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Fliki Review: Supercharge Your Content Creation with AI

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Fliki review.

As a content creator, I know firsthand how tough it can be to keep up with the constant demand for fresh, high-quality content. Balancing quality and quantity is a never-ending challenge, especially when maintaining a strong presence across multiple platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, with creativity and time stretched to their limits. But what if there was a way to simplify this process, allowing you to produce professional, engaging content at scale without sacrificing quality?

I recently came across Fliki, an all-in-one AI video generator that's been a game-changer for me and could be for you, too. With Fliki, you can turn your ideas, blog posts, presentations, tweets, and product links into polished, share-worthy videos with just a few clicks.

Here's a video on the benefits of eating a healthy diet and exercising I made using Fliki in a matter of minutes without any editing:

Benefits of a Healthy Diet Exercise

Pretty impressive, right? Fliki did an excellent job generating an engaging video. I loved how Fliki did most of the work for me by adding media, subtitles, a voiceover, music, and sound effects. All I had to do was make some tweaks, download, and publish it!

In this Fliki review, I'll discuss what it is and who it's best for, and briefly cover its features. From there, I'll show you the step-by-step process I took to generate the video I just showed you so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how easy it is to create captivating content with Fliki!

I'll finish the article with tips for getting the most out of Fliki, writing effective scripts, and the best Fliki alternatives I've tried. By the end, you'll understand what Fliki is capable of and whether it's the right AI video generator for you!

Key Highlights

  • Turn ideas, blog posts, PPT presentations, Tweets, and product URLs into videos to simplify the content creation process.
  • Create short-form and long-form videos for the most popular social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Flicki AI videos are highly customizable so that anyone can create professional-looking videos in no time without technical know-how.
  • The user-friendly platform has millions of media assets and 2000+ AI voiceovers that sound incredibly lifelike.


Fliki is a powerful, user-friendly AI video generator that simplifies content creation for influencers, marketers, and educators. It offers realistic voices, customizable templates, and millions of high-quality stock assets.

While it excels in ease of use and rapid video generation, it lacks advanced editing features and custom AI avatars, making it less suitable for those requiring more robust editing capabilities.

Pros and Cons

  • An all-in-one content creation tool for influencers, bloggers, marketers, educators, and business owners.
  • Use AI for video generation to streamline content creation, publish more, and reach a broader audience.
  • Resources, a blog, tutorials, and a masterclass for guidance.
  • Fliki is constantly improving and releasing new features.
  • Create a custom AI voice to match your brand perfectly.
  • Optional templates you can tweak however you like.
  • Add music with sound effects.
  • The AI voices sound lifelike.
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • Lacks more robust editing features found in other video editing software.
  • Connecting and sharing content directly on social media platforms would be beneficial.
  • The AI voices could have more editing options in addition to volume and speed.
  • Since the content is made with AI, it lacks some personalization.
  • You can't create a custom AI avatar.
  • The free plan is somewhat limiting.

What is Fliki?

Fliki - Text to Video & Text to Speech

With over five million happy content creators, marketers, and educators, Fliki is an AI video generator that turns different kinds of text and files into videos. Write a simple text prompt, upload a PPT file, and paste a script, blog URL, Tweet URL, or a product page link to turn it into customizable, engaging videos!

To use Fliki, you only have to give it some simple text. Within minutes, Fliki will generate a highly engaging video that is perfect for social media.

This innovative platform will generate a video with a lifelike AI voiceover, engaging media, subtitles, music, sound effects, and more. Fliki can create videos using rich stock media or AI-generated media.

From there, you can customize your video exactly how you'd like with its easy-to-use video editing tools and millions of high-quality stock assets. It also has 2000 realistic AI voices that speak 75+ languages to match your topic and reach a global audience! Alternatively, you can upload a two-minute audio clip of your voice and clone it to create an AI voice that sounds like you!

Fliki allows you to create engaging content at scale at a fraction of the cost. It's the perfect, all-in-one tool for content creators, business owners, marketers, and educators; you don't need video editing experience!

Who Benefits Most from Using Fliki?

