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Gizzmo AI Review: The Best Tool for Amazon Affiliates? (2024)

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Gizzmo AI review.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income online, with Amazon affiliates getting paid between $100 to $20,000 on average. But what if there was a way to capitalize on your Amazon affiliate earning potential rather than spending hours crafting affiliate content?

That's where Gizzmo AI comes in: the ultimate game-changer for creating SEO-friendly content for affiliate marketing! It's a WordPress plugin that saves you time creating affiliate content such as reviews, round-ups, and general content using Artificial Intelligence, increases your monetization efforts, and connects directly to your Amazon affiliate account.

In this comprehensive Gizzmo AI review, we will dive deep into what Gizzmo AI is, its key features, and how to use it. I'll personally test Gizzmo by generating a product review so you can clearly understand its capabilities. After that, we will go over its pros and cons, pricing, and some alternatives so you can decide if Gizzmo is right for you.

Get ready to take your affiliate content to the next level with Gizzmo AI!

What is Gizzmo AI?

Gizzmo AI homepage.

Gizzmo is an AI writing tool designed for Amazon affiliates that creates high-quality affiliate content in a matter of seconds. It simplifies generating engaging product reviews, captivating roundups, and informative blog posts.

Gizzmo is a WordPress plugin capable of generating SEO-friendly articles. Simply add products to the Gizzmo plugin from Amazon using the Gizzmo Chrome extension, add a keyword, and Gizzmo will generate high-quality AI content in seconds that you can edit directly in WordPress. It will even automatically create SEO-friendly headlines, internal links, buttons, product carousels, Amazon images, and more to increase your chances of earning more affiliate income.

The tool seamlessly integrates with any WordPress theme or page builder meaning you can effortlessly get started immediately. For content creators, bloggers, and affiliate marketers who are WordPress users interested in making affiliate income through Amazon, Gizzmo is an incredibly useful tool!

Key Features of Gizzmo AI

Here are the key features that come with Gizzmo AI.

High-Quality AI-Powered Content Generation

Gizzmo AI plugin highlighting the types of content you can generate.

Gizzmo AI enables you to generate high-quality articles optimized for search engines directly from your WordPress account. It's specifically focused on generating affiliate content such as:

  • Product Reviews: Generate product reviews in seconds using Gizzmo AI. Import the product from Amazon you'd like to write a review about, adjust the settings, and generate an entire product review with images, buttons, and more in seconds.
  • Product RoundUp: With just a few clicks, compare a collection of Amazon products and let Gizzmo automatically include ratings, pros and cons, “Buy Now” buttons, and more for each product.
  • General Content: To rank on search engines, you'll also need some informational content about the products you talk about. Depending on your products and niche, you might want to talk about “the benefits of exercise” or “the latest technology trends.” Simply select the products you want to discuss, choose your topic, add a focus keyword, and get Gizzmo to create the entire article in seconds.

Your content options are at the top of the Gizzmo AI WordPress plugin.


Customizing a product using the Gizzmo AI WordPress plugin.

Gizzmo is highly customizable. For each product you add, you can change the featured image, add an affiliate tag, add SEO-relevant keywords, select posts for internal linking, create relevant schemas, and add monetization carousels.

When generating product roundup posts, you can easily change the order in which products appear in the article. Finally, Gizzmo creates a draft of each article on WordPress so you can edit and customize everything exactly how you like.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For each article generated, Gizzmo asks for a keyword to base the article on and makes internal linking suggestions to enhance your organic visibility and get more traffic to your website.

Gizzmo also included automated schema building that implements validated JSON-LD structured data markup following guidelines. The schema builder helps with search engine visibility, website growth, and overall performance.

Affiliate Monetization

Gizzmo will automatically add the following to your content to save you time and help boost your affiliate commission earnings:

  • Embedded affiliate links
  • Product carousels
  • Amazon product images
  • “Buy Now” buttons

Gizzmo also has an automated affiliate tag integration connecting directly to your Amazon affiliate account.

How to Use Gizzmo AI

Here's how to start using Gizzmo in a few simple steps. I will walk you through creating a simple product review post using Gizzmo, but you can also create product roundup or general informational posts.

Note: Ensure you have a WordPress account setup, as Gizzmo is a WordPress plugin.

1) Start by selecting a plan and signing up. Here are all of the pricing plans available for Gizzmo. Feel free to claim a 30% discount off the first month with Discount Code: UNITEAI

All Gizzmo AI pricing plans.

2) Once you complete your profile, install the Gizzmo WordPress plugin and add the Gizzmo Chrome extension (Gizzmo gives you clear, easy-to-follow instructions to do this).

Getting started with Gizzmo AI.

3) Go to Amazon and find products you want to write about. Using the Gizzmo Chrome extension, select the “+” icon.

Adding a product to Gizzmo AI using the Gizzmo AI Google Chrome extension.

4) You will now see the product you have just added to the Gizzmo WordPress plugin! When you are ready to create AI content about the product, select “Prepare.”

Clicking the "Prepare" button on the product the review will be written about using the Gizzmo AI WordPress plugin.

5) Once complete, the button will turn to “Review.” Select it to continue. (Note: If the button says “Failed,” an issue occurred. Try again by clicking the “Failed” button).

Clicking the "Review" button for Gizzmo AI to generate the product review.

6) A new window will appear on the right where you can customize the article, like changing the featured image, adding an affiliate tag, adding SEO-relevant keywords to improve your chances of ranking on search engines like Google, selecting posts for internal linking, creating relevant schemas, and monetization carousels. Once complete, select “Create Product Review Post.”

