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Pexip Collaborating with NVIDIA to Create Immersive Video Meeting Experiences



As video meetings continue to become crucial in many businesses, companies are working on making them better and more immersive. Pexip, a leading provider of enterprise video conferencing and collaboration solutions, is one of those companies.

It was announced today that Pexip will work with NVIDIA to find ways to use advanced technologies like conversational AI and deep learning to create a more immersive and engaging video experience. The company is focusing on every member of the meeting, regardless of whichever device they use.


 The GPU-accelerated NVIDIA Maxine SDKis the focus of this new collaboration. It enables capabilities like super resolution, artifact reduction, face tracking, body pose estimation, and noise removal.

With Pexip’s secure and flexible digital infrastructure, these features can take place at the server level, which means every participant has the same experience. By being paired together, Pexip and NVIDIA technologies can help advance the modem workforce.

Giles Chamberlin is CTO and co-founder of Pexip.

“Combining NVIDIA’s advanced AI computing features with Pexip’s unique architecture will allow us to reimagine virtual meetings for richer, more human interactions,” Chamberlin said. “Pexip transcodes live media in real time during meetings to give each and every participant the best possible audio and video experience on whichever device they’re using. We look forward to exploring the further extension and application of our server-side transcoding technology with NVIDIA Maxine.”

NVIDIA Maxine’s main features include:

  • Easy to use SDK that includes libraries and example pipelines enabling developers to quickly add AI features to their applications.
  • Ultra-low bandwidth that uses one-tenth of the H.264 video compression standard.
  • State-of-the-art AI models including pre-trained models with thousands of hours of training.
  • It is fully GPU-accelerated and optimizes end-to-end pipelines.
AI-Powered Video Conferencing with NVIDIA Maxine


Noise Cancellation Technologies

Pexip and NVIDIA are also collaborating to develop innovative noise cancellation technologies for Pexip users, as audio quality is even more crucial than video quality in virtual meetings.

So far, it has been demonstrated how removing background noise can create more powerful meeting experiences, and it is important given the increasing number of individuals working from home or in other environments full of distractions. Because of this, the collaboration aims to focus everything back on the meeting and optimize the virtual experience.


Pexip is a leading company that aims to simplify complex videoconferencing, which in turn empowers organizations to have better virtual collaboration, no matter where an individual is located or which technology they are using.

The company’s scalable platform enables high-quality video meetings, and it also has enterprise-grade security. It can be adapted to fit certain IT requirements and existing infrastructure.

A leading provider for large enterprises and public sector organizations, the solution is sold through 300 channel partners in 75 countries, and it is used in over 190 countries.

Alex McFarland is an AI journalist and writer exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has collaborated with numerous AI startups and publications worldwide.