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10 Best AI Code Generators (July 2024)

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The rise of artificial intelligence has greatly influenced the realm of coding and development. AI-powered code generators help streamline coding processes, automate routine tasks, and even predict and suggest code snippets. Below, we present some of best AI code generators, their unique features, and how they can revolutionize your programming experience.

1. GitHub Copilot

What is GitHub Copilot?

Developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI, GitHub Copilot represents the next level in AI-powered programming assistance. This tool functions like a virtual pair programmer that aids developers in writing better code at an expedited pace. It achieves this by suggesting whole lines or blocks of code as you type. The tool utilizes a system trained on public code repositories and is thus able to understand a multitude of programming languages and coding styles.

However, GitHub Copilot doesn't just parrot back the code it has been trained on; instead, it adapts and learns from each developer's unique coding style. This way, its suggestions become more personalized and accurate over time, making it a truly powerful companion in the programming process.

Best Features:

  • Predictive code generation: GitHub Copilot goes beyond simple auto-completion. By suggesting entire lines or blocks of code, it significantly expedites the coding process.
  • Multilingual capability: This tool is trained on a myriad of public code repositories, allowing it to understand and assist with a vast range of programming languages.
  • Continuous learning: GitHub Copilot learns from your coding style and habits, delivering personalized suggestions that improve over time.

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2. Codeium

Codeium Product Hunt Launch

Codeium is an advanced AI-driven platform designed to assist developers in various coding tasks. It encompasses a range of functionalities, including code fixing and code generation, but its most prominent feature is the code autocomplete capability.

This standout feature operates by meticulously analyzing a user's existing code base. It understands the nuances of the coding style and the specific requirements of the project at hand. Based on this analysis, Codeium then intelligently suggests or auto-generates new code segments. These suggestions are not just syntactically correct but are also tailored to seamlessly integrate with the overall style and functional needs of the project.

Moreover, Codeium's autocomplete function helps in increasing coding efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors. It streamlines the development process by minimizing the time spent on routine coding tasks. This feature is especially beneficial in large projects where maintaining consistency and adhering to project-specific guidelines is crucial.

Best of all Codeium has trained models on 70+ languages, and 40+ editors.

Best Features:

  • AI-Powered Coding Assistance: Streamlines the coding process with advanced AI support.
  • Versatile Code Autocomplete Feature: Analyzes existing code to suggest or generate new code, ensuring consistency and adherence to project requirements.
  • Multiple Solutions Offered: Includes functionalities like code fixing and documentation generation.
  • Support for 70+ Languages: Trained models capable of understanding and assisting in a wide range of programming languages.
  • Compatibility with 40+ Editors: Integrates with a diverse array of coding environments and editors, enhancing flexibility for developers.
  • Time and Effort Reduction: Accelerates coding tasks and reduces manual effort, leading to increased productivity.
  • Adaptive to Various Coding Standards: Understands and adapts to different coding styles and requirements, making it suitable for a variety of projects.
  • Enhances Coding Quality: Helps in refining algorithms and completing complex functions, thereby improving the overall quality of code.

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3. Replit GhostWriter

Meet Ghostwriter - Your partner in code

Replit GhostWriter, as a product of Replit, is another impactful AI-based coding assistant designed to aid programmers in writing efficient and high-quality code. GhostWriter stands out for its ability to complete the code in real-time as the developer types, reducing the amount of time spent on writing boilerplate code and hunting down syntax errors.

What makes GhostWriter unique is its seamless integration with the Replit online code editor, enabling coders to write, run, and debug their code all in one place. This significantly streamlines the development process, making coding more accessible and efficient.

Best Features:

  • Real-time code completion: Replit GhostWriter auto-fills code as you type, accelerating the coding process and reducing the chances of syntactical errors.
  • Integrated coding environment: With its integration in the Replit online code editor, GhostWriter allows you to write, run, and debug your code in one unified platform.
  • Syntax error prevention: The tool’s ability to auto-fill code helps in preventing common syntax errors, resulting in cleaner, error-free code.