Adjusting the settings on the product Gizzmo AI will write about using the Gizzmo AI WordPress plugin.

7) Once complete, navigate to your posts on WordPress. You will see that Gizzmo AI has generated an entire SEO-optimized article based on the keywords you gave it! It has also placed the article in the most appropriate category and given it the most relevant tags. Let's check it out!

The draft in WordPress that Gizzmo AI has created.

When scrolling through the article Gizzmo generated, I was impressed by how natural the writing was in improving the reader experience. It included all the most relevant content sections with appropriate subheadings, like the introduction, feature evaluations, pros and cons, a conclusion, frequently asked questions, and a related product carousel.

Here's a snapshot to give you an idea of the content Gizzmo generated, completely unedited:

A snapshot of part of what Gizzmo AI has generated.

You can either keep the content as it is or edit it. Regardless, Gizzmo AI remains an exceptional tool that enables you to create affiliate content within your WordPress account swiftly and significantly enhance your potential for earning through affiliate marketing!

Tips for Using Gizzmo AI

Gizzmo AI is a powerful tool that can greatly simplify the process of creating affiliate content on WordPress. However, to make the most out of this tool, here are some tips for using Gizzmo AI effectively:

  • Know your audience: By understanding your target audience, you can create content that resonates with them the most, giving you the highest chance of making the most affiliate commissions.
  • Take advantage of internal linking: Automatically generate internal links throughout your articles with Gizzmo AI's smart algorithms, enhancing user experience, encouraging them to explore more of your content, and improving SEO!
  • Use relevant keywords: When generating an article with Gizzmo AI, provide specific and relevant keywords related to the product or topic you want to write about. This will help Gizzmo AI generate the most accurate and targeted articles.
  • Customize your article: Take advantage of the customization options available in Gizzmo AI. Adjusting the featured image, formatting, and overall structure of the article can help make it more personalized and appealing to your target audience.
  • Add your own insights: While Gizzmo AI generates great content, don't forget to add your unique perspectives and experiences. This will make your article more authentic and engaging for readers.
  • Edit the content: While Gizzmo AI generates content ready to be published, it's always a good idea to review and edit it. This allows you to add your personal touch, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure that the final article aligns perfectly with your tone of voice.

Pros and Cons

  • Utilizes AI technology to make content creation more efficient, saving time and effort.
  • Built-in SEO features optimize content for better visibility on search engines.
  • Generates high-quality content that is thoroughly researched and captivating.
  • Monetizing your content is more efficient with automated affiliate tag integration, related product carousels, "Buy Now" buttons, embedded affiliate links, and more.
  • Direct WordPress integration for an enhanced workflow.
  • Supports the creation of various types of content, such as reviews, roundups, and general content.
  • Excellent customer support with a wealth of resources.
  • Limited integration with specific affiliate networks (Gizzmo is only compatible with the Amazon Affiliate program).
  • You can only add one keyword for Gizzmo to base the article on, up to four words.
  • Missing some useful features, like keyword research assistance, content scheduling, SEO content scores, and performance tracking/analytics.
  • Only supports English content creation.
  • AI-generated content may lack personal touch.


All Gizzmo AI pricing plans.

Gizzmo AI does not offer a free trial but a lifetime $1 trial with a generous amount of features to get started. You cannot cancel the Gizzmo trial, and you do not get the money-back guarantee.

If you would like, claim a 30% discount off the first month with Discount Code: UNITEAI

All Gizzmo plans come with the following features:

  • X articles per month (depending on the plan)
  • Product review articles
  • Product roundup articles
  • General content articles
  • Complete SEO toolbox
  • Affiliate suite
  • Automated post production
  • Amazon images suggestion
  • Money-back guarantee (except on the Trial plan)
  • Cancel any time (except on the Trial plan)

Here is how many articles you can generate with Gizzmo for all six plans:

  • Trial: Generate 3 articles for a one-time fee of $1.
  • Starter: Generate 5 articles for $9.99 per month.
  • Builder: Generate 15 articles for $29.99 per month.
  • Pro: Generate 27 articles for $49.99 per month.
  • Expert: Generate 50 articles for $84.99 per month.
  • Elite: Generate 100+ articles for $149.99+ per month.

5 Top Alternatives to Gizzmo AI

Here are the top 5 AI writing tool alternatives to Gizzmo AI you might want to consider:

Like Gizzmo, these tools offer features like automatic content curation, natural language generation, content optimization, and more. However, they are not specifically focused on generating affiliate content.

Conclusion: My Experience with Gizzmo AI

Gizzmo AI is an exceptional affiliate marketing content generation tool to create product reviews, roundup posts, or general content. Its AI technology reduces the time and effort needed to create compelling content, allowing creators to focus on the creative process.

I loved that each piece of content generated on Gizzmo has a target keyword, meaning the article is optimized for search engines. Gizzmo also gives your content the best monetization potential by embedding related product carousels, “Buy Now” buttons, and affiliate links.

There's no need for copying and pasting content, which slows you down. Their WordPress plugin and Chrome extension enhance the workflow, allowing you to add and edit products instantly.

Gizzmo AI is the perfect solution for WordPress users interested in monetizing their content as an Amazon affiliate, whether creating reviews, roundups, and general articles. I'm thoroughly impressed with what Gizzmo offers and look forward to what they have in store!

Click Here to visit Gizzmo AI.

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