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10 Best Video Enhancer Tools & Apps (February 2024)

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We all know how important visuals can be in capturing and engaging an audience – whether that be through music videos, live streaming, movies or even just simple vlogs. That’s why it is crucial to ensure those visuals are as impressive as possible.

Enhancing the quality of video recordings has become simpler and faster with the advent of specialized video enhancer software. Not only can this software improve the resolution, brightness, and sharpness of videos captured by webcams, smartphones, or video cameras, but it also offers a wide range of additional features such as noise reduction and color optimization.

With today’s technology, these tools make it easy to produce high-quality content without needing to be an expert in post-production. So if you want to turn ordinary videos into professional-looking projects without going through an intricate editing process, make sure to take advantage of these software tools.

Here are some of the best video enhancer tools and apps on the market:

1. HitPaw

HitPaw Video Enhancer | Convert HD to CRISPY 4K Video | Sharpen&Upscale Video to 4K Using AI

HitPaw Video Enhancer AI is the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their videos. It utilizes AI technology to drastically improve the quality of the videos by utilizing three separate models, including Denoise Model, Animation Model, and Face Model.

The Denoise Model works to lighten up low-light and otherwise poor-quality footage so it looks clear and bright. The Animation Model sharpens up classic anime clips and adds color in order to make them look more natural on high-quality screens. Finally, the Face Model adjusts portraits within each frame of video by adjusting the brightness, color saturation, and contrast for a retouched finish.

Top features of HitPaw include:

  • AI-powered technology for upscaling videos quickly
  • Noise reduction for videos
  • Perfects anime and human face videos
  • Increases video resolution up to 8K

2. Flixier

Create videos in your browser easily with the online video editor. Use AI to add text to videos, images, sounds, transitions, auto-subtitles and so much more. You can also trim, cut or crop videos all in a couple of minutes without downloading or installing any software. Quickly create high quality content no matter your experience level. Flixier combines a powerful interface with ready-made drag and drop features to satisfy everyone`s needs.

Because Flixier is a browser based video editor you can access it on any computer from any location. Your projects are backed up in the cloud so all you need to do is login using your account and continue working on your videos at home, at work or on the go, your video projects are ready instantly. Even more, our groundbreaking rendering tech publishes any video in 1 to 3 minutes on both a low spec Chromebook and a high end Macbook.

Top features include:

  • No Downloading Required
  • Add Audio To Video
  • Add Image To Video
  • Add Subtitles to Videos
  • Add Text To Video

3. Videoleap

3 Steps to Creating Mind Blowing Videos with Videoleap 🤯

Videoleap is a tool by Lightricks, a pioneer in innovative technology that bridges the gap between imagination and creation. As an AI-first company, they aim to enable content creators and brands to produce engaging, top-performing content.

Videoleap is a powerful video editing tool, that enables anyone to edit, personalize, and share creations all from the same easy-to-use platform.

With the video editing tools you can remove backgrounds, objects, add blur effects, and more, all within one app.

It is shockingly easy to transform yourself into fun AI avatars, transport yourself to different worlds, and more. Save time by simply using hundreds of mind-blowing AI templates with your own assets or share your own to inspire others.

Some of the features Videoleap offers:

  • Remove objects from backgrounds
  • AI effects – Use creative AI filters on videos
  • Blur videos – Draw attention to what matters. Blur out backgrounds and objects.
  • Infinite zoom –  Create infinite zoom videos from a single frame.
  • AI video templates – Remake hundreds of mind-blowing premade AI templates

4. AVC Labs

How to Enhance TikTok Video Quality to 4K with AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVC Labs offers an easy-to-use video enhancer and video upscaler.

The tool uses neural networks to upscale video from SD to HD, HD to 4K, and 4K to 8K, with super-resolution upscaling and multi-frame enhancement. It not only increases the real resolution of your video but also enhances its quality by removing noise, artifacts, and blurring and achieving a perfect balance in brightness contrast & saturation levels.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI brings modern clarity and sharpness to vintage films, TV shows, and animes. With well-trained AI models and AI algorithms, this video quality enhancer can improve the video quality (utilizing Single or Multi-frame enhancement), so that you can watch old films, TV shows, and animes on your modern HD or UHD displays with the best visual experience.

Basic traditional upscaling can sometimes cause the quality and details of an image to be lost (often lose clarity and detail due to pixelation) in translation as it stretches from one screen size/resolution to a larger one.

AVC Labs AI video upscaling takes a creative approach to enlarging HD videos to 4K. By taking advantage of information from different frames, this powerful software can create larger and more detailed pictures than what was originally captured without sacrificing quality. Super-resolution algorithms let computers generate high-resolution results by combining low-resolution images with remarkable precision.