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4. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer Overview | Amazon Web Services

Amazon's CodeWhisperer revolutionizes the coding process by offering real-time suggestions ranging from snippets to entire functions, thanks to its vast knowledge from billions of lines of code. This facilitates smoother coding, even with unfamiliar APIs, and ensures code quality by highlighting suggestions sourced from open-source data, granting easy access to relevant project repositories and licenses. Furthermore, it prioritizes code security by pinpointing vulnerabilities, providing instant solutions, and ensuring alignment with esteemed security benchmarks such as those by OWASP.

For a more personalized experience, CodeWhisperer allows users to refine its suggestions based on their unique requirements, leveraging their internal libraries, APIs, and best practices. It encourages the use of high-caliber code that resonates with an organization's set benchmarks and accelerates the onboarding process for newcomers by suggesting relevant resources. With robust protective measures in place, administrators can integrate CodeWhisperer without compromising intellectual assets, maintaining the distinction of customizations from its foundational model.

Best Features: 

  • Real-time Code Suggestions: Derived from billions of code lines, these suggestions range from snippets to full-blown functions, ensuring rapid and efficient coding.
  • Enhanced Code Security: Quickly spot vulnerabilities and get instant solutions, ensuring your code is aligned with top-tier security practices like those from OWASP.
  • Customizable Recommendations: Personalize your CodeWhisperer experience by making it familiar with your in-house tools and standards, ensuring more relevant code advice.

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5. CodePal

CodePal is a sophisticated AI-driven assistant designed for coding tasks. It provides a variety of services including code correction, explanation, and documentation. However, its most notable feature is the code generation capability. This means it can produce source code based on textual prompts. For example, if a user inputs a request like “Write a function in JavaScript that prints the Bitcoin price,” CodePal will autonomously create code to display the current price of Bitcoin. Furthermore, users have the option to inquire about the rationale and methodology behind the code generated by CodePal.

Best Features:

  • Easy to use: Simply select your coding language and then what you want the code to do (such as create a calculator)
  • All major languages: Works with most popular languages including Perl, PHP, Python, etc.
  • Detailed Instructions: The process is seamless due to the easy to understand instructions

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6. Cody by Sourcegraph

Cody gets Claude 3 Sonnet AND Opus

Cody is another AI-driven coding assistant, this one developed by Sourcegraph. The tool offers an impressive set of features that extend beyond the scope of code completion. Cody can be a boon to developers by providing automated code reviews and even identifying and fixing potential bugs in the code.

Cody's main strength lies in its capability to understand the context in which the code is written, allowing it to provide meaningful and relevant suggestions and reviews. This can result in enhanced code quality and reduced debugging time, making the coding process more efficient.

Best Features:

  • Intelligent code completion: Cody uses AI to predict and provide code snippets as you type, making it easier and faster to write code.
  • Automatic bug detection and fixing: Cody can identify potential bugs in your code and even suggest the appropriate fixes, significantly reducing the debugging time.
  • Code reviews: Cody offers AI-powered code reviews, helping developers improve their code quality by highlighting potential areas for improvement and suggesting optimal solutions.

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7. Tabnine

Tabnine stands out as a powerful AI code assistant developed by Codota. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to predict and suggest code completions, aiming to make coding faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors.

One of Tabnine's impressive features is its compatibility with over 20 programming languages. This, along with its integration capabilities with various code editors, makes TabNine a versatile tool for developers across different platforms. Furthermore, its deep learning capabilities allow it to provide highly relevant code suggestions, making it a beneficial tool in any developer's toolkit.

Best Features:

  • Wide language compatibility: Tabnine supports over 20 programming languages, making it a versatile tool for developers working in various programming environments.
  • Cross-platform support: The tool integrates seamlessly with popular code editors like VS Code, Sublime Text, and Atom, allowing developers to use it in their preferred environment.
  • Deep learning capabilities: Tabnine uses deep learning algorithms to provide highly relevant and accurate code suggestions, making it easier to write high-quality code.

