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Elai Review: An AI Video Generator Perfect for Corporations

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Elai Review.

If you're tired of the same old AI video generators, prepare to be amazed by a tool called Elai. It isn't just another AI video generator; it's specifically designed for corporate learning, which can easily be uninteresting. Elai takes corporate learning videos to a new level with its 80+ compelling AI avatars and embeddable interactive features.

With Elai, you can easily embed quizzes, buttons, branching paths, and product links into your videos without needing actors or expensive post-production work! This interactivity is something I've never seen with any other AI video generator I've tried.

Whether you’re a corporate trainer aiming to make your sessions more engaging or a business looking to streamline your video marketing efforts, Elai’s unique capabilities promise to revolutionize your video content creation process.

In this Elai review, I’ll discuss what it is, who it's best for, and its features so you get a comprehensive overview of what Elai is capable of. From there, I'll show you how easy it was to generate an entire customizable video with Elai in minutes from a simple text prompt!

I'll finish the article with the best Elai alternatives I've tried so you know which is best for you. By the end, you'll understand why Elai stands out as the perfect AI video generator for corporations and how it can take your content creation to the next level!


Elai is an affordable AI video generator that produces professional interactive videos in minutes. It features customizable avatars and extensive language support and is perfect for corporate learning and marketing. However, it requires manual script adjustments and could improve avatar lip-syncing accuracy.

Pros and Cons

  • Make professional videos easily with AI avatars on any topic.
  • The interactive videos engage your audience and turn them into active participants.
  • 100+ video templates in vertical and horizontal formats.
  • Choose from 80+ ready-made avatars, or design your own custom avatar to suit your needs.
  • The avatars are available in four styles: selfie, studio, photo, and animated mascot.
  • Prioritizes branding with highly customizable features, brand kits, and AI mascot avatar creation.
  • Create videos at scale without compromising on quality or production time.
  • Choose from more than 75+ languages and 450+ voices.
  • It's much more affordable than traditional video production.
  • Translate videos instantly to reach a global audience.
  • API access to integrate Elai into your products.
  • The user interface is simple and intuitive.
  • Clone your voice in 28 languages.
  • There are inaccuracies when generating scripts requiring edits.
  • The lip sync accuracy of the avatars could be improved.

What is Elai? - Generate AI videos with real human presenters just from text

Trusted by 2,000+ top companies worldwide, is an AI video generation powerhouse designed for corporate learning. It allows you to create avatar-based training videos with quizzes in minutes, transforming text into video with a few simple clicks. It caters to various use cases, including learning and development, technical training, customer education, and sales enablement videos.

Regarding education, Elai lets you reach a global audience by creating training videos in over 75 languages without needing actors, voiceovers, or post-production. For technical training, prepare a script or convert existing training materials into video content.

What sets Elai apart are its interactive features, such as interactive quizzes and branching paths within the videos, which enhance the overall learning experience. It also offers extensive language capabilities like voice cloning in 28 languages, AI voices in over 75 languages and 450 accents, and easy video translation in a few clicks.

Elai offers 80+ high-quality avatars to choose from. If none suit you, feel free to create your own AI avatar, selecting from four types: selfie, studio, photo, and animated mascot. You can also choose from Elai's library of 100+ templates to further simplify the video creation process.

In addition to its efficiency, Elai delivers significant production cost savings. Enterprise clients can save over $7,000 on learning and development content creation, while personalized videos produced with Elai see a 35% increase in user engagement. On average, Elai users save 5 hours on making a single video!

In summary, Elai offers a robust solution for creating engaging, high-quality video content that enhances learning and development, especially in a corporate setting. Its wide range of features, language support, and efficiency tools make it an invaluable asset for any organization looking to streamline their video creation process!

Who is Elai Best For?

Elai is an excellent AI video generator for efficiently making high-quality, professional videos with digital human presenters. However, certain types of people benefit the most from using Elai:

  • Corporations can use Elai for video presentations with stakeholders, sales videos, and internal communications. Elai makes it easy to welcome new employees, share news within the company, or create engaging and interactive training videos. Elai is much more affordable than traditional video production methods, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.
  • Educators can use Elai to create educational videos with fun and interactive digital avatars. Elai makes it easy to embed quizzes, clickable elements, and more to create engaging videos that captivate your audience and enhance their learning experience. You can also translate your learning material into 75+ languages, making it simple to connect with people worldwide.
  • Businesses can use Elai to scale up their video production while keeping their videos on-brand. With Elai, business owners can make their own custom video presenters, voices, and mascots to match their branding perfectly. The videos are also highly customizable, meaning you can change the colors and add logos to ensure a consistent brand identity across all your video content.
  • Marketers can use Elai to create effective and engaging explainer videos highlighting their products or services. With Elai's embeddable CTAs and links to forms, boosting lead generation is easier and more efficient than ever! You can add product links with real-time customization, a game-changer for driving conversions and enhancing customer interaction.