5. Veed

Edit with an Auto Video Editor! | AI Magic Cut Tool

VEED’s artificial intelligence software automatically detects noise from your audio and removes it instantly, leaving you with a crisp sound quality. It’s perfect for cleaning up recordings done in your home office where you can’t always control every sound that can be picked up by your microphone. VEED can remove noises such as wind, rain, traffic sounds, ticking clocks, static, and humming sounds from airconditioning and more.

VEED lets you create professional-grade videos with only a few clicks of the mouse. Using the easy to use video editor, you can adjust frame rate, resolution, size, lighting, audio quality, and much more. You can add background music, voice commentary, auto-generated subtitles, and even remove annoying background noise from your videos.

Best of all you can use VEED’s video editing tools to make your entire video look stunning and professional. If you want to make your videos accessible to a wider audience, you can use our Auto Subtitle tool. Add subtitles throughout your video. Just click on Subtitles from the left menu and click Auto Transcribe. VEED will automatically generate subtitles for you. You can also use a whole range of video editing tools like video filters and camera effects. VEED also features a green screen editor, screen recorder, and so much more.

6. Movavi

Movavi offers a powerful package of video enhancement tools.

They offer users everything including a user-friendly audio denoiser that offers an quick way to eliminate traffic, wind, and other unwanted noises.

They also have the ability to instantly change backgrounds in their camera footage. You can literally swap out the background and introduce a completely new background.

Elevate your video footage with on-trend LUTs, colorful overlays, snappy titles, and breathtaking transitions.

Video resizing is simple, simply select the desired aspect ratio & dimensions: the resulting video can be either square or rectangle. There’s also an option to choose whether to crop the video or keep the black bars of the original canvas.

Some of the features Movavi offers:

  • Denoise sound and swap out backgrounds
  • Edit in no time: trim, reverse, resize, merge, flip, and crop
  • Boost your content with rad transitions, titles, and intros
  • 180+ filters: Glitch, Blur, VHS, and more
  • Supercharge your videos with color correction and highlight effects
  • Resize videos to desired aspect ratio
  • Export at high speed and get ready to collect those likes

7. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an impressive video enhancer app that runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems, offering plenty of audio and video effects along with 50+ supported international formats, such as 4K editing.

The app also grants access to advanced video editing tools and Filmstock effects, which make it perfect for small businesses, studios and educational institutions.

Furthermore, its AI portrait feature allows users to easily detect humans in the video, significantly reducing editing time. Wondershare Filmora is an excellent choice for those who wish to create high-quality videos without too much effort.

Some of the top features of Wondershare include:

  • Keyframing
  • Audio and video effects
  • Various presets and effects
  • Color adjustments

8. Topaz

Topaz Video Enhance AI is a powerful upscaling tool designed by Topaz Labs that intelligently applies groundbreaking machine learning technology to enhance the resolution of videos up to 8K. This app can not only upscale videos, but also perform a variety of editing tasks such as trimming and slow motion effects, denoising, deinterlacing and restoring.

The tool gives users complete freedom when it comes to enhancing the video quality with incredible accuracy and precision.

Topaz AI video repair technology proves to be a powerful tool. Trained by thousands and thousands of videos, it allows for precise and efficient repairs. No matter the source of your video, you can use Topaz to look out for any blemishes and imperfections, from color adjustments and flicker reduction to sharpening blurred areas. The built-in AI engine can recognize these issues with accuracy, ensuring natural results with high quality.

Some of the top features of Topaz include:

  • Machine learning technology
  • Enhance videos up to 8K
  • Upscale, trim, slow motion, denoising, and other tasks
  • Trained by thousands of videos

9. Lightworks

Lightworks is a superior video editing option for individuals of all experience levels. Its wide-ranging features, such as 10-bit export, advanced tilting and motion graphics, make this a great tool to have in any user's repertoire. Even better, it supports plugins from NewBlue and TotalFX which can give users' particularly complex projects a unique flare.

If the basic version doesn't quite cut it, Lightworks also offers a pro version which includes specialized features professionals need to finish complex projects. With this app at the ready, streamers, filmmakers and content creators alike will find themselves adequately equipped to take their vision and bring it to life with powerful yet simple editing tools.

Some of the top features of Lightworks include:

  • All experience levels
  • Supports NewBlue and TotalFX plugins
  • Option to upgrade to pro version
  • Advanced titling and motion graphics

10. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a fantastic suite of tools for editing video content. By leveraging the power of cloud technology, it allows for complex editing tasks to be easily performed online. Whether you want to add audio files, images or videos, Clipchamp can help make simple work of incorporating them into one piece.

Furthermore, users are capable of adding effects and text as desired, alongside being able to save the edited file offline on their local computer should they wish to access it again in the future. All these features mean that Clipchamp makes it easy to create and manipulate highly engaging visual content with minimal effort.

Some of the top features of Clipchamp include:

  • Full suite of tools
  • Leverages power of cloud technology
  • Add effects and text
  • Save and edit offline

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