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AI Tools 101 Review: The Best AI Marketing Tool for Ads?

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If you're tired of spending hours designing ad creative only to see mediocre results, then might be your solution. This artificial intelligence marketing tool simplifies ad creation by generating hundreds of conversion-focused ad creatives within a few minutes, eliminating the need for a copywriter or designer.

All you have to do is tell AdCreative a bit about your brand, select your asset type, get AdCreative to scan your website, and it essentially does the rest for you. It's an easy step-by-step process that I'll walk you through.

It only took me a few minutes to make this ad creative:

The final product of an ad created with

This is just one of the hundreds of ad creatives AdCreative generated for me.

In this review, I will cover what AdCreative is and who it's for, explore its features, and walk you through how to generate hundreds of ads in minutes. I'll end things off with the pros and cons of the platform and the #1 AdCreative alternative.

Whether in the IT management business, running a SAAS management business, a startup, an E-commerce business, a marketing agency, or an enterprise, promises to elevate your advertising endeavors.

Let's see what makes the best AI marketing tool for ads!

What is

The homepage. is the leading AI advertising tool for businesses seeking to create hundreds of ad creatives, texts, and reports optimized for generating conversions. It uses machine learning algorithms to generate creative ad variations.

The platform uses data analysis and pattern learning to generate customized ad copy, images, and headlines for specific platforms and target audiences. It eliminates guesswork in ad creation, providing valuable insights to optimize performance and giving businesses an unfair advantage against competitors in digital marketing.

AdCreative's AI is crucial in generating high-performing ads by continuously learning, adapting, and improving ad creatives. It identifies target-audience preferences, predicts ad performance, and optimizes campaigns for the best results. This leads to higher click-through rates, increased conversions, and improved return on ad spend (ROAS).

This tool caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. Whether you're a small startup looking to make a significant impact or a large enterprise aiming to optimize your advertising efforts, has everything you need.

Who is for? is a versatile marketing tool that can benefit businesses of all sizes across various industries, especially startups, e-commerce businesses, marketing agencies, and enterprises. Here's how!

  • Get up to 14x higher conversion rates with a data-driven approach.
  • Reduce design tasks and costs by up to 90%.
  • Generate high-performing creatives with a solid ROI to scale rapidly.
  • Find the best creatives by comparing different backgrounds, messages, and designs.
  • Save time designing ad creatives by generating hundreds at once.
  • Generate ad copy that sells without hiring a copywriter.
  • Over 80 data points from your ads give you valuable insights into what brings results for your business/clients.
  • Invite your team to collaborate in real time, making ad creation more efficient.
  • Instantly generate conversion-optimized graphics for all your products, even if you have thousands.
  • Add and customize multiple brands to give ads a unique touch that reflects their identity.

Marketing agencies, in particular, can instantly generate and present hundreds of creative ad variations to their clients that yield high returns on investment (ROI). They can also onboard multiple clients with unique branding and generate personalized ad campaigns tailored to each client's target audience. This saves time and effort and enhances the overall client experience. Features

Now that we understand what is and who it's for let's explore the features that make it the best AI marketing tool for businesses and marketers:

  1. Generate Ad Creatives
  2. Generate Texts & Headlines
  3. Creative Insights
  4. Generate Social Posts
  5. Complete Ad Package
  6. Competitor Insights AI
  7. AI-powered Brand Customization

1. Generate Ad Creatives

The Generate Ad Creative landing page.'s main feature is generating hundreds of ad creatives that are conversion-focused in minutes, all while maintaining your brand identity.

Since so many creatives are generated quickly, you can increase your testing of different creatives without spending excessive time on the design process. As a result, you can get conversion and click-through rates up to 14 times higher!

The different ad creative sizes and platforms you can generate creatives for with

With, you can generate creatives for any platform, be it posts for Facebook and Instagram, banners for LinkedIn ads, or pin size for Pinterest. You can even connect your ad accounts to send your creatives directly to your ad account libraries.

2. Generate Texts & Headlines

The Generate Texts and Headlines landing page.

Creating compelling ad copy can be time-consuming, but with, businesses can generate high-converting text effortlessly.

With AdCreative, you can create compelling texts and headlines for your ads and cold emails within minutes using AI as your copywriter! This allows you to prioritize what truly matters, which is your business.

