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Secta Labs Review: Is It Better than Aragon AI Headshots?

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Secta Labs Review

I've tested many AI headshot generators, including some of the most popular ones, like Aragon AI. After trying it for myself, I was thoroughly impressed with its realism. The headshots it generated looked like they were from an actual photoshoot!

However, I recently came across another AI headshot generator called Secta Labs. Like Aragon AI, Secta Labs claims to generate highly realistic professional headshots. But how authentic do these headshots look? Are they more realistic than Aragon AI? That's what we'll be focusing on in this article.

In this Secta Labs review, I'll discuss what Secta Labs is, who it's best for, and its key features. Secta Labs just launched its new Photoshoot Tool called Remix, so you won't want to miss its incredible customization tools!

From there, I'll show you how I used Secta Labs to generate 100+ professional headshots:

Some headshots generated with Secta Labs of a woman with brown hair.

I'll also show you how I used Secta Lab's built-in AI image editing tools to customize these photos. There are twelve customization tools, but I'll show you how to expand the background to avoid a crop that's too tight.

Last but not least, I'll finish the article by suggesting the best Secta Labs alternatives I've tried. By the end, you'll know if Secta Labs is the right AI headshot generator for you!

Key Highlights

  • Secta Labs is an AI headshot generator that transforms 20+ selfies into high-quality professional headshots in less than an hour.
  • This tool is ideal for professionals needing quick, quality headshots and businesses looking for cohesive team photos.
  • Twelve customization options with its new Photoshoot Tool (Remix) for creating unique styles.


Secta Labs offers a highly customizable and user-friendly AI headshot generation service, ideal for professionals and teams seeking quick, high-quality results. While Aragon AI produces more varied headshots, Secta Labs has extensive editing tools and customization options.

Pros and Cons

  • Very user-friendly.
  • Easy upload process.
  • Generates high-quality images tailored to individual preferences.
  • There are lots of tips when uploading selfies for more accurate results.
  • Twelve excellent AI customization tools.
  • Quick processing time (under one hour).
  • It generated 184 photos, not 300+ photos.
  • Generating photo edits takes longer than expected.
  • It only generates square images.
  • Expensive.

What is Secta Labs?

Secta Labs homepage.

With over 40,000 happy customers, Secta Labs is a popular AI headshot generator that takes 20+ regular selfies and generates hundreds of professional headshots in under an hour. It analyzes facial features and expressions for tailored headshots that align with your preferences.

Using advanced algorithms and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Secta Labs revolutionizes traditional photoshoots by streamlining the process with exceptional precision and efficiency. You'll save much more time and money generating headshots with Secta Labs than a conventional photo shoot, plus you'll have control over customization.

After selecting a package, setting your preferences, and uploading your selfies, you'll get over 100 professional headshots in under an hour. The photos will feature various clothing, hairstyles, and indoor and outdoor settings, and your gallery will be completely private.

Once you've received your headshots, continue using the Secta Labs AI image editing tools to refine your headshots. These tools allow for adjusting the lighting, clothing, hairstyle, and background settings to ensure your final headshot meets your needs and preferences.

Once you're happy with your edits, you can save, export, and share your favorite headshots with friends and family! Secta Labs has a 100% money-back guarantee, so there's no risk in trying it out. Even business owners, teams, and organizations can generate consistent headshots for multiple people!

The ease of use and convenience offered by Secta Labs make it a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking to create professional headshots effortlessly. With its innovative approach to headshot generation, Secta Labs is changing the game in personal branding and professional image creation!

Who is Secta Labs Best For?

Secta Labs is an excellent tool for anyone looking to generate hundreds of high-quality, professional headshots while saving time and money on traditional photoshoots. However, there are certain types of people for whom Secta Labs is best.

  • Professionals can use Secta Labs to create quick, high-quality headshots to make a solid first impression on LinkedIn and other business profiles. Busy professionals can generate over 100 headshots in under an hour and use Secta Lab's built-in AI image editing tools to customize their images quickly and easily. Plus, there's a 100% money-back guarantee, so there's no risk!
  • Businesses, teams, and organizations can use Secta Labs for consistent and professional employee headshots. With the built-in AI editing tools, headshot creation is streamlined for a unified appearance across various platforms, saving time and money compared to traditional photoshoots.
  • Photographers can use Secta Labs to streamline their workflow and offer a unique service to clients by providing quick and efficient headshots. The AI image editing tools ensure consistency and quality in every shot, making it a valuable addition to any photographer's toolkit.

