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Rudi Asseer, CEO of – Interview Series

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Rudi Asseer,  is the CEO of Rhonda is a virtual partner and supports management and executives to maintain a pulse on community sentiment. Rhonda delivers the tools to take action and improve company culture and performance. was developed by human capital and supply chain veteran, IMI People. Was this software initially developed by IMI for in-house use? has been used internally in IMI for over four years. During this time, she has sent over 1 million messages and engaged with more than 135,000 end users. Using Rhonda has helped us go from limited visibility into how our employees feel to 20/20 vision, improved relationships and increased performance. We are now able to connect directly to frontline workers at job sites to ensure they are engaged.

What was the inspiration for spinning out this software and offering it to the broader market?

After seeing the value and positive impact, Rhonda made on our rapidly growing workforce we decided it was time to share the technology with other organizations who wanted to deliver exceptional experiences at scale, connect with their workforce and empower frontline workers.

What are some potential use-cases and who are the potential clients of

Rhonda is designed to create exceptional experiences. The cost of turnover is a huge expense for companies today, especially for frontline workers. Having Rhonda keep the pulse on engagement, culture score rating, engage and provide information on demand for employees is the ideal use case for Rhonda.

We have also seen demand in the area of other business relationships, for example, Company to Customer. In this case, Rhonda's impact is measured by increasing engagement and loyalty that results in repeat business and happy customers. offers an Industry Culture Score & Sentiment Map. What is this map and what data points is it representing?

The Industry Culture Score & Sentiment Map is a tool that we use to predict, identify and address issues before they escalate and keep our pulse on employee sentiment and workforce performance. This report provides all organizations with a benchmark to measure how their industry is performing from a company culture perspective as reported by employees in each sector. The Rhonda team connected with employees globally and asked them to rate the company culture of their industry on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (fantastic). We encourage companies to use this report as an industry benchmark to take appropriate action to promote high scores relevant to the industry average as a talent acquisition, retention tool, or to make improvements to their culture to increase performance.

Could you discuss some of the Natural Language Processing uses to ensure that the intent of the user matches the responses that are given by the AI?

Rhonda applies AI (via NLP Processing) to understand user intent using conversational engagements. Rhonda is continually “learning” and improving her NLP engine as she is fed with additional training and conversational content. can predict workforce issues before they escalate. Is machine learning used to predict these issues, or is it a simple matter of collecting rating scores from users?

Rhonda combines machine learning and notifications to predict issues based on trends over time and notifies management in situations where 1:1 attention is required. was recently accepted for participation in the Innovative Solutions Canada program. What is this program and what will be the role of

The prestigious Innovative Solutions Canada Program screens disruptive Canadian innovations with rigorous technical and business criteria to ensure products are ready for deployment in a government setting.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about

Rhonda was built to improve the relationship with every single person in IMI. We wanted employees to feel connected, represented and heard. We needed a tool to empower our HR team and managers that would provide a measurable and meaningful way to engage all employees. Rhonda enables organizations to increase their retention, performance and company culture in a single, simple solution.

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