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10 Best Machine Learning & AI Newsletters (July 2024)

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There are numerous machine learning & AI newsletters, below we feature the best. These enable you to keep up with the latest industry news, important developments, etc.

Of course we monitor all of these newsletters ourselves to make sure to always stay on top of the industry. If you would like to learn more about our own newsletter visit this page.


Alpha Signal – Get a weekly summary of the top research models that are identified by a proprietary algorithm identifies that identifies the latest topics discussed by world-class researchers.

AI Disruptor – Written by our very own Alex McFarland. Artificial intelligence (AI) will disrupt nearly every aspect of society. How do we prepare?

Artificial Ignorance – This is a handcrafted newsletter by Charlie Guo and is written for founders. The benefits of this newsletter is it really focuses on major AI announcements and it really digs deep into various AI issues.

Data Elixir -Written by Lon Riesberg , Data Elixir focuses more on providing information to industry insiders and specifically data scientists and engineers. You can learn about new tools for machine learning, as well as job postings.

Data Machina – This is a biweekly very personalised newsletter by Carlos alg0 who founded Data Science London. Learn about the interesting AI books that Carlos is reading, as well as courses and articles that he recommends. This is one of the more technical newsletters.

Data Science Weekly – This newsletter is more niche than the other ones that we have profiled, as they focus exclusively on offering curated news, job offers, as well as training opportunities in data science.

Deep Learning Weekly – As the name indicates, this newsletter focuses on deep learning technology and is designed for industry insiders who are both in the academic and corporate world.

Exponential View -Written by Azeem Azhar, this is an easy to digest weekly newsletter which focuses on the implications of new AI technology, such as autonomous vehicles, data ownership, fake news, etc. We quite enjoy how broad the content is, it focuses on all topics that matter to the survival of the human race and the well being of society in general.

Import AI – This weekly newsletter is quite enjoyable especially for people from a non-technical background. They often profile real world use cases for AI, as well as discussing ethical issues such as machine learning bias. One thing that we like is they make sure to highlight why certain issues matter to society in general. Written by Jack Clark who is the Policy Directory at OpenAI.

The Algorithm – MIT Technology Review – MIT Technology Review offers curated newsletters for many tech industries including blockchain, space, and of course AI. The Algorithm offers an easy to read newsletter which ensures that you remain informed of the top developments in the industry. The only downside is that you cannot read all of the articles unless you subscribe to Technology Review.

The Gradient – This newsletter takes a unique approach of not only linking to some of the top findings in AI, but it offers a concise summary, overview, and more importantly a discussion on why the news matters. The free option offers a lot of benefits but they also have a paid version.

The Ground Truth –  This is a a bi-weekly community newsletter for computer vision practitioners.  It is free and focused on bringing value to the AI community. The author picks are quite often interesting and offer analysis that is not easily found elsewhere.

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He is also the Founder of, a website that focuses on investing in disruptive technology.