There are over 40 languages so that you can reach a global audience with your ad copy. Plus, you can provide information about your target audience and advertising platform. AdCreative AI will analyze and determine the appropriate tone, length, and content to resonate the most with your audience.'s AI-powered text generation ensures that your ads are engaging, persuasive, and tailored to resonate with your target audience.

3. Creative Insights

The Creative Insights landing page.

With a single click, you can connect your Ad Accounts like Meta, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google with and have it generate more than 80 data points, including impressions, clicks, and CTR. This data-driven analysis provides insights into compelling creatives and their key success factors, which can optimize future ad campaigns for maximum impact. ranked my top-performing creatives, so I knew which ad performed best at a glance. It also showed me when my creative was experiencing Ad Fatigue, giving me improvement ideas on increasing my CTR. For example, which colors to use in my creatives for the best results.

With just one click, AdCreative can generate PDF reports filled with valuable and actionable insights. These reports can be easily shared with my team, designers, and clients to help them comprehend the impact of our ad campaigns.

With Creative Insights, you can unlock valuable data to increase ROI that would otherwise take hours of manual analysis.

4. Generate Social Posts

The Generate Social Posts landing page.

In a matter of seconds, you can use AI to effortlessly create hundreds of social media post creatives centered on engagement with no design skills required. This allows you to produce perfectly sized and professional-looking creatives for popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and many more.

Different post sizes AdCreative offers for social media ads.

AdCreative has suitable sizes for all platforms:

  • Meta Post (1080×1350)
  • LinkedIn Post (1200×628)
  • Pinterest Post (1000×1500)
  • Twitter Post (1080×1080)
  • Story Post (1080×1920)

Once your creatives are generated, you can even render them in other sizes in seconds with a single click! This allows you to instantly adapt your creatives to different ad formats for ad placements on other platforms.

To top things off, you'll get data-driven insights from over one million top-performing ad creatives for the highest conversion rates and sales. Connect your ad accounts to your brand and allow AdCreative's AI to gather insights from your unique data.

Complete Ad Package

The Complete Ad Package landing page.

AdCreative offers a comprehensive ad package as part of its AI-generated asset collections. With this package, the AI system gathers information about your product/service, devises a strategy, and produces ad creatives, texts, and target audiences. This equips you with everything you need for a successful ad campaign.

The process is simple:

  1. Have the AI scan your website, and AdCreative will generate a personalized strategy and assets.
  2. From there, the AI will examine it to understand the product/service, tone, and other details. This data will automatically populate the required inputs, enabling you to start generating without hassle.
  3. Choose strategies (e.g., direct conversion-focused, influencer collaborations, and giveaways) that have been specifically tailored to meet your requirements by the AI.
  4. The AI will choose the best platform based on the strategy selected.
  5. Watch AdCreative generate hundreds of creative assets in seconds.

Businesses can use to streamline ad creation and maintain brand identity while maximizing advertising efforts.

Competitor Insights AI

The Competitor Insights AI landing page.

Gain valuable insights into the traffic sources and buyer demographics of your competitors by analyzing their top-performing ads across platforms:

  • Analyze website traffic, including visitor numbers, duration of visits, and device usage.
  • Gain insights into visitor demographics like age and gender.
  • Identify traffic sources and where they are investing their resources going back to the previous three months.
  • Evaluate landing pages to determine where visitors and buyers are coming from.
  • Monitor global traffic of competitors.

Analyzing competitor advertising strategies provides valuable insights into effective creative elements businesses can apply to their campaigns.

AI-powered Brand Customization

Maintaining brand consistency is essential, and offers AI-powered brand customization features to ensure ad creative aligns with brand identity.

Before generating ads, AdCreative will use AI to analyze your website to understand the visual elements, color schemes, and typography used in your brand. It will then apply these findings to the generated ad creatives, ensuring they maintain a cohesive look and feel.

This brand customization feature saves businesses time and effort in manually customizing ads and helps them maintain a solid and consistent brand image across different advertising platforms.

Let's see how I used to create my brand!

Getting Started: Creating a Brand with

Selecting the Try For Free Now button on the homepage.

I started by going to the homepage and selecting “Try For Free Now.” All I had to do was sign up with my email and insert my credit card information, and I was granted ten free credits for seven days! These ten credits are not used for generating creatives but for downloading them.

Note that you will not be charged – you can always cancel your account before the seven days are up.

The AdCreative welcome video.

When my account was created, I was greeted with a welcome video and the option for AdCreative to show me around. I appreciated this user-friendly onboarding process.