Elai Key Features has incredible features that make it easy and practical to create videos with AI instantly:

  • Create a custom avatar by choosing from four avatars: Studio Avatar for professional avatars, Selfie Avatar for animated selfies, Animated Mascot for customized talking characters, and Photo Avatar for turning your photos into talking avatars. With just three minutes of footage, the AI will automatically remove the background from your video!
  • Avatar dialogs: Multiple avatars can engage in a dialogue by seamlessly switching between slides. The dialogues are customizable, and avatars have human-like expressions. This feature is perfect for training videos, educational content, sales pitches, and more!
  • Interactivity: Create interactive video content that turns your audience into active participants. Elai enables you to embed quizzes, hotspots, chapters, and video links to enhance engagement and foster stronger connections in your communication. This feature is great for creating training videos, boosting lead generation with CTAs, brand storytelling, and adding product links with real-time customization.
  • Real-time chat: Effortlessly add interactive AI avatar discussions to your product. Integrate Elai chat via API for real-time chat. Users message the AI video chat, and Elai forwards it to your platform and receives a text response. Elai's AI avatars instantly answer queries via video chat in multiple languages. Perfect for education, language learning, AI assistance, and customer support!
  • AI storyboard: Create a script using a prompt or type/paste an existing script, improve your text with AI assistance, and quickly transform the script into customizable video scenes! It's a quick and easy way to bring your creative visions to life with minimal effort.
  • URL-to-video: Paste URLs from your existing blog posts to instantly turn them into engaging, professional AI videos. You can choose a template, edit the text for your video, and choose from 80+ avatars or create your own. Everything is customizable!
  • Auto translation: Translate your videos in a single click to reach a wider audience. Elai supports 75+ different languages!
  • Cartoon avatars: Transform your cartoon mascot into an AI avatar you can use for your videos! Cartoon avatars are a great way to enhance your brand's personality, engage your audience, and create memorable content.
  • Brand kit: Keep your videos on brand by creating a brand kit! Add your logo and brand colors to maintain a consistent identity.
  • Screen recorder: Elai's integrated screen recorder is user-friendly, high-quality, and versatile. For example, you can record your entire screen or just a selected tab and add subtitles, interactive elements, and animation. It enables the effortless creation of high-quality software demonstrations, tutorials, presentations, or live streams/webinars.
  • PPTX-to-video: Turn PPTs and PDFs into AI videos! All you have to do is upload a PowerPoint or PDF. From there, choose your avatars and scripts and customize your video with stock images, music, voiceovers, and animations. Turning your static PPTs and PDFs is a much more engaging and interactive way to present your content.
  • Voice cloning: You can clone your voice into 28 different languages! Submit a 1-5 minute voice recording, and you can generate videos with your voice.

How to Use Elai to Generate AI Videos with a Topic Using AI

Here's how I sed Elai to generate an AI video in minutes with AI by giving it a topic:

  1. Create an Elai Account
  2. Select AI Storyboard
  3. Select From Topic
  4. Type in a Topic
  5. Review & Generate the Outline
  6. Modify the Text
  7. Change the Slide Layout
  8. Make Final Edits
  9. Convert to Slides
  10. Choose a Template
  11. Customize Your Video

Step 1: Create an Elai Account

Selecting the Try Elai for Free button on Elai's homepage.

I started by going to Elai's homepage and selecting “Try Elai for Free.”

The Elai dashboard.

After creating an account and verifying my email, Elai took me to the dashboard. The clean and well-organized layout made choosing how to start creating videos easy!

Step 2: Select AI Storyboard

Selecting AI storyboard from the video creation options presented by Elai.

There were a few ways I could start creating videos with Elai:

  • Template
  • AI storyboard
  • Avatar
  • Presentation
  • Blank

I was most interested in the AI storyboard option, which allowed me to give Elai a topic and generate a video in minutes.

Step 3: Select From Topic

The video creation options from Elai when selecting AI storyboard.

Selecting “AI storyboard” opened a new window where I could create a new video with Elai. I was presented with four video creation options:

  1. From topic
  2. From URL
  3. From text
  4. From scratch

Step 4: Type in a Topic

Generating a new video from a topic, typing in a topic, and hitting Generate to create a video with Elai.

