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Why do I receive the message: “ehh… I don’t think I want to see that”?

Due to ongoing issues with users who are attempting to generate adult images, and in some instances child pornography we have had to block many words which may by themselves be harmless. Unfortunately, in many instances this results in this message popping up for users who are simply trying to use the platform. We understand this is frustrating and we are working on reducing the number of blocked terms.

Can I use the images for commercial purposes?

You are free to use the images for any purpose including on websites, book covers, PDFs, etc. No attribution is required, but we do appreciate when it is given.

Are there any copyright issues with me using the images for a website?

The images are copyright free.

Do I need to give credit or attribution to your website when using images?

No attribution or credit is required, but we do appreciate when it is given. The more we can grow the community the more we can invest in additional servers and resources.

How many images can I generate?

In order to conserve server resources this is currently set to 25 images per day. Once IMG tokens are launched, IMG token holders will have the capacity for additional renderings depending on the number of tokens that are held (staked). Unlimited renderings will be available for token holders who stake 1000 tokens.

Can you save any rendered image in a bigger format?

This is something that we are reviewing for future versions of At the moment you cannot save the images in a bigger size, one option is to use the HitPaw Image Enhancer service. This is currently the best AI image enhancer available for Windows and Mac. It is simply one-click to automatically enhance image quality and resolution, and it enables you to enlarge and upscale images without quality loss at all.

Are the images / prompts “Unique to me” or freely available for the rest of the community to edit or use?

Currently generated images can be used by anyone in the community regardless of who generates the image. In future versions we may offer the option to buy exclusivity to a generated image in the form of an NFT (Non-fungible Token).

How are images generated?

Our platform currently uses stable diffusion open-source software.  This is a type of Generative AI that generates images based on text prompts. The creativity of the prompt results in the image that is rendered.

Do you have an API?

At the moment there is no API. This may change in future versions of the platform.

How do you monetize?

Version 1.0 of is focused on growth. Future versions of the website will have an IMG utility token. This will unlock additional functionalities.