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WellSaid Labs AI Voice Generator Review (May 2024)

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WellSaid review.

As we move towards a future where artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of our lives, WellSaid Labs is one such AI voice generator that has caught people's attention. With 50 realistic AI voices and precise speech editing capabilities, it has become a game-changer in the world of voiceovers.

In this WellSaid Labs review, we will discover what WellSaid Labs is all about and explore its various use cases. I will show you how to make an account and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use it to generate authentic AI voices.

Finally, I'll tell you what I liked and disliked about the platform from personal experience and offer the best alternatives I have tried. The goal is that by the end, you'll clearly understand whether WellSaid is the right AI voice generator for you. So, let's explore all there is to know about WellSaid Labs!

What is WellSaid Labs?

WellSaid Labs homepage.

WellSaid Labs was founded by Matt Hocking and Michael Petrochuk in 2018, who were brought together by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle, Washington. Their mission was to develop an AI-driven voice generator that could create human-like voices with exceptional clarity.

WellSaid Labs is an advanced AI voice generator that turns text into voiceovers in seconds, offering over 50 high-quality synthetic voices. Through the use of machine learning techniques, it's able to create natural-sounding audio that is indistinguishable from human speech.

The platform allows users to generate audio for various applications, including corporate training, advertising, products, experiences, video production, and more. It also has many ways to customize your AI voices, ranging from specific word pronunciation, adjusting the volume and pace, and adding pauses to engage listeners.

Plus, you can collaborate with colleagues or clients within the platform to ensure that the final voiceover meets everyone's expectations. Once you're happy with what you've created, you can export it as an MP3 and use it in videos or wherever you see fit!

Let's start by looking at its use cases a little more in-depth.

WellSaid Labs Use Cases

WellSaid Labs has a variety of use cases, including corporate training, advertising, products and experiences, video production, and more.

Corporate Training

WellSaid's corporate training use case landing page.

WellSaid Labs is the perfect tool for corporate training programs. Learning and development teams claim that they've reduced production costs by 25%, while others have cut their production time by 50%! Some reputable brands like FedEx and Intel have used it.

With WellSaid, realistic AI voices are available 24/7. You can control how things are taught by telling the AI how words should be pronounced with the Pronunciation Library.

In addition, you'll be able to share your projects and collaborate with others to get training modules done faster. Plus, you can feel secure knowing your brand is protected with SOC2-certified data encryption.

Its high-quality synthetic voices can help create engaging and professional training materials that effectively convey information to employees. Whether it's a sales presentation, compliance training, or onboarding module, WellSaid Labs can provide a clear, coherent voice that holds learners' attention.

Trainers can easily integrate AI-generated voices into their existing training platforms, making the learning experience more immersive and interactive.


WellSaid's advertising use case landing page.

WellSaid Labs also offers excellent potential in the field of advertising that's 10x faster than traditional audio voiceover recording. With its realistic AI voices, businesses can create captivating and persuasive commercials and promotional materials that genuinely resonate with their target audience.

Imagine a radio ad that sounds like a real person speaking or an animated video with a voiceover that brings the characters to life. WellSaid's high-quality synthetic voices can add a human touch to your advertising campaigns, making them more relatable and compelling. The custom avatars are especially handy for creating memorable and engaging branded AI voices.

Products & Experiences

WellSaid's products and experiences landing page.

The versatility of WellSaid Labs extends beyond training materials and advertising. It also offers many possibilities for building innovative products, creating captivating experiences, and enhancing user interfaces. With its high-quality synthetic voices and advanced AI technology, WellSaid Labs empowers developers and designers to take their creations to the next level.

Imagine developing a mobile app with an interactive voice assistant that responds convincingly in real-time or designing a virtual reality experience where the characters speak with life-like human voices. WellSaid Labs can help bring these ideas to fruition by providing custom avatars and realistic AI-generated voices that seamlessly blend with the user's interactions, creating a truly immersive and interactive experience.

The possibilities are endless. From interactive games to educational apps, WellSaid Labs can revolutionize how we engage with technology.

Video Production

Wellsaid's landing page for video production.

With WellSaid Labs, you can take your video production to new heights. Whether you're working on a movie, creating digital content for YouTube, or social media content, WellSaid's high-quality synthetic voices will bring your videos to life.

For example, you could use WellSaid to narrate a documentary with a sophisticated and engaging AI voice. Or perhaps an animated video where each character has its own unique voice, adding depth and personality to the storyline.

Take advantage of WellSaid's real-time collaboration to streamline your video production process. Or you can create a custom voice unique to your brand to use across all your video content, ensuring consistency and brand recognition.

Creating an AI Voice Using WellSaid Studio

Here is how I used WellSaid Labs to create AI voiceovers in minutes.