I chose the “From topic” option to see the script Elai would generate. I typed “Elai review” as my topic and hit “Generate.”

Step 5: Review & Generate the Outline

Reviewing the outline created by Elai and selecting Create slides.

Immediately after selecting “Generate,” Elai presented me with a video outline I could optionally regenerate. Each bullet point would generate a new slide.

I was happy with what it came up with, so I selected “Create slides.”

Step 6: Modify the Text

Elai script generation.

In a matter of seconds, Elai generated the entire script for my video with slide layouts! Elai did a good job dividing the information into points of interest.

However, it didn't take me long to notice the obvious errors like this one on the Pros and Cons slide:

The Pros and Cons slide generated with Elai.

As you can see, Elai seems to think that it's a backpack rather than an AI video generator, which is incorrect. Luckily, I could easily modify the slide's text by clicking and making changes as I would on a Word document!

When giving Elai a topic to generate a video on, I'd suggest giving it more context in case it's unfamiliar. For example, rather than giving it two words to work from (“Elai review”), provide it with something more substantial, like “Elai is an AI video generator for corporate learning that allows you to create avatar-based training videos in minutes. Create an Elai review” for your results to be more accurate.

Step 7: Change the Slide Layout

Selecting the slide thumbnail to change the layout.

Changing the slide layout was also easy. I clicked the thumbnail, and a window with different layout options popped up. I chose the one that best suited the slide's text!

Step 8: Make Final Edits

The different tools to edit slides with Elai.

Alternatively, I could edit the text with AI by selecting the magic wand, delete a slide by selecting the trash can, add a slide by clicking on the “+” icon, or add more slides with text by giving Elai a topic.

Step 9: Convert to Slides

Selecting the Convert to Slides button on the top right in Elai.

Once I was happy with how my slides looked, I went to “Convert to Slides” on the top right.

Step 10: Choose a Template

Choosing a template when creating an AI video with Elai.

Selecting “Convert to Slides” opened a new window for choosing from horizontal and vertical templates or creating my own.

Choosing a new template and selecting "Apply new template."

I selected a template that stood out to me and matched my topic, and I selected “Apply New Template.”

Step 11: Customize Your Video

The Elai video editor.

Selecting “Apply new template” took me to an even more in-depth video editor! Everything was laid out very clearly, with each slide on the left, different aspect ratios on the top, editing resources on the right, and a script editor on the bottom. Adding and removing elements couldn't have been easier with its drag-and-drop functionality.

Once I was happy with everything, I previewed the video by selecting “Preview” at the top right and “Render” to export and download the video. You'll notice when previewing that the avatar doesn't move, but Elai will ensure the script aligns with their mouth movements once the video is rendered.

Overall, I found Elai incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. It is an excellent starting point for generating professional AI videos in minutes and a fantastic tool for advertising products, teaching something new, or training people at work.

Top 3 Alternatives to Elai

Here are the best Elai alternatives I've tried so you know which AI video generator is right for you!


Pictory is another excellent AI video generator that uses AI to create engaging videos in minutes. It supports 29 different languages.

On the one hand, Pictory specializes in transforming long-form content (e.g., Zoom recordings and blog posts) into short, shareable branded videos. It automatically extracts key content snippets and enhances engagement with features like automatic captioning, making it ideal for efficient video marketing.

On the other hand, is focused on corporate learning through AI-powered video creation and access to 80+ AI avatars. You'll be able to create avatar-based training videos with interactive quizzes and support content creation in over 75 languages without the need for voiceovers or actors.

While Pictory excels at transforming diverse content into engaging marketing videos with automated features like captioning, Elai stands out for its comprehensive tools, including interactive elements and robust language support, tailored specifically for corporate training and education.

For content creators and bloggers looking to turn their long-form content into engaging short-form videos to reach a broader audience on social media, Pictory is the best choice. For professionals and educators wanting to generate engaging videos with realistic AI avatars and interactive features to enhance learning and engagement, choose Elai!

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How to create an AI generated video - Synthesys AI Studio

Synthesys is another AI video generator that offers some distinct features compared to Elai.

Synthesys excels in creating realistic and natural-sounding voiceovers using advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. It offers a library of over 300 voices in 140 languages, many more than Elai, which offers only 75+ languages.

With Synthesys, I had more control over customizing my AI voice, such as speed, pauses, style, and emotion. With Elai, I could only adjust the pronunciation and pauses of my AI voices.

Synthesys and Elai offer around 80 AI avatars for lip-syncing text input and templates to speed up the design process. However, in addition to its AI voice and video generators, Synthesys also has an AI image generator for creating realistic images from text, which Elai does not offer.