The dashboard.

My first impression of's interface was that it was clean and intuitive. The colors were bright, and the buttons were prominent, making it easy for me to navigate.

Selecting "Brands" on the AdCreative dashboard.

To start generating AI-powered creative and texts, the first step was to create my brand by going to “Brand” on the top left (you'll already be on this tab by default).

Inserting as my website when creating a brand with

I began filling in the fields starting with “Website.” I copied and pasted my website and selected “Scan my Website.”

Brand Name and Brand Description automatically being filled in after scanning my website when creating a brand with AdCreative.

My brand name and description were automatically filled in, but they can be tweaked if necessary. All that was left to do was upload my logo and select my colors!

Uploaded brand logo with brand colors.

After uploading my logo (PNG and SVG files work best), my brand colors were automatically selected, which saved time.

I could click on the colors and tweak them to get the colors exactly how I wanted. I found AdCreative's Color Picker Chrome Extension to be useful in getting the exact colors I wanted, which I could source from the brand website.

Connecting ad accounts, brand font, and adding an alternative logo in the advanced setup when creating a brand with AdCreative.

Last but not least, I went to the Advanced Setup to connect ad accounts for better recommendations from the AI. I could also upload an alternative logo and select a font.

Once everything was filled in and connected, I selected “Create Brand”! made creating my brand a seamless experience by having me place my website and automatically filling in the fields.

How to Generate Ads with

Here's how I generated hundreds of ads with and how you can too:

  1. Select an Asset Type
  2. Scan Your Landing Page
  3. Decide on a Strategy
  4. Select the Ad Platform & Size
  5. Choose the Background Image
  6. Generate Text for Ads
  7. Download Creatives

AdCreative welcome video for generating advertising assets.

Once I created my brand, I could generate conversion-focused assets for my ad campaigns using AI. Once again, AdCreative had a welcome video, which I appreciated, and a guide that gave me an overview. When generating an asset, AdCreative will use the details from the brand I created.

Step 1: Select an Asset Type

Selecting Generate and choosing from one of the AI-Generated assets offered by

I started by selecting the “Generate” button on the top left and choosing the asset I wanted to create. The different assets you can choose from are:

  • Ad Package: Create strategies, advertising materials, written content, and target audiences all within one project.
  • Ad Creatives: Create ad creatives for products or services focused on driving conversions in seconds using AI.
  • Social Creatives: Effortlessly create social media creatives designed to drive engagement in a matter of seconds using AI.
  • Ad Texts: Create ad text using AI that implements copywriting methods proven to generate high conversion rates.
  • Batch Creatives: Produce batches of creative content by using various backgrounds or product images in a single project.
  • Ad Videos: Use AI to create videos specifically designed to drive conversions using product images.
  • Product Photo Ads: Elevate the appearance of your product photos by using AI-generated environments to create a professional-looking shoot.
  • Stock Images: Use AI to create commercially safe stock images.

I selected “Ad Package,” which uses AI to combine strategy, creatives, audiences, and text for peak conversions.

Step 2: Scan Your Landing Page

Filling out the content brief using

After selecting my asset type, I inserted the URL of the website I wanted to create ads for and selected “Scan My Website.” AdCreative scanned the website to learn about the product/service, including the tone, ad goal, product description, and more.

This automatically filled in all of the fields in the content brief, which included the following information:

  • Goal: Your desired goal (e.g., “get sales”) to guide the AI in generating the most effective texts and strategies.
  • Project Tone: The preferred tone for your project (e.g., “professional” or “funny”) to direct the AI in what style to generate text.
  • Language: The desired language for the text that will be generated (there are more than 40 languages to choose from!)
  • Product/Service Name: The name of the product or service for reference in the generated content.
  • Target Audience: Provide information about your target audience so the AI can generate creative content and text that will engage them effectively.
  • Call to Action: What you would like individuals to do upon viewing your advertisement.
  • Product/Service Description: Provide additional information about your product or service to generate the most impactful creatives and text. did an excellent job understanding my service and filling in the information accurately in seconds. This saved me a lot of time instead of manually filling this out!

Once everything was complete, I hit “Next Step.”

Step 3: Decide on a Strategy

Selecting one of the AI Suggested Strategies using AdCreative.

Based on the information from the content brief, suggested several strategies I could choose from.

