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Tastewise Launches AI Solution TasteGPT



Image: Tastewise

Tastewise, an AI-powered market intelligence platform for the food and beverage industry, has launched its latest generative AI solution called TasteGPT. This new product is designed to provide speedy and contextual insights into infinite product ideas and help brands make decisions that are right for them.

TasteGPT leverages Tastewise's proprietary AI and the largest dataset available on food consumption to provide speed, productivity, and increased new product success. It can shorten months of research and answer business-critical questions such as which product ideas are the best fit for Gen Z consumers, where to launch a new beverage product, and what the focus of the next marketing campaign should be.

Helping Evaluate Innovation and Make Faster Decisions

Traditional market research methods such as surveys, focus groups, and syndicated industry reports typically report data around 13 months late, missing significant behavioral shifts and making them unreliable in the current fast-moving consumer world. With TasteGPT, product innovators and analysts can run 20 different projects at once instead of just one, empowering teams to evaluate innovation and decide faster on the right direction for their brand.

TasteGPT can provide real-time product, dish, menu, and marketing campaign recommendations using an AI-powered conversational chatbot. It can also generate ready-to-share reports and decks including trends, ingredient pairings, and more to increase speed to market.

“Artificial intelligence is the only way to mitigate a lack of credible data by enabling organizations to make sense of vast amounts of data,” said Eyal Gaon, Tastewise Co-Founder and CTO. “With relevant AI tools, data turns into meaningful insights that drive better decision-making and innovation in real-time.”

Extracting Real-Time Insights 

As consumer trends and preferences are ever-changing, real-time access to the most specific data available across all moments of consumption is critical. Tastewise's generative AI solutions enable users to identify patterns and extract real-time, accurate insights to make data-driven decisions faster than ever before.

By leveraging TasteGPT and the broader Tastewise market intelligence platform, companies will be able to reduce the time and effort spent on research, consensus, development, and go-to-market strategies. Ultimately, this will result in rapid, precise decision-making, fewer uncertainties, faster idea execution, and increased accuracy and speed to market.

Tastewise is an AI-driven data platform that provides the actionable insights needed for resilient decision-making and change management in the food and beverage industry. The platform uses AI to analyze billions of food-related data from its customers, social media, recipes, menus, and more to provide accurate, up-to-date insights in real-time. It works with leading food brands, retailers, and providers to guide tomorrow’s consumption behavior.

Alex McFarland is an AI journalist and writer exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has collaborated with numerous AI startups and publications worldwide.