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Headshot Pro Review: 120+ Headshots in 2 Hours?

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In today's professional world, having a high-quality headshot is essential. Whether you're an actor, corporate professional, doctor, or realtor and want to make an excellent first impression, your headshot is the first thing potential clients or employers see. It needs to capture your personality, professionalism, and confidence in a single frame.

But not everyone has the time, resources, or access to professional photographers to capture that perfect shot. That's where AI headshot generators come in, and one of the best options on the market is Headshot Pro.

Headshot Pro is the #1 professional AI headshot generator on the market, promising to generate 120 headshots in two hours. I wanted to take Headshot Pro to the test and see if it could generate all those headshots in such a short amount of time.

In this Headshot Pro Review, I'll explain what it is and who it's best for. Following this, I will share my experience using Headshot Pro to generate headshots using AI to answer the question: can Headshot Pro generate 120 headshots in two hours?

I'll finish by sharing what I liked and disliked about Headshot Pro with a list of pros and cons, followed by the top alternatives I've used. By the end of this Headshot Pro Review, you'll have all the information you need to decide if Headshot Pro is the right AI headshot generator for you!

What is Headshot Pro?

Headshot Pro homepage.

Founded in Holland, Headshot Pro is the #1 professional AI headshot generator that creates hundreds of headshots in two hours! Gone are the days of needing to schedule a photo shoot, find the right photographer, or wait for edited results.

With Headshot Pro, you can generate high-quality headshots (real photos, not avatars) from the comfort of your home. You'll get various backdrops and clothing options, from classic formal to modern casual. It's the perfect solution for corporate headshots, social media, or professional profiles.

To start generating headshots using Headshot Pro, all you have to do is upload some selfies, generate headshots using AI, and download! I'll show you how I generated 120 headshots in under two hours later in the article for a comprehensive overview.

Headshot Pro specializes in generating professional headshots, so whether you're an actor looking for headshots for your portfolio or a business professional needing corporate headshots, Headshot Pro is the perfect solution. Their dedicated team of engineers, programmers, and AI specialists is committed to enhancing the quality of studio headshots for professional use.

Who is Headshot Pro Best For?

Headshot Pro is a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of professional needs. However, there are specific groups of people who benefit the most from using Headshot Pro:

  • LinkedIn Users: LinkedIn is a social media platform built for networking, and your profile picture is integral to your professional image. Headshot Pro offers professional avatars suitable for your LinkedIn profile picture, job search, and social media needs. It provides high-quality, studio-grade headshots to make your profile picture stand out from casual photos.
  • Teams: Headshot Pro is not just for individuals but is also excellent for teams, creating a unified look. Save a significant amount of time and money compared to traditional photo shoots, and choose from over one hundred high-quality photos from the comfort of your home! Headshot Pro also makes it easy to invite new hires in seconds so they can generate their headshots.
  • Corporations: Corporations often require professional headshots for large teams of employees, and Headshot Pro is the ideal solution. Corporate headshots are used in various contexts, such as LinkedIn, Gmail, Slack, the “Team” page on a company website, and email signatures, making them more important than ever. Get high-quality professional headshots, even if you work remotely.
  • Actors: Headshots are crucial for landing acting roles and making a first impression. Headshot Pro provides actors with a broader range of clothing options and backgrounds and saves them hundreds of dollars on traditional photographer headshots.
  • Doctors: An excellent headshot is crucial for creating a remarkable personal brand. It accelerates employment opportunities and enhances sales figures, instilling confidence in potential clients. Headshot Pro couldn't be more perfect for generating professional headshots for doctors. Choose from various suitable backgrounds, like an office, and even wear scrubs or a doctor's coat.
  • Realtors: For real estate agents, professional headshots enhance your online presence and create a positive first impression for potential clients. Headshot Pro provides high-quality, studio-grade headshots for real estate professionals with various options for backgrounds and outfits like blazers, suits, and dresses while posing next to houses, buildings, or red brick walls.
  • Models: A headshot is usually the first and only impression a model gets to make with a potential client, making this crucial for their success. Headshot Pro provides high-quality, studio-grade headshots perfect for models offering various backgrounds, clothing styles, poses, and lighting.
  • Executives: A great headshot can help build your brand, boost job prospects, improve sales performance, and attract potential investors. Headshot Pro delivers high-quality, studio-grade headshots to make a powerful first impression on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, or your personal/company website.
  • Attorneys: Attorneys need a professional headshot to establish credibility and trust. With Headshot Pro, you can create outstanding headshots that exude confidence and competence. Choose from professional, neutral background settings and clothing options to showcase your expertise.

