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Dataloop’s New AI-Powered Tech Promotes Safer Online Environment



Dataloop, a leading platform for AI data managment and annotation, has launched new technology for its Audio Studio, allowing project managers to develop audio AI solutions from concept to large-scale productions. With its centralized location, businesses can manage the entire data lifecycle, from data management to efficient workflows. The technology enables the identification of inappropriate or unsafe words and trains the AI to eliminate them from the platform.

Audio Studio Technology Features

In the gaming industry, players connect and interact with one another through a headset, which leaves the door open to online harassment, particularly for women. To combat inappropriate behavior between players, many gaming studios have turned to developing audio AI solutions. Dataloop's advanced audio annotation and data management tools help create fast, accurate, and cost-effective datasets.

Dataloop's new Audio Studio technology is built into its platform and offers developers an easy-to-use environment that can be customized to their specific AI project's needs. It accelerates audio AI learning and improves data accuracy while reducing development costs.

The technology includes several features such as:

  • Multi-speaker transcription: This feature enables annotators to distinguish speakers within the audio.
  • Audio binding: With audio bindings, the segments can loop back as much as needed without having to re-play the entire file.
  • Multilingual support: The technology supports any RTL and LTR languages.
  • Project managment tools: You can automatically distribute tasks and enable the project manager to easily follow and evaluate the team’s progress.
  • Word-level-timing: Referred to as “Karaoke,” this highlights transcription text as the audio is being played, enabling the easier orientation in the overall file and between annotations.

Closing Data Loops and Shortening Time to Market

By using Dataloop's data pipelines, large-scale unstructured data/meta-data management, and data applications, businesses can close their data loops faster and shorten the time to market for a high-quality AI application.

Eran Shlomo is Co-Founder and CEO of Dataloop.

“We hope to break through the limitations developers currently face by providing easy-to-use data management, workflows, and annotation tools,” Shalom says. “Finding the right tools will allow us to create safer online spaces and eliminate bias from many different industries.”

Dataloop was founded in 2017. It is a technology company that develops data infrastructure and a SaaS data operating system for AI organizations. The cloud platform is used by companies of all sizes and types to accelerate the development and deployment of AI into production.

Alex McFarland is a tech writer who covers the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has worked with AI startups and publications across the globe.