Secta Labs Key Features

Secta Labs is an AI headshot generator that produces high-quality photos with different clothing styles, backgrounds, and expressions in under an hour. But let's not forget: Secta Labs also has many useful built-in AI features for effortlessly customizing and enhancing your headshots.

Here are the main AI tools you can use to edit your image generations:

  • Generate more photos: After your initial AI photo generation with Secta Labs, generate more photos with new expressions, clothing styles, and backgrounds.
  • Variations: Use the slider to choose the amount of changes you'd like to see and generate multiple new photos. This tool is excellent for fixing little mistakes and making significant alterations where you can experiment with various poses, outfits, and backgrounds.
  • Expression Changer: Experiment with the facial expression in your generated photo and observe how only the expression alters while the rest remains unchanged. The expression changer tool helps create the perfect look for any professional profile or branding campaign.
  • Expand/Uncrop: Expand a generation with too much cropping while retaining the quality for better usability on social media and similar platforms.
  • Upscale/Resize: Enhance the resolution of any images you create without compromising your facial features or overly smoothing your face.
  • Recolor: Experiment with different clothing colors, background colors, and styles without altering your face or expression. Recolor allows you to customize the colors of your headshots to match your style and branding and create consistent images across online platforms.

With Secta Labs, using AI technology to refine facial features and improve the overall quality of headshots has never been easier. Whether for personal use or professional branding, these features offer a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your headshot creation experience!

How to Use Secta Labs Step-by-Step

Here's how I used Secta Labs to generate 100+ professional headshots and used their built-in AI tools to edit them:

  1. Choose a Package
  2. Set Your Preferences
  3. Upload Photos
  4. Select Your Favorite Photo
  5. View Your Gallery
  6. Remix (Edit) Your Headshots

Step 1: Choose a Package

Selecting Get Started on the Secta Labs homepage.

I started by going to the Secta Labs homepage and hitting “Get Started.”

Selecting the Personal payment package for Secta Labs.

Secta Labs took me to the pricing page, where I could choose between the Personal or Team package.

Since I'm generating headshots for myself, I went with the Personal package. For the personal package, the processing time is under two hours, and I'll receive hundreds of headshots!

If you're a business owner looking to generate high-quality headshots for multiple people in your organization, the Teams and Communities package will be your best option. You'll get headshots for 100+ employees with custom branding!

Step 2: Set Your Preferences

Setting my preferences using Secta Labs.

After filling out my payment information, Secta asked me to set my preferences. I selected my gender and ethnicity, described what I wanted to see, and added a link to my LinkedIn profile.

The description field was interesting and something I'd never seen on any other AI headshot generator I've used before. Under “What would you like to see?” I could write anything regarding facial expressions, backgrounds, and clothing.

Remember that the description field is not a prompt for the AI but for Secta Labs to understand your preferences better. It's also optional, so you don't have to fill it out if you don't want to.

I filled everything out to the best of my ability, and I'd suggest you do the same for the most accurate results. Once I was happy, I selected “Continue.”

Step 3: Upload Photos

Uploading selfies to fill the progress bar using Secta Labs.

Next, I had to upload selfies to fill the progress bar. These photos could be PNG, JPG, or HEIC up to 10 MB in size. There were a variety of ways to upload my selfies:

  • From my device.
  • From a link.
  • Camera.
  • Dropbox.
  • Google Drive.

Successfully uploaded photos on Secta Labs.

The minimum number of photos I could upload was twenty, but Secta Labs recommends thirty to thirty-five photos for the best results. I'm not much of a selfie-taker but reached the minimum required photos.

 Low scoring photos on Secta Labs.

As you upload your selfies, not all of them will be accepted, which is normal. Ensure your photos are high-quality, uncovered, and you aren't wearing a hat.

You'll also want to avoid head-touching and upload a mix of smiling and non-smiling photos so the AI can get a feel for how your face looks for the best results.

Highlighting the AI tips and video when uploading selfies to Secta Labs.

As I scraped together my selfies, I appreciated the help that Secta Labs offered. I uploaded my photos and received tips from the AI under the progress bar.

There was also a video from the founder (Marko Jak) advising me on the best images to upload based on my gender, which felt very personalized. Scrolling to the bottom of the page gave me a clear outline of the types of photos to upload and which to avoid.

Step 4: Select Your Favorite Photo

Selecting a favorite photo and hitting Submit using Secta Labs.

The final step was choosing my favorite photo, where I was looking directly at the camera with nothing covering my face. After making my selection, I hit “Submit.”

Secta Labs processing AI headshot gallery.

Immediately, Secta Labs began processing my gallery! The only thing left to do was wait for Secta Labs to email me with my AI headshots.

Step 5: View Your Gallery

An email from Secta Labs showing me how to access my AI generated headshots.