Fliki is an excellent tool for all content creators, marketers, business owners, and teachers. Here are the types of people who would benefit most from using Fliki:

  • Content creators can use Fliki to transform ideas into engaging social media videos. With Fliki, you can quickly generate videos from text prompts, including images/videos, subtitles, AI voiceover, music, and sound effects. There's even a Thumbnail Maker for YouTubers and a Tweet-to-Video converter to turn tweets into viral video content.
  • Bloggers can instantly turn their blog posts into videos by copying and pasting the article URL and getting Fliki to create a video. Once generated, they can download the video and embed it into their articles for those who prefer reading or watching content.
  • Marketers can benefit from Fliki by creating eye-catching promotional videos for products or services rather than hiring an expensive company to create marketing content for them. To do this, copy and paste an Amazon or Airbnb product page, an optional template, and a branding theme. Fliki will generate a high-quality video to attract and engage your target audience on various social media platforms.
  • Teachers can use Fliki to create educational videos for their students, making learning more engaging and easier to understand. With its user-friendly interface, educators can efficiently produce compelling videos to supplement their lessons.
  • Business owners can use Fliki to effortlessly create corporate videos, product demonstrations, pitches, and slideshows. Use Fliki's text-to-video tool and customize your videos with Fliki's media library. You can also use the Presentation Maker and PPT to Video tool to generate stunning presentations in minutes without making them from scratch!

Fliki Features

Fliki comes with lots of different AI video generation features. I've listed them all here with a brief description so you know what Fliki is capable of:

  • Text to Video: Create entire videos in minutes with text without video editing skills! Write down an idea, paste a script, upload a PPT file, and more to convert your text into a video. You'll get access to a library of media assets and 2000+ high-quality AI voices that speak 75+ different languages in 100+ dialects. This tool is perfect for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram content creators.
  • Idea to Video: Write an idea and use AI to convert it into a video in minutes! Fliki will automatically create a compelling script and include relevant media that matches your idea. This tool is excellent for content creators wanting to generate engaging videos for social media quickly.
  • Text to Speech: Instantly turn your text into lifelike speech. Choose from 2000 voices that speak 75+ languages, so you never have to spend the time and money sourcing a voiceover artist again! This tool is perfect for creating compelling educational and marketing videos.
  • Blog to Video: Paste a blog article link and transform it into a video in minutes! You can edit your script, choose from 2000+ AI voices, and access an entire media library for personalization. Bloggers can embed these videos directly into their articles to enhance SEO and increase engagement.
  • Tweet to Video: Paste a Twitter (X) link to instantly generate viral videos for TikTok, Reels, and Shorts! Fliki will take care of the rest, adding realistic AI voices and media to make the video as engaging as possible. You'll get complete customization control over the fonts, colors, and elements.
  • Product Video: Paste a product page URL and get Fliki AI to turn it into a video! Fliki will add realistic AI voiceovers, stunning visuals, animations, music, and more, which you can customize. This tool is perfect for creating engaging marketing materials to reach your target audience.
  • Translator: Use AI to reach a global audience by translating your videos into 75+ languages! Create or upload your content for immediate translation. This tool is most useful for educators and marketers wanting to reach a global audience.
  • Thumbnail Maker: Get more clicks on YouTube with attention-grabbing thumbnails! Tell Fliki what your video is about, choose a suitable stock image, or get AI to generate an image for you. Customize the fonts, shapes, media, and other design elements to customize the final look.
  • AI Voiceover: Select from over 2000 highly authentic AI voices available in 75+ languages for all your content creation needs. Type your text, choose your language, and convert it into audio! This tool is excellent for storytelling, marketing voiceovers, and educational resources.
  • AI Avatar: Input text, select an AI voice, and choose from 65+ lifelike AI avatars to narrate your videos. Adding an AI avatar to your videos saves you time and money from hiring an actor, and it's a more personalized and engaging way to get your message across.
  • Voice Cloning: Upload a two-minute voice recording, and AI will clone it in minutes! Next, paste or type in your script and select your voice from the AI voices to apply it. The voice clones sound realistic and save much time compared to manual recordings. This tool is great for podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube narrations, and more.
  • PPT to Video: Instantly convert your PPT presentations into engaging videos! Upload a PPT file, and Fliki will automatically generate scripts and add AI avatars with lifelike voiceovers and music in seconds. You can customize your video's fonts, colors, and elements exactly how you want them to look!
  • Image to Video: Bring your static photos to life by using Fliki AI to turn them into engaging videos! Add realistic voiceovers, sound effects, music, animations, and more with no video editing skills required. It's a great way to organize your photos into a compelling story in video format.
  • Templates: Create polished videos with templates to keep your videos on-brand. The templates are professional, and you can customize them to your preferences with AI avatars, voice cloning, and more. These templates are great for marketers, bloggers, and business owners looking to create compelling content at scale.
  • Presentation Maker: Generate stunning presentations with AI rather than making them from scratch. To start generating a presentation, give Fliki your idea, select a visual type (stock media or AI-generated), and then customize it. Once you're happy, download it in PPTX format and share it with the world! This tool is perfect for creating pitch decks, presentations, and marketing slideshows.

