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10 Best AI Song Cover Generators (July 2024)

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In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) intertwines with the creative sector, the emergence of AI-powered song cover generators has blossomed. These cutting-edge tools bridge the gap between technology and creativity, enabling artists and enthusiasts alike to produce captivating covers with a touch of personal flair and professional finesse. Whether you are a seasoned musician looking to explore new horizons or a budding artist taking your first steps into the digital realm, AI song cover generators offer a treasure trove of possibilities to ignite your musical journey.

The beauty of these AI tools lies in their ability to automate complex processes while still allowing for a high degree of customization. Through intuitive interfaces and advanced algorithms, they simplify the cover creation process, making it accessible to individuals regardless of their technical prowess. As these tools continually evolve, they are redefining the boundaries of what's possible in the digital music scene.

We will delve into some of the top AI song cover generators that stand out in this innovative market. Each tool explored offers a unique blend of features tailored to meet diverse creative needs, thereby empowering artists to bring their musical visions to life with ease and sophistication.

1. Jammable

🎙️ How to Make Custom AI Voices - Jammable

Jammable is transforming the music scene with its user-friendly process for creating AI-generated music covers. First, users sign up and select from a variety of voice models on the platform. Next, they upload their song, either as an acapella or a full track, which the system adeptly handles. After customizing their conversion, including the option to share it with the Jammable community, users hit the “Ready To Convert” button. In just 30 seconds to 1 minute, the AI processes the song, resulting in a downloadable, unique AI cover song in the style of popular artists like Kanye West, Drake, and Taylor Swift.

The resultant AI cover song can be downloaded for personal use, encapsulating the user's creative vision and Voicify AI’s cutting-edge technology.

Jammable stands as a remarkable example of how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the music industry. By allowing users to create cover songs in the style of their favorite artists quickly and effortlessly, Jammable is not just a tool; it's a gateway to a new era of musical creativity. Whether for amateur musicians, seasoned artists, or just music lovers, Jammable offers an exciting, innovative way to engage with music like never before.


  • Advanced AI for emulating popular artists' styles.
  • User-friendly music creation for all skill levels.
  • Wide selection of diverse voice models.
  • Supports acapella and full track uploads.
  • Rapid conversion of songs in under a minute.
  • Option to share creations with a community.
  • Merges AI with artistic expression in music production.

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2. MusicAI

【Tutorial】How to make AI song cover with AI Voice Generator 2023

MusicAI is crafted with a lens focused on entertainment enthusiasts and content creators, offering a streamlined pathway to generating song covers. The simplicity in its operational ethos is its hallmark—users are merely required to provide clean versions of their favorite tracks, select the AI training model embodying the artist for the cover, and within a short span, the cover audio is ready to grace ears.

The platform is a melting pot of AI models emulating popular artists, opening doors to a realm where K-pop, hip-hop, and whimsical SpongeBob covers find a common ground. The user-friendly interface paired with clear directives makes the process a breeze, even for the uninitiated. However, a note of caution is sounded regarding its current lack of support for commercial channels, emphasizing the importance of legal usage.


  • A wide spectrum of AI models representing popular artists, catering to diverse musical tastes.
  • Straightforward user interface coupled with clear instructions, promoting ease of use.
  • A playground for K-pop, hip-hop, and playful SpongeBob AI cover creations.
  • Versatile input and output formats, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • A reminder for adherence to legal usage, given the absence of commercial channel support.

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3. Musicfy

Musicfy AI Tutorial & Review - How to Use Musicfy AI Voices

Musicfy serves as a holistic platform that not only facilitates the generation of AI covers but takes a step further by introducing editing options, a feature that sets it apart in the crowded domain of AI cover generators. The journey from an input audio file to a finished cover remains intuitive, yet the ability to refine the output sets a new standard.

