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Generative AI: A Game Changer for HR in 2024

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In an era marked by rapid changes in the workforce, a pivotal study conducted by CYPHER Learning, a leader in modern learning platforms, reveals significant insights into the challenges and attitudes of HR and business leaders towards generative AI. This study, spotlighting the intersection of upskilling needs and AI technology, is reshaping how organizations approach learning and development (L&D).

The report titled “Generative AI in 2024: A potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence,” draws from a survey of 400 U.S. and U.K.-based HR and business leaders. It highlights the urgent need for effective upskilling and retention strategies in businesses. The findings are eye-opening: 76% of leaders face difficulties in developing training courses with existing resources, and 65% see upskilling as crucial but lack the time for course development.

The report also sheds light on the current usage of generative AI in HR and L&D. It reveals that:

  • 53% of leaders are using AI to make professional development courses more engaging and fun.
  • An equal percentage (53%) employ AI for creating assessments to track learner progress.
  • 54% leverage AI to save time in course creation.

This growing reliance on AI is not without its challenges. The study identifies significant barriers to AI adoption in the workplace. Despite 86% of leaders using generative AI in their roles, concerns about data security, accuracy, and the fear of AI replacing jobs persist. Moreover, while 69% of leaders see AI as a tool to simplify their roles, a knowledge gap in maximizing AI's potential remains a hurdle.

Graham Glass, CEO and co-founder of CYPHER Learning, highlights the urgency of the situation: “Generative AI is augmenting L&D and helping us meet the ever-changing skills requirements. At CYPHER Learning, we believe AI adoption is addressing these challenges – while giving time back to key personnel and saving their organizations money. By adopting commercial solutions with AI validators, all businesses and L&D teams can benefit from using AI easily and securely.”

Further, the research underlines a readiness to embrace AI more extensively if its authenticity could be verified. A significant 77% of HR and business leaders would increase their use of AI with this assurance. Furthermore, 87% agree on the potential to adopt AI more widely if it were integrated into commercial tools.

In response to these insights, CYPHER Learning has launched AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot, a comprehensive suite that synergizes content creation and delivery through generative AI. This innovation reflects CYPHER Learning's commitment to transforming L&D by leveraging AI technology to address the evolving skills requirements.

As generative AI continues to make strides in various sectors, its impact on the future jobs market presents a complex, yet intriguing scenario. While it's clear that this technology is set to revolutionize how we work, the extent to which it will disrupt existing jobs versus create new opportunities remains a topic of considerable debate and anticipation.

On one hand, there is a concern about the potential displacement of jobs, especially in roles susceptible to automation. On the other, there is optimism about the emergence of new job categories and the expansion of existing ones, driven by the unique capabilities of generative AI.

This dual impact suggests a transformative shift in the job landscape, underscoring the need for adaptive skills and continuous learning. As the technology evolves, so too will our understanding of its full impact on employment, necessitating a proactive approach in preparing for a future where human ingenuity and AI collaborate in shaping the workforce, Unite.AI remains committed to reporting on new developments in this area.

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