How to Generate Headshots with Headshot Pro

This section will show you how I generated 120 headshots with three unique backgrounds in under two hours and how you can, too!

  1. Create Your Account
  2. Select a Package
  3. Choose Headshot Styles
  4. Upload Photos
  5. Submit & Generate!

1. Create Your Account

Selecting "Get your photos" on the Headshot Pro homepage.

To create my account, I went to the Headshot Pro homepage and selected “Get your photos” on the top right.

Headshot Pro explaining how their AI generation process works.

After creating my account with my email, Headshot Pro dove into how to start creating headshots. The entire process couldn't be more straightforward:

  1. Select styles.
  2. Upload selfies.
  3. Headshots are ready in 2 hours.

I like that they didn't waste time and clearly explained what to expect. I selected “Click here to start!” to continue.

2. Select a Package

Headshot Pro packages.

Headshot Pro doesn't offer subscriptions; instead, they ask you to choose from one of three packages:

  1. Small: $29 for 40 headshots and one unique background and outfit. Done in 24 hours.
  2. Normal: $39 for 120 headshots and three unique backgrounds and outfits. Done in 2 hours.
  3. Premium: $49 for 240 headshots with six unique backgrounds and outfits. Done in 2 hours.

Headshot Pro offers various packages catering to different needs and budgets. Whether you're a solo professional or part of a larger organization, there's a package that fits your requirements. Plus, there's a money-back guarantee so that you can feel confident in your investment.

For solo professionals, the Small package should suffice. However, feel free to go for the Normal package for a wider variety of headshots, backgrounds, and outfits with a much shorter turnaround time. Larger teams and organizations will want the Normal or Premium packages.

In my case, despite being a solo professional, I selected the Normal package. I wanted to get a wider variety of headshots and see if Headshot Pro could deliver the headshots in two hours.

Headshot Pro photoshoot requirements.

Once I selected and paid for my package, I was given photoshoot requirements to help me choose the best photos for the best results, which was helpful. It's essential to read this carefully, as Headshot Pro cannot give you retries once your photos have been submitted.

Here are the photo tips Headshot Pro suggested:

  • Upload photos of your face directly facing the camera.
  • Provide a photo showing your upper body, ensuring your face is not too small.
  • Upload pictures taken on different days with different lighting and angles.
  • Do not wear sunglasses.
  • Do not upload photos with exposed skin.
  • Ensure you are displaying a variety of emotions.
  • Ensure the photos have different backgrounds.
  • Do not upload photos where you are wearing too much makeup.
  • Do not use old photos to avoid looking like your older self.
  • The most commonly used emotions and light exposure will be used.

3. Choose Headshot Styles

Selecting Headshot Styles using Headshot Pro.

After some final tips, it was time to select headshot styles!

Since I chose the Normal package, I had to select three different styles. These included selecting the type of clothing and background I wanted.

I had 24 backgrounds and 28 styles of clothing to choose from. It was nice that Headshot Pro showed me the most popular backgrounds to help me make decisions.

Selecting headshot styles and hitting Next to continue using Headshot Pro.

The three styles I chose were an alley wearing a denim jacket, an office wearing a navy blazer, and a cafe wearing a striped polo. Headshot Pro informed me that it would generate an even number of photos for each of these backgrounds (40 each).

Once everything was selected, I hit “Next.”

4. Upload Photos

Uploading photos to Headshot Pro.

Next, I had to upload at least seventeen photos at a minimum of 512 pixels for Headshot Pro to start generating.

Passed and declined photos uploaded into Headshot Pro.