About an hour later, Secta Labs sent me an email informing me that my headshots were ready! Secta Labs made accessing my headshots easy: I only had to click “View Gallery” or copy and paste the URL in my browser to view them.

Some headshots generated with Secta Labs.

Immediately, this took me to my gallery, where I could view my AI-generated headshots! I counted how many headshots there were and received 184, which was a lot but less than I expected (I was told I would receive 300+ headshots on the Personal plan I selected).

Overall, I was impressed with how my headshots came out! They look much better than my original photos. Most didn't look like me and aged me quite a bit, while some headshots looked like me. I appreciated the variety of clothing styles and settings!

Here's my favorite headshot from Secta Labs:

A headshot of a woman with brown hair generated with Secta Labs.

Step 6: Remix (Edit) Your Headshots

Hovering over an AI generated headshot from Secta Labs and selecting Remix.

Hovering over my headshots presented a couple of options:

  • Delete
  • Favorite
  • Share
  • Remix

Remix is the feature that lets you edit your headshot with Secta Labs. I wanted to see what it could do, so I hovered over my favorite headshot and hit “Remix.”

Highlighting the Remix ediitng options.

After selecting “Remix,” my headshot appeared in the left panel where I could edit it! There were lots of ways for me to edit my photo:

  • Variations
  • Expand
  • Retouch
  • Clothing
  • Expression
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Background
  • Recolor
  • Relight
  • Upscale
  • RemoveBG

All of these tools use AI, making them extremely easy to use. For example, the Clothing and Hair editing tools let me choose a color and style that would consume five Remix credits. Once selected, I hit “Generate” to create eight new images.

For this particular headshot, I liked the hair and clothing. However, I felt like the cropping was a bit tight, so I decided to try the Expand tool to fill the space around my picture without affecting the quality or changing my face.

Selecting the Expand tool and hitting Generate.

I selected “Expand” and hit “Generate,” which consumed five Remix credits (I got 100 Remix credits on the Personal plan. You can always buy more credits or invite others to earn more).

Four expanded photos in Secta Labs.

After a few minutes, I had four new images with expanded backgrounds! The generation process took longer than two minutes (around 10-15 minutes), but I was happy with the results. Secta Labs kept the hair, clothes, and background mostly the same while retaining the quality and expanding the background.

Top 3 Secta Labs Alternatives

Here are the best Secta Labs alternatives I've tried.

Aragon AI

Aragon AI homepage.

Aragon AI is another AI headshot generator claiming to generate the most realistic AI headshots.

Before and after headshots using Aragon AI.

I tried it for myself, and they aren't lying! The headshots I generated looked incredibly realistic, with various outfits, hairstyles, poses, and settings. It was hard for me to choose the headshots I liked most.

With Aragon AI, I only had to upload fourteen images to generate excellent, high-quality headshots. I found uploading my selfies with Secta Labs a bit trickier, as I was required to upload more selfies (between twenty and over thirty), which can be challenging for people like me who don't have many selfies to work with.

Another thing I liked about Aragon AI was the amount of headshots I received. Aragon AI generated over 200 headshots on their most basic plan, while Secta Labs generated 184. Aragon AI produced more poses and crops from various distances, including close-ups.

While Aragon AI generates more headshots in various poses, Secta Labs offers the best AI image editing tools. While Aragon AI only comes with three AI image editing tools (eye color changer, upscale, and background remover), Secta Labs offers twelve AI image editing tools with excellent results, including generating variations, changing facial expressions, expanding, upscaling, and recoloring.

Both Aragon AI and Secta Labs generate professional, high-quality headshots by uploading some selfies. Choose Aragon AI for more professional headshots in a wider variety of poses. For high-quality headshots with the most extensive customization options, choose Secta Labs!

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The Multiverse AI

The Multiverse AI homepage.

I'm a big fan of the Multiverse AI, another AI headshot generator.

Before and after headshots using The Multiverse AI.

Compared to the other AI headshot generators I've tried, The Multiverse AI offers the quickest and easiest process, producing incredible results. I was thrilled with how my headshots turned out and was impressed with their accuracy! On top of that, The Multiverse AI is the most affordable AI headshot generator I've used.

Customizing my headshots with The Multiverse AI was also a fun and unique experience. While it didn't come with specific editing “tools,” I edited my headshots with a text prompt and gave myself rainbow-colored hair in a matter of minutes:

A customized headshot of a girl with rainbow-colored hair generated with The Multiverse AI.

The results were excellent! Customizing my headshots with text prompts allowed me to edit my photos however I wanted.

