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Synthesis AI Unveils Text-to-3D Tech with a Focus on Digital Humans




San Francisco-based company Synthesis AI, a frontrunner in the field of synthetic data technologies, unveiled its latest project, Synthesis Labs, on April 18, 2023. This initiative focuses on introducing new generative AI capabilities, with an emphasis on text-to-3D technologies for digital humans. These advancements mark a milestone in the company's journey to support advanced AI applications, making Synthesis AI the first ever to demonstrate text-to-3D digital human synthesis at high-resolution cinematic quality.

By merging generative AI with cinematic VFX pipelines, the Synthesis AI platform generates perfectly labeled synthetic data, which can be utilized to train machine learning models. The newest text-to-3D offerings, featured in Synthesis Labs, allow users to experience prompt-based input and editing, making no-code 3D generative AI capabilities accessible to a wide range of users – from computer vision and machine learning experts to non-technical users.

The applications for 3D digital humans are vast, ranging from consumer, public sector, industrial, and enterprise sectors. They can unlock new possibilities for augmented and virtual reality, gaming, VFX, smart cities, virtual try-on (VTON), automotive, as well as industrial and manufacturing simulations. Customers across industries can now integrate high-resolution 3D digital humans quickly and cost-effectively, solidifying Synthesis AI's position as a leader in applied generative AI.

Yashar Behzadi, CEO and Founder of Synthesis AI, stated, “The next generation of generative AI tools will rewrite the computer vision AI playbook across nearly every area of business. Synthesis AI was founded on the thesis that the integration of generative AI and VFX technologies would enable a new paradigm for building AI models. The newest text-to-3D digital human capabilities are the natural next step in our vision of simulating and synthesizing the world.”

Since its inception in 2019, Synthesis AI has led generative AI innovation, championing the use of synthetic data as a key element in machine learning model training. The company has published the first book on synthetic data, founded the largest synthetic data research community, OpenSynthetics, and commissioned the first industry survey on synthetic data benefits and the first whitepaper on developing state-of-the-art facial models. These accomplishments follow the recent launch of Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios, offering the most comprehensive and extensive human-centric synthetic data.

The latest text-to-3D offerings are just the beginning of Synthesis AI’s mission to enable enterprise, industrial, and public sector customers to simulate reality by synthesizing any person, place, or object. The new text-to-3D digital human capabilities will be available to a select group of beta testers starting in Q2