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10 Best “Text to Speech” Generators (July 2024)

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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to a wide range of incredible text to speech (TTS) generators and tools. Text to speech is a speech synthesis application that processes text and reads it out loud like a human. 

TTS generators are used in a variety of ways, including as an assistive technology for people with learning difficulties, and by businesses and creators as a voiceover. These generators are also widely used in gaming, branding, animation, voice assistant development, audiobooks, and much more. And with rapid advancements in the field, the technology no longer requires large volumes of voice samples or even professional equipment to function properly. 

There are many great text to speech generators on the market, with each one offering its own unique set of capabilities and applications. 

Here are the 10 best text to speech generators on the market: 

1. Lovo

The All-In-One AI-Powered Content Platform | Genny by LOVO


Lovo is an award-winning AI-based voice generator and text-to-speech platform. It is one of the most robust and easiest platform to use that produces voices that resemble the real human voice.

Lovo has provided a wide range of voices, servicing several industries, including entertainment, banking, education, gaming, documentary, news, etc., by continuously refining its voice synthesis models. Because of this, has garnered a lot of interest from esteemed organizations on a global scale, making them stand out as innovators in the voice synthesis sector.

LOVO has recently launched Genny, a next-gen AI voice generator equipped with text-to-speech and video editing capabilities. It can produce human-like voices with stunning quality and content creators can simultaneously edit their video.

Genny lets you choose from over 500 AI voices in 20+ emotions and 150+ languages. Voices are professional grade voices that sound human-like and realistic. You can use the pronunciation editor, emphasis, speed and pitch control to perfect your speech and customize how you want it to sound. 


  • World's largest library of voices of over 500+ AI voices
  • Granular control for professional producers using pronunciation editor, emphasis, and pitch control.
  • Video editing capabilities that allow you to edit videos simultaneously while generating voiceovers.
  • Resource database of non-verbal interjections, sound effects, royalty free music, stock photos and videos

With 150+ languages available, content can be localized with the click of a button.

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2. Speechify

Speechify's Voice Over Studio!

Speechify can turn text in any format into natural-sounding speech. Based on the web, the platform can take PDFs, emails, docs, or articles and turn it into audio that can be listened to instead of read. The tool also enables you to adjust the reading speed, and it has over 30 natural-sounding voices to select from. 

The software is intelligent and can identify more than 15 different languages when processing text, and it can seamlessly convert scanned printed text into clearly audible audio. 

Here are some of the top features of Speechify:

  • Web-based with Chrome and Safari extensions
  • More than 15 languages
  • Over 30 voices to select from
  • Scan and convert printed text to speech

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3. Murf

Create and Customise Voice Overs | Murf AI


Nearing the top of our list for best text to speech generators is Murf, which is one of the most popular and impressive AI voice generators on the market. Murf enables anyone to convert text to speech, voice-overs, and dictations, and it is used by a wide range of professionals like product developers, podcasters, educators, and business leaders. 

Murf offers a lot of customization options to help you create the best natural-sounding voices. It has a variety of voices and dialects that you can choose from, as well as an easy-to-use interface.

The text to speech generator provides users with a comprehensive AI voice-over studio that includes a built-in video editor, which enables you to create a video with voiceover. There are over 100 AI voices from 15 languages, and you can select preferences such as Speaker, Accents/Voice Styles, and Tone or Purpose. 

Another top feature offered by Murf is the voice changer, which allows you to record without using your own voice as a voiceover. The voiceovers offered by Murf can also be customized by pitch, speed, and volume. You can add pauses and emphasis, or change pronunciation. 

Here are some of the top features of Murf: 

  • Large library offering more than 100 AI voices across languages
  • Expressive emotional speaking styles
  • Audio and text input support
  • AI Voice-Over Studio
  • Customizable through tone, accents, and more

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4. Synthesys

Client Onboarding AI Video - Synthesys AI Studio

Synthesis is one of the most popular and powerful AI text-to-speech generators, it enables anyone to produce a professional AI voiceover or AI video in a few clicks.

This platform is on the leading edge of developing algorithms for text to voiceover and videos for commercial use. Imagine being able to enhance your website explainer videos or product tutorials in a matter of minutes with the aid of a natural human voice. Synthesys Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) technology transform your script into vibrant and dynamic media presentations.

A myriad of features is offered including:

  • Choose from a large library of professional voices: 34 Female, 35 Male
  • Create and sell unlimited voiceovers for any purpose
  • Extremely lifelike voices unlike competing platforms
  • The choice of emphasizing specific words to be able to express a range of emotions like happiness, excitement, sadness, etc.
  • Add pauses when the user wants to give the voiceovers an even more human feel.
  • Preview mode to see results quickly and apply changes without losing time rendering.
  • Use for sales videos, letters, animations, explainers, social media, TV commercials, podcasts, and more.

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5. ElevenLabs

Introducing: Voice Library | ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is an AI-powered text-to-speech platform that converts written text into natural sounding speech, the platform features a clean interface and the most realistic AI voices available. Its affordability, dedicated support, and ethical considerations enhance its appeal.

The generated voices are some of the most authentic and expressive AI voices from any tool, so much so that they're difficult to distinguish from authentic human voices. It's the perfect platform for saving time and money recording voiceovers for audiobooks, videos, podcasts, and more!