How to Use Fliki AI to Turn an Idea into a Video

Here's how I used Fliki to turn a simple idea into an engaging video, ready to be published online:

  1. Create a Fliki Account
  2. Explore the Sample Videos
  3. Create a New File
  4. Write a Prompt
  5. Process the Video
  6. Edit Your Video
  7. Swap Out Your Media

Step 1: Create a Fliki Account

Selecting Start for Free on the Fliki homepage.

I started by going to the Fliki homepage and selecting “Start for Free.”

Tutorial videos from Fliki.

After creating an account with my email (no credit card required!) Fliki presented different tutorial videos on how to turn ideas, blogs, PPTs, Tweets, and more into videos. I found these videos helpful, walking me through the entire process.

Step 2: Explore the Sample Videos

Highlighting the samples on Fliki available in the center of the dashboard.

Next, I was greeted by Fliki's dashboard. In the center were some fun samples to look through. The samples gave me a good idea of what Fliki offers, from YouTube Shorts to regular videos, podcast audio, and YouTube thumbnails.

Step 3: Create a New File

Selecting the New File button from the Fliki dashboard.

To start using Fliki to turn my idea into a video, I went to “New file” on the top right.

Filling out basic information when creating a new file with Fliki.

Selecting “New file” opened a window where I selected the kind of file I wanted to create: a video, audio, or a design. I went with “Video,” gave my file a name, and selected the language and dialect. I also chose the aspect ratio as Portrait, which is perfect for TikTok, Shorts, and Reels, but feel free to select Square or Landscape based on your needs.

Next, I had to choose what Fliki wanted me to start with (an empty file, idea, script, blog, PPT, Tweet, or product). I went with “Idea (prompt)” and hit “Submit.”

Step 4: Write a Prompt

Adding an idea prompt, selecting the duration, and choosing the type of media when creating a video with Fliki.

The following page was where I could write down my idea prompt. Alternatively, I could have generated a video by pasting a script or blog URL, uploading a PPT file, or pasting a Tweet or product URL. I chose “Idea” to keep things simple!

From there, I had to choose the length of the video. The video's length could range from 30 seconds to fifteen minutes. On Fliki's Free plan, you can only generate a video that's thirty seconds to a minute long, with up to five minutes of monthly credits. I went with the shortest duration, which was 30 seconds.

Next, I had to choose the type of media I wanted Fliki to use in my video. There were two options: Stock Media or AI Media. I went with cinematic AI images to see how those would turn out and was happy to see 17 styles!

I also had the option to choose from eight templates, but I decided to keep this on default.

Once I was happy with my selections, I hit “Submit.”

Step 5: Process the Video

Hitting the play button to preview the video Fliki had generated.

Immediately, Fliki started processing my video. After less than a minute, my video was ready, and I could preview it by hitting the play button!

Here's how my Fliki video turned out without making any customizations:

Benefits of a Healthy Diet Exercise

While the video isn't perfect (for example, the images needed cropping), it's engaging, on topic, and an excellent starting point. It would've taken me hours to make this video from scratch!

Step 6: Edit Your Video

Highlighting the edits that could be made on a specific scene on the left and right panels.

