their thoughts, catering the speech to both the audience and the occasion.
  • Expert Insights: Incorporates techniques and strategies from renowned speech coaches, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the speech content.
  • Versatility in Use Cases: Suitable for a diverse range of speaking engagements, from formal business presentations to personal occasions like weddings.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Verble's online platform allows for anytime, anywhere access, providing a significant advantage over traditional in-person coaching.

Verble emerges as an innovative solution for speech preparation, combining the convenience of AI with the art of effective communication.

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3. Gabble

Gabble emerges as a powerful AI-powered communication coach, focusing on improving both speaking and listening skills for individuals in a secure and private setting. The app excels in offering personalized feedback and guidance, aiming to make users more articulate and effective in their message delivery. It stands out as an ideal training tool for those looking to enhance critical soft skills, alleviate public speaking anxiety, and become more impactful speakers.

The design of Gabble is centered on user growth and confidence, offering a judgment-free zone where individuals can practice and develop their communication abilities. The app has garnered positive reviews from a wide user base, including students and professionals, who have noted significant enhancements in their speaking skills and overall confidence.

Key Features of Gabble:

  • Personalized Feedback: Gabble provides tailored advice and feedback, focusing on the individual needs and improvement areas of each user.
  • Real-Time AI Conversations: The tool facilitates real-time conversations using AI, allowing for practical and interactive speaking practice.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: A distinct feature of Gabble is its emphasis on vocabulary preparation, aiding users in refining their word choice and expression.
  • Judgment-Free Practice Space: The app offers a safe and encouraging environment for users to practice and improve their communication skills.
  • Widespread Use: Proven to be a valuable resource, Gabble is utilized by thousands of individuals, including students and professionals, to better their communication skills.

Gabble stands as a testament to the power of AI in personal development, offering a comprehensive approach to enhancing communication skills in a user-friendly format.

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4. Virtual Orator

Image: Virtual Orator

Virtual Orator emerges as a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) simulator, specifically designed to elevate public speaking skills by replicating realistic speaking scenarios. This innovative tool leverages VR technology to create immersive experiences, allowing users to practice their speeches in front of virtual audiences. By providing customizable settings, including varying the venue, audience size, and behavior, Virtual Orator tailors the experience to each user's specific training needs.

One of the standout features of Virtual Orator is its integrated recording capability, which can capture both the virtual environment and the user via a webcam. This feature is invaluable for users who wish to review their performances critically or share them for feedback. With availability on VR platforms like SideQuest and Steam, Virtual Orator is accessible to a wide range of users with VR headsets.

Key Features of Virtual Orator:

  • VR Audience Simulation: Offers a realistic simulation of public speaking settings, helping users to practice in a variety of virtual environments.
  • Customization Options: Users can tailor their practice sessions by adjusting the virtual venue, audience size, and audience behavior to match their training goals.
  • Recording Capability: The tool allows for recording of both the speaking environment and the speaker, enabling detailed performance review and feedback sharing.
  • Wide Accessibility: Available on popular VR platforms like SideQuest and Steam, Virtual Orator caters to users with different VR setups.
  • Overcoming Speaking Anxiety: The tool is particularly beneficial for individuals aiming to conquer public speaking fears or to perfect crucial presentations.

Virtual Orator stands out as a unique and immersive tool in the realm of public speaking training, offering a safe and adaptable environment for users to refine their speaking prowess.

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5. Orai

Orai stands out as an AI-powered app dedicated to enhancing public speaking and communication skills. It offers a unique blend of interactive lessons and sophisticated speech analysis, providing users with instant feedback on their performance. This tool is designed to cater to various skill levels, adapting its approach with personalized lessons that focus on improving confidence, clarity, pace, voice modulation, and the reduction of filler words.

The app is widely used by both individuals and organizations seeking to boost their speaking abilities, overcome public speaking anxiety, and strengthen foundational communication techniques. Orai's versatility allows it to be a valuable asset for both personal and professional development, earning accolades for its role in helping users become more confident and articulate speakers.

Key Features of Orai:

  • Interactive Lessons: Orai provides engaging and dynamic lessons, making the learning process interactive and enjoyable.
  • Detailed Speech Analysis: The app offers in-depth analysis of recorded speeches, delivering instant and specific feedback for improvement.
  • Personalized Learning Path: Adjusting to the user's current skill level, Orai suggests tailored lessons to ensure steady and relevant progress.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Focuses on key aspects of public speaking including confidence, clarity, pacing, voice quality, and minimizing filler words.
  • Wide Application: Used by a diverse range of users, from individuals to large organizations, for both personal and professional growth.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Orai has been praised for its significant impact on enhancing the speaking skills of its users, fostering greater confidence and articulation.

Orai emerges as a comprehensive and adaptive tool for public speaking improvement, leveraging AI to provide a personalized and effective learning experience.

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Harnessing AI for Public Speaking

It's clear that AI is transforming the realm of communication. These tools, ranging from Yoodli's speech coaching to Verble's AI speech-writing assistant, offer unique solutions for enhancing public speaking skills. They address various aspects of public speaking, including anxiety reduction, language improvement, and real-time performance feedback.

The advancement of these AI tools signifies a significant step in making quality speaking coaching more accessible and tailored. As AI technology continues to evolve, it promises to further enrich the public speaking experience, empowering users to communicate more effectively and confidently in diverse settings.


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