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8. MutableAI

Introducing for codebases

MutableAI emerges as a potent AI-powered coding assistant, specifically designed to generate functional front-end code from raw design files. Its unique feature is its ability to translate design files into HTML/CSS code, thereby bridging the gap between designers and developers and making the process of transforming designs into functional websites more streamlined and efficient.

Additionally, MutableAI also supports responsive design, allowing the generated code to be compatible across different screen sizes. This cuts down the time spent on tweaking code for different devices, ultimately accelerating the development process.

Best Features:

  • Design to code: MutableAI excels at converting raw design files into functional HTML/CSS code, reducing the time and effort needed to turn designs into live websites.
  • Responsive design: The tool ensures the generated code is responsive, ensuring compatibility across different screen sizes without needing extra code adjustments.
  • Bridging design and development: By automating the conversion from design to code, MutableAI bridges the gap between designers and developers, promoting more efficient collaboration.

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9. AskCodi

Quick Answers with AskCodi: Instant Code Generation Simplified

AskCodi is a developer's tool packed with features like Time Complexity insights, code generators, and auto-test creators. It also boasts documentation tools and a unique autocomplete function for quick coding within various editors. Built on OpenAI GPT, AskCodi extends beyond a web app to integrate with platforms like Visual Studio Code and JetBrains' IDEs. It promises enhanced efficiency, encourages innovation, and broadens access to software development.

Best Features:

  • Apps: AskCodi's suite of apps are designed to make coding easier, faster, and more efficient for everyone.  The apps enhance the coding experience by streamlining workflows and boosting productivity, making it an invaluable toolkit for both beginners and seasoned professionals.
  • Chat: Codi is an intelligent coding companion that guides users through detailed exercises, practical projects, and dynamic interactive assessments. AskCodi's user-centric chat interface simplifies complex coding queries and includes an invaluable feature for archiving conversations.
  • Integration:  Easy integration for developers.  AskCodi offers integration with major IDEs: VS Code, Jetbrains, Sublime Text, and some others.

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10. AI2sql

Effortlessly Generate SQL with AI2sql: A Product Demo of the Revolutionary AI-Powered Solution

AI2sql is an advanced AI-powered code generator designed to simplify the process of converting natural language queries into SQL. It stands out in the realm of database management where writing complex SQL queries can be a daunting task for non-technical individuals and even some developers. By converting natural language into SQL, AI2sql eliminates the need for in-depth knowledge of SQL syntax, making database interaction more accessible to a broader audience.

AI2sql features an intuitive interface that encourages user interaction. With a simple input of English language queries, the AI model translates them into corresponding SQL statements, facilitating efficient and user-friendly database management.

Best Features:

  • Natural language to SQL: AI2sql excels in translating natural language queries into SQL, opening the doors of database management to a wider audience.
  • User-friendly interface: AI2sql's interface is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, facilitating efficient interaction with databases.
  • Time-saving: The tool significantly cuts down the time and effort spent on writing and debugging SQL queries, accelerating the database management process.

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The Future of Coding with AI

The role of AI in coding and software development is rapidly expanding. These AI-powered code generators are blazing the trail by providing powerful, intelligent, and intuitive tools to both seasoned developers and newcomers alike. They not only speed up the process of writing code but also make it more accessible to a broader audience, expanding the capabilities of individuals and organizations.

From creating fully functioning eCommerce websites to converting audio commands into code, these AI-powered tools have opened up new opportunities and possibilities.

Whether you're a seasoned developer seeking a smart assistant, or a beginner looking for a way to kickstart your coding journey, there's an AI code generator out there for you. Explore these options, and you might find a tool that significantly improves your coding efficiency and broadens your development horizons.

Alex McFarland is an AI journalist and writer exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has collaborated with numerous AI startups and publications worldwide.