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Aragon AI Review (May 2024)

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Aragon AI review.

In the age of social media, first impressions matter more than ever. Whether you're a job seeker, an entrepreneur, or a professional trying to build a personal brand, having a polished headshot is essential to getting more clients or landing your dream job.

But what if you don't have the time or money to hire a professional photographer? That's where Aragon AI comes in and why I've taken the time to write this Aragon AI review to show you my results:

A headshot showing before and after headshots using Aragon AI.

No joke, this took minutes for me to generate from a few basic photos of myself. Pretty impressive, right?

Aragon AI is an AI headshot generator revolutionizing how people present themselves online. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and enhance your existing photos to create stunning headshots that look natural and professional. Just upload 14 selfies, and Aragon AI will transform your casual selfies into hundreds of high-quality headshots that exude confidence and professionalism!

In this comprehensive Aragon AI review, we'll take a deep dive into what it is and what it can be used for. From there, I will personally show you how I used it to generate hundreds of high-quality professional headshots so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how it works.

Finally, I'll share the benefits and drawbacks I experienced when using Aragon AI and end with the best alternatives. By the end, you'll clearly understand how Aragon AI works and why hundreds of thousands consider it the best headshot generator on the market!

What is Aragon AI? A Quick Overview

Aragon AI homepage.

Aragon AI is an AI headshot generator that transforms your regular selfies into professional-looking headshots without needing technical skills or expensive equipment. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and selfies!

It uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and enhance your selfies by adjusting lighting, skin tone, and facial features. The result? A high-quality headshot that makes you look confident and professional!

Aragon will begin with a questionnaire asking about your occupation, gender, age range, and more to understand who you are for the most accurate results. After uploading 14 selfies, it'll work its magic and generate hundreds of headshots. This can take up to 120 minutes, but mine were generated sooner!

The headshots it generates will be in various settings (indoor and outdoor), lighting, styles, etc., so you'll have a variety of headshots to choose from. You'll even be able to edit your headshots directly in your account, allowing you to change the color of your eyes and the background and increase the photo's resolution!

Once you've made your selections and edits, you can download your headshots and use them for your LinkedIn, social media, or wherever else. You must make your edits and downloads sooner rather than later, as your AI models will be deleted after 30 days to protect your privacy.

That's a quick rundown of Aragon and the entire process. Let's look at what it's used for and how I used it to generate hundreds of professional headshots in minutes!

What is Aragon AI Used For?

Aragon AI has a variety of applications. Here are some ideas!

  • LinkedIn & Social Media: Aragon an excellent solution for those who want a high-quality and professional LinkedIn or social media headshot. You can easily create a headshot that showcases your professionalism and leaves a lasting impression on potential employers or connections. Say goodbye to awkward selfies and hello to a polished and professional online presence.
  • Job Applications: When applying for jobs, having a professional headshot can make all the difference. It helps you stand out from the competition by providing a headshot that captures your best features and presents you in the best possible light. With just a few clicks, you can have a headshot to impress recruiters.
  • Personal Branding: Whether you're an entrepreneur building your brand or an influencer looking to create a strong online presence, Aragon is there to help. Its advanced facial analysis algorithms can help you create a headshot that represents your unique personality and style by asking about your occupation and other details.
  • Professional Websites: A high-quality headshot is crucial if you have a professional website or portfolio. Aragon ensures that your headshot stands out and adds a touch of professionalism to your website. Transform ordinary photos into captivating, eye-catching headshots representing your brand and expertise.
  • Online Dating Profiles: In the world of online dating, having an attractive and engaging profile picture can significantly increase your chances of making a connection. Aragon AI understands the importance of putting your best foot forward in online dating. With intelligent facial analysis technology, the platform can help you create a profile picture that exudes confidence and emphasizes your best features. Whether you're looking for a serious relationship or want to make a great first impression, Aragon ensures that your profile picture stands out.

As you can see, Aragon has endless applications. Whether you want to make a memorable impression on potential clients or employers or are looking for a significant other, this is your ultimate tool for creating the perfect headshot!

