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ImVitro Raises $2.5M to Improve IVF Process With AI

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Image: ImVitro

Deep-tech company ImVitro has announced a $2.5M seed round led by LDV Capital, with co-investors including MMC Ventures, Tiny VC, Fly Ventures, and Compound VC. The company consists of a dozen experts involved with AI, medtech, and regulatory affairs. The team is led by Dr. Alexandra Boussommier, a biomedical engineer trained in Switzerland, the UK and the US. 

EMBRYOLY Platform for IVF Process

ImVitro developed the B2B SaaS platform EMBRYOLY, which applies computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to the IVF fertility imaging process. The company works to minimize failed transfers in the IVF process, as well as increase quality control and transparency for patients. 

Over a dozen clinics in Europe rely on EMBRYOLY, with more than 1,500 IVF cycles being processed by the platform. 

ImVitro developed an operating system that combines cell culture and AI to address infertility. The process involves AI-powered automation in the embryo evaluation process with EMBRYOLY analyzing videos from microscopes to save time for clinicians while increasing transparency. This process also eliminates human errors and delivers reliable predictions. Clinics can also use the platform to provide access to a patient portal that delivers simplified lab results. 

The platform is CE marked and has benchmarked its performance against 13 embryologists in a retrospective clinical trial. 

While other solutions are limited to visual information or the patient’s age, ImVitro can analyze more than 30 clinical data points to create a hybrid score. These data points include the patient’s BMI, uterus receptivity, spermatozoa mobility, and more. All of this leads to improved accuracy and personalized and standardized results. 

Dr. Alexandra Boussommier is also Founder and CEO of ImVitro. 

“By taking into account data about the patients and their treatment, EMBRYOLY predicts more accurately the chances an embryo has to lead to a pregnancy and provides more transparent and personalized recommendations,” Dr. Boussommier said. 

The new funding will go towards adding new hires in the technical and sales team. It will also help the company expand to the U.S. market and develop new features for the software. 

“We are very excited to be entering this new chapter that will consolidate our AI-driven software not only as a tool that minimizes failed IVF treatments, but also one that increases workflow efficiency in the IVF lab and provides a bridge between doctors and patients to add transparency to the complex multi-step process that is IVF,” Dr. Boussommier continued.

Dr. Xavier Pollet-Villard is Director of the Nataliance IVF and Andrology laboratory. 

“ImVitro helps embryologists and patients at our clinic to navigate the complex process of IVF,” he says. “It not only increases the efficiency of the work that we do but also provides much-needed transparency. Their AI-powered platform EMBRYOLY seamlessly connects to our technology stack and helps us make data-driven decisions about embryos that we observe in our lab which then lead to successful pregnancies.”

Words From Investors

Evan Nisselson is Founder and General Partner at LDV Capital.

“We at LDV Capital are thrilled to partner with Dr. Alexandra Boussommier and the brilliant team at ImVitro to bring EMBRYOLY to market across the globe so millions of people can increase their likelihood of having a successful pregnancy through the IVF Fertility process,” said Nisselson. “ImVitro will deliver a leapfrog technical solution to the IVF fertility imaging process by leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence which has been a core expertise of our LDV Capital firm since being founded in 2012.”

Charlotte Barttelot is Principal at MMC Ventures.

“We've been researching the fertility landscape, and the IVF process has not improved since the first IVF baby over 40 years ago,” Barttelot said. “ImVitro's team combines deep-tech expertise and entrepreneurship, leveraging computer vision and AI to increase the percentage of successful pregnancies. We are proud to be part of their journey.”

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