Unlike many of its counterparts, Musicfy invites users to tweak the pitch, remove instrumentals, and even adjust the quality of the output, offering a Pro subscription for those seeking an elevated experience. However, while the platform excels in customization, it slightly veers off the beaten path when it comes to its AI voice model library. Eschewing mainstream voices, it instead opts for a community-driven library, thereby fostering a unique auditory experience.


  • Editing capabilities including pitch modification and instrumental removal.
  • Accepts a variety of input forms like live recordings, mp3/wav files, or YouTube videos.
  • Download or share the generated cover seamlessly.
  • Pro subscription for enhanced quality settings.
  • Community-centric AI voice model library.

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4. VoiceDub stands as a hallmark of what a well-rounded AI cover generator encompasses. With a treasure trove of pre-existing voice models, it lays the groundwork for quality cover creation. The ease with which users can navigate the platform to either leverage existing models or venture into creating their own voice model is a narrative of user empowerment.

The aesthetic and functional simplicity of the user interface is a nod to intuitive design, ensuring a seamless navigation between the myriad of options available. The quality of output resonates with the calibre of voice models housed within the platform, reflecting a synergy between user effort and AI capabilities.


  • Robust collection of pre-existing voice models including renowned artists.
  • Facility for users to craft their own voice models, fostering a culture of creativity.
  • Intuitive user interface ensuring smooth navigation and operation.
  • High-quality output, mirroring the professional grade of available voice models.
  • A comprehensive toolkit for both novice and seasoned creators in the realm of AI cover generation.

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5. Mubert

Mubert carves out a niche as a platform for the modern music creator aiming to transcend traditional boundaries. Through its inventive approach, it beckons users into a realm of endless sonic possibilities, providing the tools to not only create but also market AI-generated compositions.

The user-friendly interface simplifies the creation process, where a mere input cue unfolds into a tailor-made musical narrative. Mubert's capacity to arrange compositions into curated playlists further showcases its commitment to delivering a tailored user experience. Moreover, the platform extends its utility to developers through its API, bridging the gap between creative expression and practical application.


  • Generative music streaming app crafting original music based on user preferences.
  • Intuitive music generation using natural language text prompts
  • Mubert Studio: A dedicated space for marketing AI-generated compositions
  • API access for creating royalty-free music, aligning with business needs
  • User-driven cues for genre, mood, or activity-based music generation
  • Easy track refresh, download, and removal options for a seamless user experience.

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6. Covers reimagines the concept of cover song generation by offering a blend of voice cloning technology and personalized voice enhancements. While the allure of replicating famous voices is undeniably captivating, extends the canvas to include your unique vocal signature. This isn’t merely about generating covers in your voice, but elevating them to a professional caliber by ironing out any imperfections.

The journey of morphing a brief 3-5 minute audio sample of your voice into a personalized AI voice model is at the heart of’s charm. Although crafting your unique AI voice model is an endeavor of patience, taking up to 2 days, the payoff is a tailor-made vocal avatar ready to breathe life into any song. Moreover, for those craving instant gratification, the platform's existing repository of voices—from celebrities to whimsical meme characters—offers a playground of vocal textures to explore.


  • Personalized AI voice model creation from a brief audio sample.
  • Professional-grade audio refinement to enhance cover song quality.
  • Extensive library of pre-existing voice models including notable personalities and meme characters.
  • Facilitates the creation of cover songs in both cloned and user’s own voices.
  • A platform where personal creativity and AI-driven enhancement coalesce.

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7. Soundful

Soundful emerges as a boon for creators in pursuit of royalty-free background music. The pathway to crafting a bespoke track is stripped of complexities, embodying a straightforward approach of genre selection, input customization, and track generation. This simplicity, paired with the assurance of copyright-compliance, makes Soundful a reliable companion for content creators.

The platform’s music generation algorithm, honed by industry veterans, is the engine propelling the creation of unique soundscapes. With over 50 genre templates and customization options for beats per minute (BPM) and key, Soundful is not just a generator, but a canvas for musical expression, aligning with individual creative visions.