  • The most humanlike AI voice generator on the market.
  • Getting started is straightforward; no credit card is required.
  • Clean and user-friendly interface.
  • A completely free plan with affordable plans for individuals and teams.
  • Dedicated and responsive support with plenty of helpful resources

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6. WellSaid Labs

Meet WellSaid Labs AI Voices

WellSaid is a web-based authoring tool for creating voiceovers with Generative AI Voices.

The tool offers a diverse roster of AI voices always available to generate voiceovers as fast as you can type. Unlike competing options they offer some of the most lifelike AI voices, rated as realistic as human recordings.

Find the right voice for each training module. You can audition over 50 AI voices in different speaking styles, genders, and accents in real time. Get creative! Mix and match voices for scenario-based instruction.

A unique feature is the Pronunciation Library, that enablers users full control on how the AI tells your story by teaching it how to say things specifically how you want.

Some of the features include:

  • Variety of voices available 24/7
  • Over 50 AI voices
  • Train pronunciation when required
  • No talent or studio bottlenecks
  • Flawless updates and edit in minutes
  • Renders twice as fast as spoken script

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7. Deepbrain AI

Create AI-generated videos using basic text instantly

The Deepbrain AI tool offers the ability to easily create AI-generated videos using basic text instantly quickly and easily. Simply prepare your script and use the Text-to-Speech feature to receive your first AI video in 5 minutes or less.

There are 3 quick steps to get started they are as following:

  1. First, create a new project. You can start with your own PPT template or choose one of the starter templates.
  2. You can manually type in or copy and paste your script. Contents of your uploaded PPT will be entered in automatically.
  3. Once you select the appropriate language and AI model and finish editing, you can export the synthesized video.

This tool offers the following benefits:

  • Easy find a custom-made AI avatar that best fits your brand.
  • The Intuitive tool is designed to be super easy to use for beginners.
  • Offers significant time savings in video preparation, filming, and editing.
  • Cost-saving in the entire video production process.

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8. Fliki

Fliki - Text to Video & Text to Speech

Fliki makes creating videos as simple as writing with its script based editor. Create videos with lifelike voiceovers in minutes, powered using AI. Fliki also features over 2000 realistic Text-to-Speech voices across 75+ languages.

Fliki stands out from other tools because they combine text to video AI and text to speech AI capabilities to give you an all in one platform for your content creation needs.

You can create videos for a wide variety of use cases. This includes generating educational videos, explainers, product demos, social media content, YouTube videos, Tiktok Reels & video ads.

  • Use text to turn prompts into videos
  • 2000 realistic Text-to-Speech voices
  • 75+ Languages
  • No video editing experience necessary

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Introducing PlayHT Turbo: Fastest AI Text-to-Speech model for Conversational AI is a powerful text to speech generator that uses AI to generate audio and voices from IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. It is especially useful for converting text into natural voices. 

The tool allows you to download the voice-over as MP3 and WAV files, and you can choose a voice type before either importing or typing text. The tool then instantly converts the text into a natural human voice, and the audio can be enhanced afterwards with speech styles, pronunciations, and more. 

Here are some of the top features of 

  • Blog posts to audio
  • Real-time voice synthesis 
  • More than 570 accents and voices
  • Voice-overs for videos, e-learning, podcasting, and more

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10. Resemble

Resemble has emerged as a remarkable platform in the realm of text-to-speech (TTS) technology, offering users a suite of tools to generate natural, human-like AI voices with ease. Its advanced TTS models are designed to deliver not just speech, but speech imbued with authentic emotion and dynamic range, bringing content to life in a strikingly realistic manner.

One of the standout features of is its versatile range of AI voices. Users can access a diverse marketplace of voices suitable for various applications, each meticulously engineered to capture the nuances of human speech. This range includes over 40 ready-to-use AI voices with different characteristics, including international accents.

For those seeking a more personalized experience, provides a custom AI voice cloning feature. This advanced model allows users to clone any voice with high accuracy and authenticity, either by uploading voice data or recording voice samples through an intuitive self-serve tool.

  • Over 40 diverse AI voices in the marketplace, including international accents.
  • Custom AI voice cloning for high accuracy and personalization.
  • Extensive library of voices for various applications, from corporate to entertainment.
  • Advanced voice modulation for dynamic, context-aware narration.
  • Easy integration and scalability via user-friendly API.
  • Streamlines content creation for professional-grade voiceovers.
  • Useful for visually impaired users, converting text to audible content.

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In conclusion, AI-driven text-to-speech (TTS) technology has revolutionized the way we convert text into natural, human-like speech. These advanced tools are widely used across various industries, enhancing accessibility, productivity, and creativity. From assistive technologies for individuals with learning difficulties to providing voiceovers for videos, gaming, audiobooks, and more, TTS generators have become indispensable.

With continuous advancements, TTS technology now delivers high-quality, lifelike voices without requiring extensive voice samples or professional equipment. This accessibility allows businesses and creators to integrate TTS seamlessly into their workflows, improving efficiency and reaching wider audiences.

Overall, AI text-to-speech tools offer diverse features and capabilities, making them essential for anyone looking to enhance their content with realistic, high-quality audio. As the technology evolves, it promises to further transform how we interact with and utilize digital content, making communication more effective and inclusive.

Alex McFarland is an AI journalist and writer exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has collaborated with numerous AI startups and publications worldwide.