Selecting try for free on the WellSaid Labs homepage.

I selected “Try for Free” on the WellSaid Labs homepage. All I had to do was fill out some basic information to create my account, and they sent a verification email.

Once my email was verified, I could choose my plan. I went with the Free Trial to try all the voice avatars for one week!

The Projects panel in WellSaid Labs.

Once I agreed to the terms, I was in my Projects panel, where I could start a new project and create an AI voice using WellSaid.

Selecting Studio in WellSaid Labs.

In my account, I went to “Studio” on the left (you can also click the “New Project” button on the top right).

Creating a new project in WellSaid Labs.

WellSaid asked me to create a new project. I gave it a name, client name (optional), and selected the version.

There were two versions to choose from: Current and Future. Future is the newest version of WellSaid that sounds more natural and has dynamic features like pauses, pace adjustment, and volume of words and phrases.

I selected Future because I wanted to see what WellSaid was capable of, and I recommend you do the same to get the most out of it!

Choosing a voice avatar in WellSaid Labs.

Next, I chose my voice by selecting the play button next to the avatars I was interested in. Some of the voices sounded more natural than others. Overall, I was impressed with how human-like they were!

I was happy to see a wide variety of over 50 AI voices to choose from across different genders, races, and age ranges. WellSaid made it easy to sort through them with the Filters button at the top. They could be sorted by regional accents, voice characteristics, and performance styles.

Choosing Select this Avatar on one of the avatars offered by WellSaid labs.

I sampled the avatars I was interested in by pressing the play button. When I was ready, I selected the three dots next to the avatar and pressed “Select this Avatar” (you can also add it to your favorites).

The WellSaid Labs Studio.

Once selected, I could write my script by typing it in the empty field!

Changing the Pronunciation of Words

I could adjust the pronunciation of specific words on the right panel in the “Script” tab.

Changing the pronunciation of a word in WellSaid Labs.

I wanted my avatar to pronounce “edamame” differently, so I typed out the original word in the first field. In the second field, I typed out how I wanted my avatar to pronounce the word phonetically (“edamawmay”). I previewed it by pressing the play button, and it sounded accurate!

The WellSaid Labs pronunciation library.

In the left menu in the “Pronunciation” tab, I can find the new word I've added to my pronunciation library. Here, I can build and access an entire phonetic library to fine-tune how my avatar pronounces specific words. It's a powerful feature that ensures my script sounds exactly how I want it to!

Clicking a bolded word to check its pronunciation in the script.

Back in the Studio, when I type out that word in my script, it is bolded. When I click on it, it reminds me what I have changed the pronunciation of that word to. I can always highlight this word and turn the pronunciation on or off or change it.

Adjusting the Loudness, Pace, and Pausing

Adjusting the loudness, pace, and pauses of an AI voiceover using WellSaid Labs.

In the “Cues” tab on the right panel, I could select individual words from my script and change the loudness, pace, and pausing of words and phrases by selecting the word/phrase and adjusting the toggles.

Selecting Share or Download in WellSaid Labs.

The WellSaid Studio is also highly collaborative. Once I was satisfied with my voiceover, sharing it with others was a breeze.

WellSaid Labs allowed me to generate a link that could be shared with anyone. I could collaborate with them in real-time and give different permissions, whether that was view-only, edit, or admin-level. My team could now access the same information and make adjustments as needed.

On the bottom, I had the option to download the voiceover. It's important to note that while the Free Trial gives you access to all the voice avatars, it is limited to one week. If you want to continue using WellSaid Labs for an extended period and have the ability to download your voiceovers as an MP3 file, a paid plan is required.

And that's how easy it was for me to use WellSaid Labs to create AI voiceovers! I found the interface user-friendly, allowing me to navigate the platform easily.

The “Cues” tab on the right panel allowed me to emphasize certain words or phrases and create a natural flow in the voiceover. It gave me complete control over the delivery, ensuring it matched the tone and style I wanted to convey.

WellSaid API

WellSaid API landing page.

WellSaid Labs also offers a robust API that allows developers to integrate AI-generated voiceovers into their applications. With the WellSaid API, you can seamlessly add the power of synthetic voices to your products and services.

Whether you need an AI voice for an app, digital product, chatbot, or advertisement, the WellSaid API provides the tools to create engaging and immersive experiences. By harnessing the capabilities of AI voice avatars, you can enhance your user interfaces and deliver content more dynamically.

Selecting API using WellSaid Labs.

Within your WellSaid Labs account, you can easily access the API by selecting it from the menu on the left.

Request Access and Documentation buttons in the WellSaid API tab.

You can access the WellSaid Labs API documentation or select “Request Access” to book a call with a specialist.