How to Use Aragon AI to Generate Headshots

Using Aragon AI to generate headshots takes minutes to complete and only a few simple steps:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Select a Package
  3. Share Your Use Case
  4. Share Your Background
  5. Get the Right Shots
  6. Avoid Bad Shots
  7. Final Recommendations
  8. Upload Your Photos
  9. Aragon AI Gets to Work
  10. Edit, Share, or Download Your Headshots

1. Create an Account

Selecting the get started button in the Aragon homepage.

I started by going to the official Aragon AI website and selecting “Get Started” in the top right corner. I created an account as I usually would by using my email.

2. Select a Package

Selecting a package using Aragon.

After creating an account, Aragon began its step-by-step process by asking which package I wanted to move forward with: Individual or Team/Business.

I went with “Individual” since I am using these headshots for myself. However, there are some excellent packages for teams and businesses where you can save up to 50%, depending on the size of your team!

3. Share Your Use Case

Sharing my intended use case for headshots generated using Aragon AI.

Once I purchased my package, it asked for my use case (my profession and headshot reason).

There's a wide range of professions, including accountant, lawyer, social worker, marketing specialist, and everything in between. If you don't find a profession that suits you, you can choose “Other” like I did.

The headshot reasons range from LinkedIn profile to company website and even dating profile. I chose “Personal website” for this one.

Providing this information gave Aragon context to help improve my headshot results. Once complete, I clicked “Continue.”

4. Share Your Background

Sharing my background with Aragon AI to generate AI headshots.

Next, it asked about my background to improve my headshots. This included my ethnicity, hair color, eye color, gender, and age.

I went with the most accurate physical descriptions of myself and hit “Continue” once complete.

5. Get the Right Shots

Aragon AI's photography tips on how to get the best AI headshots.

Next, I was given tips on how to get the best results, which I appreciated. It can be challenging to know which selfies produce the best results.

Here are key aspects to consider for generating the best headshots:

  • Ensure the face is neither too far nor too close to the camera.
  • Look directly at the camera for a more engaging shot.
  • Take high-quality photos with a resolution of at least 512 pixels.
  • Ensure all images are of the same individual.
  • Have different facial expressions.
  • Maintain consistent facial hair.
  • The individual should either be wearing or not wearing glasses in all selfies.
  • Different backgrounds.
  • Selfies must be taken on different days, ensuring good lighting.
  • The individual's face should not be cut off.

I clicked “I understand” to continue.

6. Avoid Bad Shots

Advice on what to avoid when uploading selfies to generate AI headshots.

It also told me what selfies to avoid uploading, which is just as important! These include:

  • Photos with multiple people.
  • Mirror selfies.
  • Exposed skin.
  • Photos with children.
  • Blurry photos or ones where you are not looking into the camera.
  • Consistent backgrounds.
  • Wearing the same outfit.
  • Watermarks or text on the photos.
  • Inconsistent facial hair.
  • A combination of photos with and without glasses.
  • Wearing excessive makeup.

I clicked “I understand” to continue.

7. Final Recommendations

Aragon AI's final recommendations for the types of selfies to upload.

Finally, some final recommendations for uploading the best selfies possible:

  • Avoid using AI-generated avatars.
  • Avoid using older photos, as your appearance will reflect your past self.
  • Ensure that you are the only subject in your photos.
  • Avoid making silly faces, and ensure your face is visible in the pictures.

I clicked “I understand” to continue.

8. Upload Your Photos

Uploading selfies to Aragon AI to generate them into AI headshots.

The fun part! It was time to upload my selfies.

I chose the best photos of myself based on the recommendations. These photos could be uploaded as PNG, JGP, or HEIC files up to 10MB in size.

Aragon AI's different ways to upload selfies to generate AI headshots.

I was also given lots of options for uploading my selfies: I could drag-and-drop them, source them from my device, use a link, take selfies with my device's camera, or get them from Facebook, Google Drive, Google Photos, or Instagram. There were more upload options than I was expecting!

Uploading selfies to Aragon AI.

I uploaded fourteen photos according to the outlines provided and hit “Submit.”

Some of the photos I uploaded were not accepted because the quality was not very good or other people were in them. Make sure you upload a good variety of selfies!