Choose The Multiverse AI for the easiest, most affordable AI headshot generator with excellent results and text-prompt customization for more creative possibilities. If you're a creative professional like an artist, photographer, or designer, The Multiverse AI will be the best AI headshot generator for you. For individuals and businesses looking to create high-quality headshots quickly and easily with access to the most AI image editing tools, choose Secta Labs!

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Headpix homepage.

Headpix is another excellent option for generating professional headshots with artificial intelligence. You'll get hundreds of headshots to choose from!

Headshots generated with Headpix.

While Headpix generated a variety of headshots that were pretty accurate to how I looked, I wasn't impressed with the quality. Some headshots looked decent, but many had noticeable flaws, especially in the eyes and teeth. On top of that, there were no built-in image editing tools. Once generated, I could only download or share them.

Regardless, I found the process incredibly easy and appreciated that I could choose my outfit and background. The outfit options included business and casual. Meanwhile, the background options included studio, office, and outdoor.

Headpix and Secta Labs offer a user-friendly interface and step-by-step process to make the headshot process seamless. For accurate professional headshots with the option to choose the type of clothing and background, choose Headpix. Otherwise, select Secta Labs for high-quality, professional headshots with extensive customization options for more personalized results!

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Secta Labs Review: Is it Better than Aragon AI?

My experience using Secta Labs was enjoyable and effortless! The headshots came out looking great.

My favorite part was experimenting with the twelve AI image-editing tools, where Secta Labs excels compared to the competition. These tools were easy to use and had impressive results. While using them to do things like expanding the background of my photo took longer than expected, Secta Labs retained the quality of the original image and kept everything else the same!

The other problem with Secta Labs was the number of selfies it expected me to upload. It was a slight challenge for me to upload 20 high-quality selfies minimum, let alone 30+ photos as their recommendation for the best results.

But the big question is whether Secta Labs is better than Aragon AI. Overall, I liked how my headshots from Aragon AI turned out more. The photos looked like they were taken from an actual photoshoot and had various poses.

Secta Labs also did a great job generating high-quality headshots. The only problem was that many were tightly cropped, but that was an easy fix with Secta Labs' Expand tool. Secta Labs has the best AI tools for editing headshots compared to any other AI headshot generator.

Where Aragon AI generates better headshots overall, Secta Labs has the most extensive customization options. Aragon AI and Secta Labs do an excellent job, so you can't go wrong with either AI headshot generator. Try Aragon AI and Secta Labs to see which you like most!

Visit Secta Labs →

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Secta Labs cost?

Secta Labs costs $99 for the personal package, which generates 100+ headshots in one to two hours. There is also a Teams and Communities plan that offers custom pricing.

Which is the best AI headshot generator?

The best AI headshot generator depends on your needs, but Secta Labs is a top contender. With its advanced AI technology, customization options, and focus on quality, Secta Labs stands out as one of the best AI headshot generators. You can create headshots that reflect your unique style and preferences, making it the ideal choice for professionals looking for high-quality headshots.

Is an AI headshot worth it?

Making a good first impression online is more critical now than ever, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn. An AI-generated headshot adds value to your profile, giving it a professional touch that will make you stand out. It also takes much less time and money than a traditional photoshoot. Investing in an AI headshot is worth it to make a strong and professional impression online.

How does Secta AI work?

Secta AI Labs uses advanced AI technology to turn regular photos of yourself into professional headshots. The process involves taking 20+ images and using them to create hundreds of headshots in various styles and settings. The AI model developed by Secta AI Labs learns and analyzes facial features, skin tones, and expressions to generate realistic, high-quality headshots.

Is Secta AI legit?

Secta AI Labs is a legitimate platform trusted by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. With positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied users, Secta AI Labs has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy tool for professional headshots. The platform's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction further strengthens its legitimacy and trustworthiness.

What is the AI platform for headshots?

Secta AI Labs is an AI platform specifically designed to generate professional headshots. Its advanced AI technology and customization options make it a versatile platform for creating headshots that suit individual preferences and needs. With Secta AI Labs, you can simplify getting high-quality headshots.

What is the AI photo app everyone is using?

The AI photo app that is gaining popularity is called Secta AI Labs. It uses advanced AI technology to generate ordinary photos into stunning, professional headshots, saving time and money compared to traditional photoshoots.

Will AI replace photographers?

While AI technology has undoubtedly made significant advancements in photography, it is unlikely to replace photographers completely. AI-generated headshots can provide convenience and efficiency but cannot replicate the artistic eye and creativity that professional photographers bring to their work. AI and photographers can coexist, with AI technology enhancing the capabilities of photographers and streamlining specific processes.

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