Here are the strategies that were suggested to me:

  • Direct Conversion Focused: Promote your product with a direct conversion-focused approach that emphasizes your product and the problem it solves.
  • Exclusive Discount: Offering an exclusive discount on AI Tools to motivate business professionals to become customers.
  • Free Trial Period: Offering a free trial period for AI Tools so business professionals can experience their effectiveness to enhance the chances of conversion.
  • Limited Stock Available: Prompting business professionals to take immediate action and convert into leads by creating a sense of urgency by highlighting the limited availability.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Offering a money-back guarantee for AI Tools ensures that your investment is protected, builds trust, and increases conversion rates.
  • Custom Strategy: Best for specific strategies like “Receive a personal plan and save 25% if you purchase immediately” (must be at least 150 characters long).

These are all solid strategic ad approaches, except for “Limited Stock Available,” which doesn't make sense in the context of AI Tools. I liked that I could generate more strategies at the bottom if I wasn't satisfied with my choices.

The “Direct Conversion Focused” strategy was recommended for me, so I went for that one. I like how AdCreative gave me many options while guiding me in the right direction in case I was indecisive.

Once I made my selection, I hit “Next Step.”

Step 4: Select the Ad Platform & Size

Selecting the Advertising Platform and Creative Size with

Next, asked what platform I wanted to display my ads and the creative size I wanted.

Here were my advertising platform options:

  • Meta (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Other

Once again, AdCreative suggested which platform would be most effective for my ad campaign, which I appreciated. Meta has significant reach, so I went with that one.

I could also choose what size I wanted my creative to be:

  • Post (1080×1080)
  • Landscape (1200×628)
  • Story (1080×1920)
  • Portrait (1080×1350)
  • Pin (1000×1500)

I went with Post since I felt this would be most effective for displaying ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Once selected, I hit “Next Step” to continue.

Step 5: Choose the Background Image

Choosing between an image from my website or a free or paid stock image suggests for the background of my ads. then asked me what background image I wanted to use for my ads. I could choose an image that the AI located on my website or one of the free or paid stock images it suggested. AdCreative is partnered with iStock by Getty, offering premium images at the most affordable prices.

Selecting a stock image and selecting Continue and Next Step to move forward.

I ended up going with one of the free stock photos. After making my selection, AdCreative asked if I wanted to crop it or keep it at its original size. I kept it the same and hit “Continue” and “Next Step.”

Step 6: Generate Text for Ads

An overview of how to AI generate text and manually input text when creating an ad with AdCreative.

Once the background image had been selected, AdCreative generated the ad copy for me using AI. I was pretty impressed with what it had come up with.

On the right, I could preview how my text looked within the context of an ad, which I found very helpful. From a design standpoint, it has excellent type hierarchy and stands out.

The image doesn't look good, but that was an easy fix. All I did was go back to the previous step and change it.

To generate conversion-focused text using AI, I only had to click the “Generate Texts” button, make the necessary tweaks, and select “Save & Generate.”

If I wanted to change the text or manually create my own, I could do so in the “On Image Texts” fields.

Selecting the down arrow next to one of the text fields for AI variations.

I hit the arrow next to the text field for more AI variations.

Selecting the brain icon next to the text field for more options.

To translate my text, change it, get variations, or shorten it, I could do so by clicking the brain icon next to the text field.

Once complete, I selected “Generate.” After a few minutes, created hundreds of conversion-focused ad creatives, texts, and audiences!

Step 7: Download Creatives

Ads generated with

All of my creatives were located on the “Creatives” tab. Each project had a generous amount of over two hundred unique creatives, and I could render each in other sizes for even more options!

That's many ads to choose from, but AdCreative makes it easier for you to choose by putting the creative that is predicted to do the best first. The conversion score above each creative also helps with which creative to choose.

I liked the first creative the best, so I hit “Edit” to see how to modify it.

Editing a creative using

Every aspect of my creative was editable, including the text, image, logo, color, and font. I changed one of the button colors for more legibility.

Ad texts generated with

Next to “Creatives” was “Texts,” where I could see all of the ad texts AdCreative has generated. Each project had over 20 high-conversion texts, which I could easily copy and paste and put as the description of my ad post! I could also edit them to my liking.

Audience interests generated with

Next to “Texts” was “Audiences,” which tells me the age range, gender, and interests I should target for the most conversion. This helped me create targeted ad campaigns more likely to resonate with my desired audience.

After editing my chosen creative, I hit “Download,” which consumed a single credit.