9. Aragon AI Gets to Work

Aragon AI message saying it is generating AI headshots that will be ready within 120 minutes.

Immediately, Aragon AI got to work generating my AI headshots! This can take up to 120 minutes.

So, rather than stressing about a photoshoot, I could sit back, relax, and let Aragon do all the work based on my existing images.

AI headshots generated with Aragon AI on the profile page.

After a few minutes, I checked my profile and was happy to see my headshots on my profile page! My headshots were generated faster than expected, and I was surprised to see so many photos (it generated 200 pictures on their most basic plan!)

Some photos generated using Aragon AI.

Most of these look somewhat like me, while others look a lot like me. Here are some of my favorites.

The best AI headshots generated with Aragon AI.

I was impressed with how well these came out and immediately recognized myself in them. I was specifically impressed with the attention to detail: my smile lines and the proportions of my facial features are incredibly accurate.

These are much better than the photos I originally uploaded, making Aragon AI well worth the money. They look like a professional photographer took them, and I can easily see these photos working perfectly as LinkedIn profile pictures.

The variety of photos is also outstanding. There's a good variety in different locations (outdoor and indoor), hairstyles, outfits, and different expressions and angles of my face. It was as if Aragon AI understood exactly what I wanted to convey through my profile pictures, and finding the ones I liked was easy.

On the other hand, I would have liked to have seen more casual photos. Some of the images came out distorted (particularly the eyes, teeth, and hands), and I also felt like some of the images aged me quite a bit despite giving them the appropriate age range.

Regardless, Aragon AI is worth the money for the quantity and quality of photos. You should try it if you want to update your headshots and increase your chances of landing a job and clients but don't want to invest in a photographer!

10. Edit, Share, or Download Your Headshots

Selecting a headshot and deciding on what to do with it using Aragon AI.

I selected my favorite headshot generated by Aragon AI and was presented with four options:

  1. Share: Turn a toggle on to publicize the image and get a link to share with your friends. If they use the link, they'll get 30% off!
  2. Edit: Change the eye color, increase the image resolution by 2x, and change the background (each edit costs two credits).
  3. Favorite: Favorite the photo to remember the headshots you liked the most.
  4. Download: Download the image as JPEG at 512 x 912 px. Your AI models will be deleted after 30 days, so don't hold off on downloading the headshots you like!

Editing My Headshot Using Aragon AI

Editing a headshot using Aragon AI.

I was given 60 credits to edit my headshots, so I thought I'd try changing my eye color and the background.

To make these edits, all I did was select the photo, hit “Edit” (which opened the Editor), choose what I wanted to edit, make my selection, and hit “Generate.”

Each edit costs two credits, and your unedited headshot will remain in your library.

I was disappointed that I couldn't make two edits simultaneously (for example, change the eye color and background simultaneously) or preview the changes before generating. Still, I'm sure these features will be added in the future.

Let's see how my edits came out!

Aragon AI headshot before brown eyes edit and after.

Aragon AI accurately changed my eye color to brown, giving my headshot a new look. It was a simple and seamless process – just a few clicks and a couple of seconds later, the transformation was complete. I was impressed with its ability to make such precise edits.

Aragon AI headshot before pink background edit and after.

Next, I spent another two credits to change the background of my headshot from grey to pink.

Aragon successfully changed the background in seconds. However, the edges are hard and jagged, which looks unnatural, meaning you'll likely have to clean it up with an image editor.

And that's it! That's how easy it was for me to generate and edit professional AI headshots perfect for your LinkedIn profile, resume, website, and more.

Pros and Cons

  • Accurate, realistic results that look like you.
  • Customize your selfies by changing the eye color, background, and resolution.
  • Generates hundreds of high-quality headshots even on the most basic plan.
  • There are a variety of locations, poses, and angles to choose from.
  • Simple interface and process.
  • Lots of tips to help you get the best results.
  • There are a variety of ways to upload your selfies.
  • No free plan.
  • Some headshots were distorted (particularly eyes, teeth, and fingers) or did not look like me.
  • More download formats would be nice in addition to JPEG.
  • You can only generate one edit at a time.
  • You cannot see a preview of your edits before generating.