Luckily, Fliki made video editing easy. All I had to do was select a scene, and my editing options appeared within the scene panel and on the right.

I selected Scene 5, and within that panel, I could choose my AI voice, edit the script, and change the media.

On the right panel, I could customize the text and media, add and customize an AI avatar, and add elements, shapes, and sound effects/music. Below that, I could add and edit transitions. Hovering over these tools revealed more customization options!

Step 7: Swap Out Your Media

Replacing an image when editing a video with Fliki.

I replaced the media generated by Fliki with a more suitable image by selecting and choosing a new photo from the Scene panel.

A new image added to a Fliki video of a woman with her hands in a prayer position with her eyes closed wearing a white tanktop.

This image looked much better than the original!

Overall, I was impressed with how easy and quick it was to generate an entire video with a voiceover, media, music, sound effects, and transitions. It's a massive time-saver as opposed to creating content from scratch.

Plus, editing my video was also easy with Fliki's user-friendly interface and built-in media library! Anyone with no video editing experience can generate compelling videos in minutes.

8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Fliki

Here are my top tips on getting the most out of Fliki:

  1. Start by playing around with various AI voices. With 2000+ voices that speak 75+ languages in 100+ dialects available on Fliki AI, testing out several voices will help you discover the perfect match for your videos that truly clicks with your viewers.
  2. Tweak voiceovers until they're just right. With Fliki, you can control the volume and speed of your voiceovers.
  3. Add sound effects from Fliki's collection to elevate your videos. These sounds add realism and keep people engaged from start to finish.
  4. Personalizing your AI avatars is another effective way to give your videos a unique touch. Tailor these avatars to match how you want to present yourself and your brand online; it makes everything feel more personal and memorable.
  5. Include subtitles to avoid leaving anyone behind. Adding them in multiple languages ensures folks from all over can enjoy what you've created.
  6. Take advantage of the voice cloning feature to make a clone of your voice by recording two minutes. Creating a voice clone means you don't have to keep making new recordings for every project, saving you lots of time.
  7. Play around with the more advanced customization options that Fliki offers, like different transitions and special effects, to create something unique and stand out online.
  8. To make things easier, try setting up templates and presets you can use repeatedly. It's a smart way to save time while keeping all your videos looking consistent.

5 Tips for Writing Effective Scripts for AI Video Generation

When making videos with tools like Fliki AI, writing scripts that grab people's attention and keep them interested is essential. Here are my top tips on writing the most compelling scripts for AI video generation:

  1. Kick things off with something catchy: Use a cool fact, question, or story to hook your audience immediately.
  2. Keep things simple and straight to the point: Your sentences should be easy to understand without any complicated words or phrases that might confuse people.
  3. Tell a good story: People love stories they can relate to. Include characters they'll care about, some drama, and how everything gets resolved.
  4. Talk like you're chatting with friends: A friendly tone in your writing makes everything feel more personal and engaging rather than stiff or too formal.
  5. Add visualizations: Consider how visuals could make your words clearer. Comparing, metaphorizing, or describing scenes can help paint a picture for your viewers.

Top 3 Fliki Alternatives

Here are the best Fliki alternatives I've tried.


At the top of my list of the best Fliki alternatives is Pictory. Pictory makes creating scaleable and engaging content with AI easy for content creators.

Pictory has many features similar to Fliki, like creating videos from scripts, blog posts, and images. One way Pictory differentiates itself from Fliki is the ability to edit videos with text. I was impressed with its ability to automatically highlight the “uhs” and “ums” and remove them with a single click! This is a more efficient way to edit long-form content like webinars, podcasts, and Zoom recordings.

Another feature that impressed me with Pictory was its ability to turn long-form content into highlight reels automatically. To do this, you upload the video you want to convert into a reel and let Pictory work its magic.

While Fliki and Pictory are excellent AI video generators with similar features, Pictory offers tools that are particularly helpful for trimming down and editing long-form content. For this reason, I'd recommend that content creators, such as YouTubers and podcast hosts, choose Pictory over Fliki.