Here's the final product!

The final product of an ad created with

I'm very satisfied with how my ad turned out. AdCreative created a diverse range of ad creatives that captured the essence of my brand. The vast selection of over two hundred variations ensured that I had plenty of options, making it easy to find the best creative for my campaign.

Ultimately, this saves hours of time and resources rather than hiring a graphic designer and copywriter to create each ad.

Pros and Cons

  • Generates hundreds of ad creatives with just a few clicks, saving time and resources.
  • Unique, personalized ad content tailored to specific platforms, target audiences, and marketing objectives.
  • Wide range of ad formats for businesses to maximize their reach and engagement across different platforms.
  • User-friendly interface and onboarding process with welcome videos and guides to help you along the way.
  • Easy-to-use templates simplify ad creation, saving businesses time, effort, and resources.
  • Valuable insights into ad performance allow businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve their advertising ROI.
  • Add multiple brands to personalize ad content for each campaign.
  • Automatically fills in a lot of information by adding your business website.
  • Generates ad copy tailored to specific platforms, target audiences, and marketing objectives.
  • Insights into ad performance help improve advertising ROI.
  • Inability to edit the ad exactly how you want it to look.
  • Some may find the number of creatives generated overwhelming, making it challenging to choose which to use.
  • Some ads may lack originality.

Ad Copy: The Best Alternative

Ad Copy homepage.

Ad Copy enhances the effectiveness of advertisements by producing ad creatives, copy, and insights to increase sales significantly. Like AdCreative, you can replace designers and copywriters for just $29.

When making creatives, both AdCreative and Ad Copy let you insert your business URL and let their AI populate the fields to save you time. With Ad Copy, you have more control over the creativity of your ad copy with the Creativity Amplifier toggle, and you can generate ad copy in any language as opposed to only forty with AdCreative.

However, I find the creatives generated using AdCreative look better, and you can edit the elements once it's been developed. Plus, you can generate hundreds of ad variations. With Ad Copy, you can only generate three variations at a time.

If you're looking to generate hundreds of attention-grabbing ad creatives with the ability to edit them, go for AdCreative. If you want fewer variations because hundreds overwhelm you and the ability to generate ad copy in any language, go for Ad Copy.

Here are some other excellent AI marketing tools you should check out: Review: My Experience

After using AdCreative, I can honestly say that is the best AI marketing tool for generating hundreds of advertisements on any platform without hiring a copywriter or graphic designer.

I was blown away by how quickly AdCreative generated hundreds of high-converting ads with just a few clicks. AdCreative took me through the process step-by-step and populated the fields for me, saving time. Uploading my brand elements made the process even easier, as seamlessly integrated them into the generated ads without having to do it manually every time.

Despite not having full editing capabilities for the ad designs, I could still edit the text, images, colors, and fonts. I also found the insights feature to be incredibly useful for analyzing the performance of my ads to make data-driven decisions and optimize my campaigns. has truly revolutionized the way I approach ad creation. Its AI-powered technology has taken the guesswork out of creating captivating ads that grab attention and drive conversions.

Whether you're a startup looking to save money while generating hundreds of compelling ad creatives or an established enterprise aiming to stay ahead of the competition, is your solution!

I hope you found this review helpful! If you're looking for an AI marketing tool to improve your ad campaigns, is well worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AdCreative AI any good? is a valuable AI marketing tool for businesses to create high-quality ad creatives, optimize ad performance, and achieve advertising success. After using it myself, I've seen increased ROI and improved advertising performance.

How much does AdCreative AI cost? offers four pricing plans available on monthly or annual subscriptions:

  • 7-day Free Trial: $0 for 10 credits
  • Startup Plans: $29 for 10 credits/month
  • Professional Plans: $189 for 100 credits/month
  • Agency Plans: $670 for 500 credits/month

What does AdCreative AI do?

AdCreative AI is an AI-powered marketing tool that automates generating ad creative. It generates hundreds of ad creatives at a time in various formats.

By analyzing images, text, and data,'s machine-learning algorithms generate ad copy, photos, and headlines optimized for maximum engagement. It supports various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, making it easier for businesses to create ad creative that resonates with their target audience.

Where is AdCreative AI located?

AdCreative AI is a digital marketing company located in Paris, France.

Janine Heinrichs is a Content Creator and Designer helping creatives streamline their workflow with the best design tools, resources, and inspiration. Find her at