The process of uploading seventeen photos wasn't too bad, and Headshot Pro informed me immediately if an image didn't pass. However, as someone who doesn't take many selfies, it took some time to gather enough more recent photos that met all the requirements.

5. Submit & Generate!

Headshot Pro Summary.

Headshot Pro gave me one final chance to remove low-quality headshots since changes could not be made after submitting. I did my best with the photos I had on hand, so I hit Submit.

Headshot Pro began creating the photos. After waiting over an hour, I got access to the headshots, so they were ready faster than expected!

Here are some of my favorite headshots that were generated:

Some headshots generated with Headshot Pro.

I was happy that Headshot Pro followed the styles I had previously selected, and the headshots turned out pretty well. Many photos have features resembling me, but I don't recognize myself in the image. Regardless, I was able to pick out a few that looked the most like me.

As I browsed through my results, I could hover over the photos to “Like” them and have them appear at the top. After that, I selected the ones I liked most as my “Keepers” to download without any watermarks!

Here are my top three headshots overall:

Top three headshots generated with Headshot Pro.

These images look the most like me. I was impressed with the photos' quality and how they accurately captured my features!

Overall, Headshot Pro exceeded my expectations. The headshots were professional and high quality, and I received 120 headshots as promised. Plus, the time it took them to generate was under two hours, so they were ready for me sooner than expected!

To guarantee my privacy and safety, the headshots were only accessible for 30 days following their creation. I downloaded the photos I liked the most and made backups before they expired. I highly recommend you do the same!

Pros and Cons

  • 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Choose from various backgrounds and outfits to get the perfect look.
  • Wide range of outfits ranging from casual to formal to professional.
  • A wide range of backgrounds in everyday and professional settings, indoor and outdoor.
  • Variety of poses, angles, and lighting.
  • Studio-quality headshots without the hassle of a physical shoot.
  • Get professionally generated headshots in just a few hours instead of scheduling a photoshoot and waiting for edited results.
  • Flexible pricing plans to accommodate individual or team needs.
  • Excellent headshot solution for large teams to maintain a unified look.
  • Images look natural and are high quality (1024 x 1536 pixels).
  • Great for remote workers who want to generate high-quality headshots from the comfort of their homes.
  • Occasional glitches in the image generation process may result in less-than-perfect headshots.
  • Some may find it challenging to upload seventeen recent photos of them.
  • Previews of the clothing options and photo editing capabilities would be nice.
  • Photo editing tools within the platform would be a game-changer.

Top 3 Headshot Pro Alternatives I Have Tried

If you're considering using Headshot Pro, you may be curious about other AI headshot generators in the market. Let's explore some of the alternatives I have tried and how they compare to Headshot Pro.

Aragon AI

Aragon AI homepage.

Aragon AI is another popular headshot generator that generates hundreds of professional headshots in various styles in minutes! Both platforms follow the same process: upload your selfies, generate using AI, and download your headshots.

The most significant difference was the customization features: Aragon AI allowed me to change my eye color, upscale my photos, and change the background color. Despite not having these options, Headshot Pro let me choose three different backgrounds and clothing styles.

Additionally, Aragon AI only asked me to upload fourteen selfies, which was less time-consuming. Meanwhile, Headshot Pro required me to upload seventeen, which took longer.

Here are the best headshots generated with Aragon AI and Headshot Pro to compare:

Comparing Aragon AI and Headshot Pro headshot results.

I liked my headshots slightly more from Aragon AI. My hair looks better, the lighting is more natural, and the photo has more contrast and stands out more. Ultimately, this depends on personal preference, but that's my opinion.

In addition, despite providing my age range to Aragon AI, I appeared slightly older. Meanwhile, Headshot Pro generated some impressive headshots that I was happy with and didn't age me like Aragon AI.

Choose Aragon AI for eye and background color customizations, image upscaling, fewer selfie uploads, and more detailed headshots. Alternatively, choose Headshot Pro for the ability to select from a wide range of backgrounds and outfits, and headshots that don't age you as much as Aragon AI.

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The Multiverse AI

The Multiverse AI homepage.

The Multiverse AI is another headshot generator offering 100 high-quality professional headshots. The headshots generated are perfect for resumes, LinkedIn profiles, corporate portfolio websites, and remote teams.