Pros and Cons

  • Try all of the AI voices for a week for free.
  • It has a simple interface that's easy to use, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Over 50 high-quality synthetic AI voices that sound natural and professional.
  • Customize individual words and phrases (pronunciation, volume, pace, and pause).
  • Clone your voice for a unique voice that is true to your brand.
  • Helpful resources (Knowledge Base and Live Chat support).
  • SOC2 certification, ensuring data encryption and safeguarding your brand against unethical AI uses.
  • No tool to help with scriptwriting.
  • No AI avatars or video editing capabilities.
  • You can only download voiceovers on one of the paid plans.
  • Multiple languages are only available on the Enterprise plan.
  • It might take some trial and error to get the correct pronunciation.
  • More expensive than other AI voice apps.

Alternatives to WellSaid Labs

Here are the best WellSaid Labs alternatives I have used, which you might want to try for yourself! homepage. is a platform recognized for its excellence in generating artificial intelligence-based voices and converting text into speech. It stands out as one of the most user-friendly and reliable platforms, producing voices that closely resemble those of real humans.

With over 500 AI voices, over 20 emotions, and 150 languages, it's no wonder that is a top choice for those seeking expressive AI-generated voices. It also has its own online video editor, AI writer, AI art generator, and Producer Mode to change the pitch. I loved using and found the interface extremely easy to navigate.

If you're looking for a more affordable AI voice generator with lots of features and the most AI voices and languages out of any voice generator, I'd recommend trying If you're looking for a more straightforward platform with excellent collaboration tools, I'd recommend going for WellSaid Labs!

Read our Lovo Review or visit Lovo.

Murf AI

Murf AI homepage.

Coming in as one of the most popular AI voice generators on the market, Murf AI is a text-to-speech generator that allows anyone to transform written words into speech, narrations, and transcriptions. It's used by many professionals, including product developers, podcasters, educators, and business executives.

With Murf, you'll get access to over 120 natural-sounding text-to-speech voices in more than 20 languages. You'll also be able to clone your voice and add endless stock images, videos, and music to enhance your voiceover content.

When using Murf, one of the things that impressed me the most was its Google Slides and Canva add-ons. This allowed me to create voiceovers directly within my presentation or design projects, saving me valuable time and effort. Integrating popular tools like Google Slides and Canva makes Murf AI a seamless choice for those familiar with these platforms.

If you're looking for an AI voice generator with plenty of voices and languages, the ability to add visual elements to your voiceovers, and the best Canva and Google Slides integrations, go for Murf AI. If you want a more straightforward platform and only need English for your voiceovers, WellSaid is a great choice!

Read our Murf Review or visit Murf.


Synthesys homepage.

Synthesys is a versatile AI text-to-speech platform offering over 400 ultra-realistic voices in more than 140 languages. It also has over 60 AI avatars to choose from (or you can create your own), an AI image generator, and voice cloning, making it a comprehensive tool for multimedia projects.

Synthesys is the ultimate all-in-one platform for creating engaging and immersive multimedia content. If you're looking for an excellent AI text-to-speech platform with a wider range of voices, languages, and visual features like AI avatars and an image generator to supplement your audio content, consider using Synthesys! If you want a platform that solely focuses on natural-sounding AI text-to-speech generation with an emphasis on your voices sounding exactly how you want, use WellSaid.

Read our Synthesys Review or visit Synthesys.

WellSaid Labs Review: My Experience

Using WellSaid Labs for my audio content creation has been a game-changer. Their AI voice generation technology produces high-quality synthetic voices that sound remarkably realistic.

The feature I loved most when using WellSaid was their pronunciation library, where I could customize and fine-tune my voices to sound exactly how I wanted. This level of control over voice characteristics sets WellSaid Labs apart from other platforms for me!

The interface was also clean and simple, and the collaboration features were excellent, making it easy for teams to collaborate on projects.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their audio content with AI voice generation.

Click Here to visit WellSaid Labs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WellSaid Labs used for?

WellSaid Labs is an AI-powered voice generator that allows users to create realistic-sounding audio for various applications like audiobooks, podcasts, and commercials. With customizable options for tone, pace, and style, businesses can easily create high-quality audio content.

Is WellSaid Labs free?

Yes, WellSaid Labs has a free trial where you can try out all of their AI voices for an entire week. You must upgrade to one of their paid plans once you're ready to download what you've created.

How to use WellSaid Labs for free?

To start using WellSaid Labs for free, go to the WellSaid Labs homepage and select “Try for Free” in the top right corner. Fill out some basic information, and they'll send you a verification code to activate your account!

Who owns WellSaid Labs?

WellSaid Labs, founded in 2018, is owned by its co-founders, Matt Hocking and Michael Petrochuk, based in Seattle, Washington.

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