Aragon AI Alternatives

Here are the best Aragon AI alternatives you might want to consider.


HeadshotPro homepage.

Headshot Pro is another AI headshot generator that creates professional headshots in minutes. It eliminates the need for a professional photographer and allows you to generate high-quality headshots on your computer!

Both Aragon and HeadshotPro are the same in most ways. The process is the same for both: upload your selfies and let the AI work its magic.

However, with HeadshotPro, you'll get more customization options. You can choose your clothing (something Aragon does not offer), and you'll get more backgrounds and a wider range of colors.

Where HeadshotPro falls short is in its headshot quality. Some headshots look Photoshopped, and you'll have to upload 20 photos, unlike Aragon, which only asks for 14 selfies.

If you're looking for an AI headshot generator with more customization and a wider range of headshot styles, go with HeadshotPro. If you'd like better-quality headshots that require you to upload fewer selfies, try Aragon!

Read our HeadshotPro Review or visit HeadshotPro.

Profile Bakery

Profile Bakery homepage.

Profile Bakery is an AI headshot generator that prides itself on various customization options for individuals and businesses. It leverages advanced AI technology to create professional headshots where you can choose from different styles, backgrounds, and more to get your ideal headshot.

The process with Profile Bakery is the same as Aragon, the main difference being how many selfies you must upload. Profile Bakery asks you to upload between 6 and 15 selfies, while Aragon requires 14. Profile Bakery also generates a broader range of hairstyles and sends you a Google Drive link containing the headshots you have developed.

If you want to try an AI headshot generator that requires fewer selfies for you to upload, a wider range of hairstyles, and a Google Drive link with all your headshots, I recommend going with Profile Bakery. Otherwise, I would recommend Aragon as the best AI headshot generator for high-quality headshots! homepage. offers a range of photo editing tools, one of their newest being their AI headshot generator.

Unlike Aragon AI and Profile Bakery, which tend to have more of a business focus, focuses on creating headshots highlighting your personality and individuality for social media. They lean more on artistic experimentation, with more creative styles like Sci-Fi Art.

Using is a breeze. Upload a minimum of only 5 photos of yourself (most other AI headshot generators like Aragon AI require 10+!) and let the AI do its magic. It only takes 25 minutes, much faster than other AI headshot generators like Aragon, which can take up to 120 minutes.

If you're looking for artistic headshot styles that require fewer selfies to upload and a much faster generation time, consider using Otherwise, Aragon is still an excellent choice, with high-quality headshots and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers!

Aragon AI Review: My Experience

Exploring the capabilities of Aragon AI was nothing short of impressive.

From the moment I uploaded my 14 photos, the advanced technology seamlessly transformed them into 200 stunning headshots in minutes. The AI technology is not perfect, but there were a handful of headshots that I was really happy with, making Aragon worth every penny.

The attention to detail was flawless, capturing every nuance of my facial features, from my facial proportions to my smile lines. On top of that, I was able to make edits within the platform itself. I could change my eye color or the background with a single click!

It's no wonder Aragon is among the top AI headshot generators. The quality of the headshots is outstanding and at an incredibly affordable price.

I hope you found this Aragon AI review helpful! Why not try it for yourself and see how your headshots turn out?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Aragon AI cost?

Aragon pricing starts at $29 per person for 40 high-quality headshots in more than 20 styles and a 90-minute turnaround time. They also offer discounted packages for teams!

What is the tool Aragon used for in AI?

Aragon AI is an advanced headshot generator tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence. It uses deep learning algorithms to create diverse faces, saving time and resources compared to traditional photoshoots.

Is Aragon headshot free?

No, Aragon headshots are not free. Pricing starts at $29 per person for 40 high-quality headshots in more than 20 styles and a 90-minute turnaround time.

Once you have your AI-generated photos, you can download all of the headshots if you'd like. However, your headshots will be deleted after 30 days.

Overall, Aragon is much more affordable than hiring a photographer.

What is the best AI headshot generator?

Aragon stands out among the top AI headshot generators available. Other notable options include HeadshotPro, Profile Bakery,, and ProPhotos AI. The best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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