Either way, both platforms are excellent tools for quickly creating engaging content without starting from scratch! If you can't decide between the two, both platforms offer free plans, so try them out and see which one you like more.

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How to create an AI generated video - Synthesys AI Studio

Synthesys is another excellent choice for AI video generation. It's an AI Voice Generator, AI Video Generator, and AI Image Generator, all wrapped into one platform.

While it only offers three AI tools, Synthesys is the slightly better option if you're keen on using AI Avatars, as it offers more variety than Fliki.

When it comes to AI voices, Fliki offers much more options. However, Synthesys offers more language options with their AI voices.

Lastly, Synthesys offers an AI Image Generator, while Fliki does not. However, Fliki has many more tools in general, including a Thumbnail Maker specific to YouTubers, which functions similarly to an AI image generator.

For those interested in AI avatars with more language options and an AI image generator, choose Synthesys. For content creators interested in making highly engaging short and long-form content with access to more tools, choose Fliki.

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Release News - HeyGen v3.0 with new TalkingPhoto Generation, URL to Video, Text 2 Image, and more!🎉

The final AI video generator I recommend you check out is HeyGen. Its features include Text-to-speech, AI Avatars, TalkingPhoto, and more.

HeyGen is arguably the best option if you're looking for a reliable platform to generate high-quality videos with AI avatars. This feature allows you to create custom avatars to turn yourself into an AI avatar and customize your clothing with text prompts.

I generated a video with HeyGen with an AI avatar and was impressed with how realistic the AI avatar was:

Create an AI Video in 3 Easy Steps

HeyGen also has hundreds of customizable templates in various portrait and landscape orientations.

Choose HeyGen for realistic AI avatars with extensive customization and template options. Otherwise, choose Fliki to create engaging content quickly and access many helpful content creation tools!

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Fliki Review: Is It the Right Tool for You?

Based on my experience using Fliki and comparing it to other popular AI video generators, Fliki AI is the ultimate content creation tool.

I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to generate a video on any topic. After giving Fliki a simple idea, the AI did all the work for me, adding subtitles, media, a realistic AI voiceover, music, sound effects, and more.

I also loved having complete control over customization—the user-friendly interface made editing my videos much more manageable than learning complicated software.

Fliki's tools are extremely useful for content creators on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. They're a great way for content creators to ramp up their output without affecting the quality.

Thanks for reading my Fliki AI review! I hope I gave you enough insight into its capabilities so you can decide whether it's the right tool for you.

Fliki has a free plan, so I'd highly recommend trying it yourself. However, you may want to try Synthesys or HeyGen if you consistently generate content with AI avatars. If you're looking to turn long-form content into engaging short-form content, Pictory may be a better option! All these tools come with free plans to try them without commitments.

Visit Fliki →

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fliki any good?

Fliki AI stands out because of its easy-to-use interface, language support, and wide range of useful AI features. I used it myself, and generating engaging videos for social media took minutes. You can easily edit them directly on the platform. It's a great all-in-one tool for content creators who want to increase their output and reach a wider audience!

Is Fliki free to use?

Fliki AI has a free and several premium plans, each with its own price. You can try out most features with the free plan but won't get access to everything, like AI avatars and AI-generated videos. The premium plans give you more tools to work and flexibility to bring your creative visions to life.

How does Fliki work?

Fliki AI uses artificial intelligence to turn text into engaging videos perfect for social media. All you have to do is give Fliki a text prompt, and Fliki will add pictures, music, and sound effects to make it come alive. Its easy-to-use interface makes creating captivating videos a breeze without learning complicated video editing software.

What is Fliki used for?

In a nutshell, Fliki generates audio and video content with realistic AI voices in under a minute. It can generate content, marketing materials, lectures, presentations, and more. Turning written words into videos makes video editing and content creation much easier.

Is Fliki legit?

Yes, Fliki is legitimate. I used it to generate videos instantly, and millions of others worldwide have used it as well.

What is the scene limit on Fliki?

The scene limit on Fliki depends on your plan:

  • Free plan: 10 scenes.
  • Standard plan: 50 scenes.
  • Premium plan: 100 scenes.

What website turns text into video?

Here are the most popular websites that turn text into video:

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