Synthesys and Elai emphasize creating professional AI videos at scale with humanlike avatars. However, if you'd like access to more languages to reach a wider audience, more control over how your AI voices sound, and a built-in AI image generator, Synthesys is your best bet. For more interactive elements to add to your videos, like quizzes, buttons, and product links to boost engagement and sales, Elai is an excellent choice!

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Release News - HeyGen v3.0 with new TalkingPhoto Generation, URL to Video, Text 2 Image, and more!🎉

Last but not least, HeyGen is another AI video generator offering unique features you won't want to overlook. Their lip-syncing technology is some of the most realistic I've seen, making this the best choice for the most lifelike AI avatars.

Like Elai, HeyGen provides businesses with an affordable solution for creating professional videos. It uses generative AI to transform scripts into natural-sounding speech in over 300 voices across more than 40 languages. That's slightly fewer voices and languages than Elai, but a respectable amount nonetheless!

HeyGen has a slight advantage over Elai in terms of the number of AI avatars it offers. Elai comes with 80+ AI avatars. Meanwhile, HeyGen offers over 100 AI avatars representing various ethnicities, ages, and poses to create engaging product and training videos without needing actors or expensive recording equipment.

Elai, on the other hand, is more focused on corporate learning. Its interactive features are designed to boost retention for better learning. With Elai, you can embed quizzes, buttons, product links, etc., into your videos, which is unavailable with HeyGen.

Elai and HeyGen offer voice cloning capabilities and the ability to create a custom avatar. However, HeyGen provides a few more features that Elai does not, including generative outfits and talking photos.

For AI avatars with the most accurate lip-syncing, more AI avatars to choose from, and the ability to customize your avatar's outfits with AI, choose HeyGen. For an AI video generator that's more focused on corporate learning and comes with interactive elements to boost engagement, product sales, and more, choose Elai!

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Elai Review: The Right AI Video Generator for You?

Overall, I enjoyed using Elai to generate videos! The interface was very clean and well-organized, making finding the tools I was looking for easy. I generated an entire AI video in seconds using a simple text prompt.

What disappointed me the most when creating my video were the errors it made when generating the script. However, I could easily edit the script, and the errors were likely due to the vague prompt I gave Elai. I also found that some of the lip-syncing was slightly off, which was disappointing.

What I loved most about Elai were its interactive features. I could effortlessly add quizzes, buttons, product links, and more directly into my video! For corporations and educators, this is a game-changer for boosting engagement and getting students and team members to retain the information taught in the video. Meanwhile, the embeddable product links will increase sales for businesses and marketers selling products.

Despite some minor issues, Elai's strengths in interactivity and ease of use make it a powerful tool for creating engaging and effective video content.

Thanks for reading my Elai review! I tried to be as honest as possible and break everything down clearly. Hopefully, you learned something about AI video generators and whether Elai is right for you!

Elai has a free plan that allows you to generate an AI video like I did, so why not try Elai today?

Visit Elai →

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Elai do?

Elai is an AI video generator used to create videos from text. Give Elai a simple text prompt, and watch your words become a customizable AI video featuring a lifelike AI avatar as a presenter! There's no need for fancy gear or hiring actors! With Elai, creating professional-looking videos becomes easy and fast. Whether you want to put together training sessions or explainer clips, Elai has everything you need.

Is free? has a free plan and paid subscriptions that offer more features. The free subscription gives you access to Elai's basic features, Text-to-Video, interactivity, and 80+ AI avatars. If you're looking for more robust features, paid subscriptions begin at $23 per month. These come with extra perks, like API, brand kits, higher quality avatars, adding editors and guests, etc. Elai io is a significant time and money-saver compared to traditional video editing.

Is Elai AI legit?

Yes, Elai AI is legitimate, and I have used it to generate professional AI videos. Elai is also trusted by 2,000+ companies worldwide, and the customers of Elai have given the platform good user feedback. You can learn more about the Founder and team on Elai's About page.

Is there a free AI video generator?

Multiple free AI video generators exist, including Elai, Synthesys, and HeyGen. This is great for anyone wanting to dip their toes into AI video creation without paying anything. With free AI video generators, creating videos using artificial intelligence is easier and cost-effective, making it an appealing option for those curious about AI in video creation.

How to use Elai AI?

Elai AI's user-friendly interface makes creating videos easy. You can fully customize your AI videos, including choosing your avatars, editing your script, picking templates, changing colors, adding music, and more. Elai AI is about simplifying the video production process so anyone can do it with no technical skills required!

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