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5 Best AI Recruiting Companies (February 2024)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is completely changing the way companies operate across industries, which is why it is important to find the best AI talent for an organization’s needs. It is a highly competitive industry that is being revolutionized by the rise of remote work and freelance platforms.

There are many companies on the market that help recruit AI talent by sourcing, vetting, matching, and managing potential candidates. These platforms and companies will become even more important in the future, with a huge portion of talent being hired from them.

Here are the 5 best AI recruiting companies:

1. Toptal

Topping our list of the 5 best AI recruiting companies is Toptal, which is an exclusive network of top freelance software developers, product managers, finance experts, project managers, and more. Toptal relies on AI to ensure companies find the best fit for their job, and the talent provided by the platform is among the top 3% in their respective fields.

Toptal helps make the recruitment process easier, with the platform quickly identifying talent for a job. Even though the talent is sourced from all over the world, each individual candidate speaks English. A selected freelancer can participate in a trial period before being brought on to the full team.

One of the things that makes Toptal so respected and trusted is its intense screening process, which ensures only the best talent is put up for a task. The platform also provides a quick turnaround time for hires, with the best candidates being found within one to three weeks. This quick turnaround time ensures companies don’t waste time and resources on a recruitment process, meaning they can focus on other important tasks.

On top of these great features, Toptal ensures that freelancers can work during the business hours of the hiring company, and the platform can even relocate freelancers to protect the company’s existing workflow.

Here are some of the top features offered by Toptal:

  • Remote and freelance work

  • Freelancer trial period

  • Stringent screening process

  • Talent relocation

  • Direct support from Toptal representatives


2. Turing 

The great option for an AI recruiting company is Turing, which provides their AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud to help source, vet, match, and manage the best remote software developers across the globe. Used by some of the world’s top companies like Pepsi, Dell, and Coinbase, the platform leverages global sourcing, intelligent vetting, extensive matching, HR/payments compliance, and automated on-the-job quality control.

Turing does an excellent job of making the remote hiring process easy for both companies and developers. Companies can hire pre-vetted, highly-qualified remote software talent that spans across more than 100 skills. The process only takes 3-5 days.

The Intelligent Talent Cloud relies on AI to vet, match, and manage over 1.5 million developers around the world, saving companies a ton of time and resources as they construct an engineering team in days.

Here are some of the top features offered by Turing:

  • AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud

  • More than 1.5 million developers worldwide

  • Helps construct engineering team in days

  • Pre-vetted, highly-qualified talent

  • 100+ skills among talent

Turing - Hire the Best Remote Software Engineers

3. Upwork

One of the most well-known names in remote work, Upwork is another great option. The freelancing platform has grown substantially over the years, and it now includes talent across a wide range of categories and industries, such as technology, legal, software development, writing, mobile app development, design, and much more.

Upwork helps connect businesses to top-rated talent all across the globe. For the company, it’s as easy as signing up, creating a job proposal, and vetting out potential candidates before hiring them. For the freelancer, they search for potential jobs and set up their profiles to match their skills.

The platform has become a leader in the industry for good reason. It offers various security measures, such as time tracking and verified payment methods. It also has its own communication platform to help easily connect businesses and freelancers.

Here are some of the top features offered by Upwork:

  • Wide range of categories and industries

  • Protections for businesses and freelancers

  • Communication platform

  • Built-in payment system

The Developer: The Perfect Fit | Upwork


One more great option for an AI recruiting company is Untapped, which is a recruiting platform that helps candidates find jobs and get hired by some of the world’s top tech companies. Partnered with companies like Lyft, Epic Games, DoorDash, and Zoom, Untapped has built a name for itself in this space.

Untapped allows businesses to review and respond to inbound applicants efficiently, and they can discover qualified candidates by filtering through more than 75 data points including demographic, experiential, and cognitive diversity.

There are more than 35 million searchable profiles on the platform, many of which could never be found with traditional sourcing methods. The platform helps companies become more engaging and attract quality candidates, with features such as virtual events with the platform’s end-to-end solution, and diversity analytics that uncover diversity disparities, identify biases, and track progress.

Here are some of the main features offered by Untapped:

  • Efficiently review and respond to applicants

  • Filter through 75+ data points

  • 35+ million searchable profiles

  • Virtual events

  • Diversity analytics

Untapped: About Us

5. Gigster 

Closing out our list of the 5 best AI recruiting companies is Gigster, which is a fully managed software delivery platform. The platform aims to address the major concerns associated with finding expert talent, such as time and resources, finding the right skills sets, and the risks of over-budget and delayed projects.

Gigster offers teams that can help deliver projects, and the teams are built from the top 1% of developers, designers, and project managers. This is why Gigster is trusted by some of the world’s top companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

The platform is available to help on a wide range of fronts, including blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), artificial intelligence, and custom development. Its expert application development teams are assembled in 3-14 days, and 95% of projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Here are some of the main features offered by Gigster:

  • Fully managed software delivery platform

  • Top 1% of developers, designers, and project managers

  • Helps with blockchain, NFTs, AI, and custom development

  • Development teams assembled in 3-14 days


Alex McFarland is a tech writer who covers the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has worked with AI startups and publications across the globe.