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10 Best AI Resume Builders & CV Makers (May 2024)

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In the rapidly evolving job market, AI-powered resume builders and CV makers are transforming how we approach career development. These tools offer customization, efficiency, and a sophisticated edge over traditional methods. They align the resume creation process with the specific demands of various industries, providing tailored suggestions and optimizing keyword usage to enhance a candidate's presentation.

This article delves into the best AI resume builders & CV makers on the market, showcasing platforms that combine intuitive interfaces, customizable templates, and AI-driven insights to help job seekers create visually appealing and impactful resumes and CVs.

1. VisualCV

The All-New VisualCV Dashboard

VisualCV emerges as a versatile online platform for job seekers, offering a suite of tools for crafting professional resumes, cover letters, and online portfolios. It's recognized for its comprehensive approach to professional presentation.

The platform features over 30 customizable resume templates, facilitating the creation of resumes tailored to different industries and career levels. VisualCV's AI resume builder takes the resume crafting process to the next level, enabling users to stand out in job applications.

Key Features of VisualCV:

  • Diverse Resume Templates: Over 30 customizable templates for various industries.
  • AI-Powered Resume Building: Revolutionizing resume creation with advanced AI technology.
  • Cover Letter Builder: For crafting customized cover letters.
  • Online Portfolio Creation: Showcases work and achievements in a personalized online portfolio.
  • Resume Analytics: Offers insights into resume performance with view and download tracking.
  • Global Platform: Supports nine languages, serving job seekers in over 100 countries.

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2. Teal

How to Use the Teal Resume Builder | Teal (free) vs. Teal+ (premium)

Teal stands out as a comprehensive career growth platform, offering an AI-powered resume builder and an intuitive job search management tool. Its innovative approach to resume building and job tracking makes it a valuable ally for job seekers looking to optimize their search.

The resume builder feature utilizes AI technology and pre-built “bricks” for various resume sections like summaries, achievements, and education. This tool scores the resume against job descriptions in the Job Tracker and provides real-time feedback on keyword optimization.

Teal's Job Tracker enhances the job search experience by enabling users to bookmark jobs, track applications, and manage job-related information. This tool is particularly useful for maintaining organization and focus during the job search process.

Key Features of Teal:

  • AI-Powered Resume Builder: Creates resumes with pre-built sections and AI feedback.
  • Job Tracker: Manages job searches with a comprehensive tracking system.
  • AI Integration in Freeform Fields: Generates tailored resumes and cover letters.
  • Statistics Feature: Provides insights on resume views and viewer locations.
  • Email Templates: Unlimited templates for sharing resources and job-related content.
  • Pricing Options: Offers a free version and a premium Teal+ subscription.

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3. JobScan – AI Resume

February 2024 Jobscan Update | New Features to AUTOMATE Resume Writing

JobScan's AI resume editor aids job seekers in crafting applications that stand out by using AI to quickly generate relevant key phrases, tailor resumes, and identify critical skills. It features built-in templates that are friendly to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – software used by companies to filter, sort, and rank resumes based on job-specific keywords and criteria.

This ensures users' resumes match specific job requirements directly from a unified dashboard. The tool advises on keywords and skills aligned with job descriptions, optimizing resumes for ATS scanning, crucial for making it past initial screenings and capturing hiring managers' attention.

Essential functionalities include ATS-compatible PDF downloads, optimization for font size and headings, appropriate date formatting, and layouts that are easy to scan. By integrating insights from professional recruiters, JobScan enhances the resume's impact, combining AI's efficiency with the nuance of human expertise to present skills and experience in a way that significantly boosts visibility to recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Personalized resume tailoring and key phrase generation.
  • Includes ATS-friendly templates to enhance resume sorting and ranking.
  • Optimizes resumes with job-specific keywords and skills.
  • Include ATS-compatible PDFs, optimized font and layout guidance.
  • AI efficiency with recruiter insights to improve job application impact.

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Writing a resume to get hired at Google is much more than a typical resume builder; it's a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the resume creation process for job seekers worldwide. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, is a top choice for those looking to create impactful professional resumes.

This platform offers a diverse array of over 25 resume templates, ensuring that users can find the perfect match for their industry and personal style. Each template is crafted to meet professional standards and enhance the user's chances of catching an employer's eye. also understands the importance of versatility in document formats. Users can download their resumes in PDF, DOCX, and TXT formats, offering the flexibility needed for various job application requirements.

Key Features of

  • Wide Selection of Templates: Over 25 professional templates catering to different industries and styles.
  • Multiple Download Formats: Flexibility with PDF, DOCX, and TXT formats for various application needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive platform with drop-down menus for efficient resume building.
  • Email Feature: Easy sharing of resources like articles and resume examples via email.
  • Statistics Feature: Track resume views and viewer locations for targeted resume improvements.
  • Global Expansion: Services expanded to more countries with added features like a cover letter builder.

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5. Jasper Resume Generator

How To Use Jasper Chat

Jasper stands out as a versatile AI writing assistant, adept at assisting with various writing tasks, including resume creation. Known for its generative AI capabilities, Jasper is particularly useful for overcoming writer's block and generating high-quality content.