  • Intuitive process for generating royalty-free background music.
  • Over 50 genre templates to jumpstart the creative journey.
  • Customization options for BPM and musical key.
  • Designed with content creators in mind, mitigating copyright concerns.
  • AI algorithm trained by industry-leading producers and sound engineers.

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8. Splash Music

Splash Studio Mix Tutorial by LunaC ✨

Splash is a pioneering music technology company dedicated to making music creation simple, intuitive, fun, and accessible to everyone. In the virtual world of Splash on Roblox, users can create music, jam with bands, perform live, and explore clubs, offering a dynamic digital playground filled with mini-games to fuel creativity.

Additionally, Splash has partnered with Amazon to enable users to create and share original songs using their voice with the Splash Music Skill on Alexa-enabled devices. Splash aims to empower a new generation of artists by developing games and tools that allow users to create music, perform for live audiences, and engage with fans in a continuous virtual music festival. Supported by prominent investors, Splash is at the forefront of innovative music creation technology.


  • Splash simplifies music creation for everyone.
  • On Roblox, create music, perform live, and play mini-games.
  • Use Alexa to craft and share songs with your voice.
  • Empower new artists with virtual performances and fan interactions.
  • Supported by top investors, leading in music tech innovation.

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Synthetic Heart - AI Generated Synthwave R&B Track by AIVA

Aiva embodies a holistic approach to AI-driven music generation, catering to a spectrum of media needs ranging from commercials to video games. By alleviating the hurdles of music licensing, Aiva empowers users to either conjure music from scratch or tweak existing tracks, all within a user-friendly environment.

The platform's extensive presets and specified music formats lay down a robust foundation for crafting soundtracks. The added ability to edit audio tracks amplifies Aiva’s appeal, making it a revered choice among both seasoned professionals and novices keen on exploring the boundless realm of AI-generated music.


  • Wide array of presets and specified music formats for diverse media applications.
  • Free version available with a core set of features.
  • Capability to edit audio tracks and modify existing songs.
  • User-friendly interface promoting ease of use among professionals and amateurs alike.

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10. Boomy

Boomy makes its mark as a conduit for both widening the realm of music generation and streamlining the voyage from conception to production. At its essence, Boomy thrives on the rapid creation of original compositions, offering a runway for aspiring musicians to not only create but propel their creations into the digital domain. The allure of Boomy lies in its ability to serve as a stepping stone towards potential revenue streams, as the songs birthed within its framework can be ushered onto various streaming platforms.

The journey from a spark of musical idea to a full-fledged song is condensed into a few clicks within Boomy. With a simple configuration of desired parameters and a singular click on the “Create Song” button, the innovative AI nestled within Boomy leaps into action, orchestrating a complete song within a fleeting span. This swift manifestation of music offers a moment of reflection to either embrace the creation or opt for a fresh start, placing the reins firmly in the hands of the user.


  • Availability of both Free and Subscription-based variants, catering to different user preferences.
  • Opportunity for revenue generation through song submissions on popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
  • A robust suite of features and capabilities unveiled upon the creation of an individualized user profile.
  • Simplified user interface with a straightforward “Create Song” function, accelerating the music creation process.
  • A haven for aspiring musicians to not only create but potentially monetize their musical ventures.

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The Fusion of Music and AI

The digital age we're navigating has brought forth a bounty of tools that meld the realms of artificial intelligence with musical creativity. The landscape of AI song cover generators is vibrant and ever-evolving, offering a sanctuary for both seasoned musicians and budding artists to explore, experiment, and express. Through the lens of AI, the traditional boundaries of music creation are being reimagined, opening doors to new auditory adventures.

The AI song cover generators explored in this review embody the epitome of this innovation. From personalizing voice models to crafting royalty-free background music, the spectrum of capabilities is vast and exhilarating. These tools are not merely about automating the cover creation process; they're about empowering individuals to dive into the musical arena with a blend of ease, sophistication, and a touch of personal flair.

Alex McFarland is an AI journalist and writer exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has collaborated with numerous AI startups and publications worldwide.