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Thought Leaders Guidelines

Our platform thrives on insights from Thought Leaders in the AI industry. To maintain the quality and integrity of content, we ask all contributors to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Length: Articles should be a minimum of 1000 words to ensure depth and comprehensiveness.
  2. References: Any studies, reports, or factual claims must be linked directly to their source. The link should be within the article, please no footnotes.
  3. Objectivity: Contributions should remain unbiased and informative. Avoid promoting personal agendas or businesses.
  4. Originality: All submissions must be original content not published elsewhere. We do not want AI generated prompts.
  5. Clarity: Write in clear, accessible language to engage a broad audience effectively.
  6. Structure: Organize content with headings, subheadings for readability. Bullet points are optional.
  7. Bio: Include a brief 1 to 3 line author bio with credentials relevant to the AI field. This can link to your company website.
  8. Author picture:¬†Include a small square author picture, similar to LinkedIn, ideal size is 400×400.
  9. Revisions: Be open to edits or revisions suggested by our editorial team to fit our site's standards.
  10. Submission: Send your article in a Word document. Please no PDFs.

Recommendations for Success:

  • Focus on emerging trends, innovative applications of AI, or insightful analysis of recent studies.
  • Ensure accuracy in all technical details and explanations.
  • Engage with current debates or challenges in the AI community, offering unique perspectives.
  • Encourage reader interaction by posing questions or suggesting further reading.
  • Keep paragraphs short and to the point for digital readability.

Adhering to these guidelines will increase the likelihood of your contribution being published on our platform. We look forward to your insightful and engaging content.

Exclusive to the AI Community

We only want contributions from users that are directly involved in AI. We do not want generic guest posts from SEO companies, or anyone that is not directly involved in AI. We receive 100s of these emails a day and will not respond, the email will simply be deleted, please do not waste our time.