Users can select from a range of templates and input their details to get started. Jasper's outputs can be directly copied into the final document, or users can opt to download the completed resume in preferred formats.

Key Features of Jasper:

  • Generates Creative Content Ideas: Provides fresh ideas and sample content.
  • Prompt-Driven Guidance: Offers recommendations for essential resume information.
  • Real-Time Previews: Allows users to see how their resume will appear.
  • Flexible Download Options: Easy download in PDF or Word formats.

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6. Kickresume

Guide: Marketing & PR Resume (Any Level of Experience)


Kickresume steps up as a comprehensive resume-building tool, equipped with over 50 customizable templates suited for various industries and career levels. The platform's strength lies in its AI-powered content optimization, helping users to tailor their resumes precisely for specific job descriptions and ensuring ATS compatibility.

Notably, Kickresume extends its offerings to a cover letter builder, allowing for the creation of customized cover letters to accompany job applications. The tool also features import and export options in multiple formats like PDF and Word, adding to its versatility.

Key Features of Kickresume:

  • Extensive Template Collection: Over 50 industry-specific, customizable resume templates.
  • AI-Driven Content Optimization: Tailors resumes for specific jobs and ATS compatibility.
  • Cover Letter Builder: Enables creation of personalized cover letters.
  • Flexible Import and Export: Supports various file formats for ease of use.
  • Guided Writing Process: Provides suggestions and examples for crafting resumes.
  • Resume Analytics: Tracks resume views and downloads for strategic improvements.

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7. ResumeGenius

Make Your Resume with Resume Genius | Builder Walkthrough

ResumeGenius offers an AI-enhanced resume building experience, featuring a collection of over 50 customizable templates. The platform stands out for its AI-driven content optimization, which ensures resumes are tailored to job descriptions and ATS-friendly.

The cover letter builder is a significant addition, providing users with the tools to create custom cover letters. ResumeGenius also facilitates the import and export of documents in various formats, including PDF and Word, catering to diverse application needs.

Key Features of ResumeGenius:

  • Wide Range of Templates: Offers over 50 templates for different industries and career stages.
  • Resume Content Optimization: AI-powered tool for tailoring resumes to job ads and ATS systems.
  • Cover Letter Builder: Assists in creating custom cover letters for job applications.
  • Import and Export Features: Supports multiple document formats for user convenience.
  • Guided Writing Assistance: Provides step-by-step guidance and examples.
  • Professional Review Service: Offers expert reviews of resumes for an additional fee.

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8. Resumaker

Create a Resume That Stands Out |

Resumaker is an online resume builder that offers a range of features designed to assist job seekers in creating professional resumes. The platform is known for its AI-powered resume builder, which ensures that resumes are perfectly aligned with job descriptions and relevant keywords.

Resumaker includes customizable resume templates, enabling users to create industry-specific resumes. The addition of a cover letter builder further enhances its utility, allowing for the creation of personalized cover letters.

Key Features of Resumaker:

  • Customizable Resume Templates: A range of templates for different career levels.
  • AI Resume Builder: Analyzes job descriptions for optimal resume customization.
  • Cover Letter Builder: Creates custom cover letters for job applications.
  • Professional Resume Examples: Provides examples for effective resume crafting.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the resume creation process.

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9. Skillroads

Get a Job Using AI Resume Generator |


Skillroads positions itself as a key player in the AI-powered resume building and career services sector, offering an array of features to aid job seekers in crafting professional resumes and boosting their job search efforts.

The platform's free online resume builder, powered by AI, enables users to create and customize their resumes efficiently. Skillroads' AI technology assists users in highlighting their strengths, producing resumes that enhance their hiring prospects.

Key Features of Skillroads:

  • AI-Powered Resume Builder: Streamlines resume creation with AI efficiency.
  • Professional Resume Writing Services: Offers expertly crafted resumes with a high success rate.
  • Flexible Pricing: Free version available, with a premium option for additional features.

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10. ResumeNerd

Get Started with ResumeNerd


ResumeNerd is an intelligent writing assistant designed to help users craft standout professional resumes.

The platform enables users to check how well their resumes align with job requirements and offers unique insights for optimizing their resumes. Additionally, it provides a unique opportunity to use your resume to find you the perfect job with the company that best matches your skillset.

Key Features of ResumeNerd:

  • Step-by-step process created by resume experts: Streamlines the resume-building process.
  • Pre-written resume examples to get you started: Offers a decent selection of templates.
  • Match your resume to job listings at top companies.: Enhances your odds of landing the perfect job.

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Building the Best Resumes With AI

In the rapidly evolving job market, AI-driven resume builders like the ones in this blog are revolutionizing the way job seekers approach resume creation. These platforms offer more than just traditional writing assistance; they bring advanced AI capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and expert insights into the resume crafting process.

From overcoming writer's block with creative content generation for your resume to ensuring resumes are ATS-friendly and impactful, these tools provide a significant advantage for job seekers striving to stand out. They represent the cutting edge of resume building technology, empowering users to present their professional stories more effectively and confidently navigate the competitive landscape of job applications.

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