The process for generating headshots with Multiverse AI is the same as Headshot Pro: make the payment, upload your selfies, and get an email with your AI headshots. It's only a one-time fee, and no subscription is required. Plus, if you are unsatisfied with the results on either platform, there's a money-back guarantee.

In addition, both platforms ensure consistency for your team by offering casual and formal outfit options. You can also choose from a range of indoor and outdoor locations. However, the Multiverse AI offers some on-platform cropping tools that Headshot Pro lacks.

The Multiverse AI and Headshot Pro are excellent, affordable AI headshot generators. Choose Headshot Pro for more pricing plan options. Otherwise, choose Multiverse AI for a single plan offering 100 headshots and photo editing tools.

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Secta Labs

Secta Labs homepage.

Another headshot generator worth considering is Secta Labs. All you have to do is upload up to 25 selfies to generate over 300 professional photos in less than an hour!

Once again, both platforms follow the same process of uploading photos and having the AI generate your headshots in minutes. However, Secta Labs generates over 300 headshots, more than Headshot Pro.

While both platforms let you choose your outfits and backgrounds, Secta Labs offers even more photo editing tools to customize your headshots exactly to your liking. With Secta Labs, you're given more control over variations. Plus, you can expand, resize, and recolor photos and even modify facial expressions!

If you want to generate the most headshots and have access to plenty of photo editing tools to customize your headshots, choose Secta Labs. Otherwise, choose Headshot Pro for high-quality, professional headshots with the freedom to choose your outfits and backgrounds!

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Headshot Pro Review: Can It Generate 120 Headshots in 2 Hours?

After experiencing Headshot Pro, I can confirm the platform can generate 120 high-quality headshots in two hours. My headshots were ready in even less time!

What I loved most about Headshot Pro was the option to choose my backgrounds and outfits. There were plenty of indoor and outdoor locations to choose from and a wide range of casual and more formal outfits for a professional look. It was fun sifting through my options and imagining myself in different settings.

Uploading my selfies and letting the AI work its magic was also incredibly seamless and user-friendly. Within minutes, Headshot Pro generated a variety of headshots that showcased different angles and contexts. I was impressed by the level of detail and clarity in each photo!

I hope you found my Headshot Pro review helpful! Overall, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to generate high-quality, professional headshots from the comfort of your home. Headshot Pro is an excellent alternative to traditional photoshoots that require booking a photographer, finding a location, and spending hours in front of the camera.

Whether you're an actor, a corporate professional, a realtor, or a remote team, Headshot Pro has the features and quality to meet your headshot requirements.

Visit Headshot Pro →

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Headshot Pro real?

The headshots generated with Headshot Pro are not real (they are created with AI). But yes, Headshot Pro is a real AI headshot generator using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence technology to develop realistic-looking professional headshots.

With different poses, clothing styles, and backdrops, Headshot Pro ensures high-quality, studio-grade headshots that suit your professional needs perfectly.

What is the best AI headshot generator?

Headshot Pro is among the best AI headshot generators. Some other excellent AI headshot generators I've tried include Aragon AI, The Multiverse AI, and Secta Labs.

The best AI headshot generator for you will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Consider factors such as image quality, customization options, turnaround time, and pricing when choosing an AI headshot generator.

Is it worth getting a professional headshot?

Getting a professional headshot is worth it. Your headshot plays a crucial role in your personal branding and professional image.

A high-quality headshot shows that you take your work seriously, and it can make a significant difference in your career opportunities. A professional headshot sets you apart from the competition and helps you make a great first impression.

How long does Headshot Pro take?

The time it takes for Headshot Pro to generate your headshots depends on the package you choose.

The most basic package generates 40 headshots in 24 hours, while the more expensive packages generate hundreds in two hours. I selected the middle package that generated 120 headshots in two hours and was surprised to see that my headshots were generated in just over an hour!

Headshot Pro's AI technology ensures a quick turnaround, delivering studio-quality headshots within minutes. This efficiency makes it an ideal tool for busy professionals who need high-quality headshots in a short amount of time.

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