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7 Best AI 3D Object Generators (February 2024)

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In the rapidly evolving world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer, especially in the field of 3D object generation. AI-powered 3D object generators have revolutionized the way we create and visualize 3D models, making the process more efficient, accurate, and accessible to everyone.

Whether you're a game developer, a graphic designer, or just a tech enthusiast, these tools can help you bring your ideas to life in three dimensions. In this blog, we will explore ten of the best AI 3D object generators that are leading the industry with their innovative features and user-friendly interfaces.

1. Spline

Introducing Spline AI - Design in 3D using AI

Spline is a free 3D design software that allows users to create interactive web experiences right in the browser. It stands out with its real-time collaboration feature, making it a great tool for team projects.

Spline offers a wide range of features for 3D modeling and animation. It also provides tools for 3D vector editing, camera controls, web browser events, and drag & drop functionality. Users can upload digital media through the website or API, which is then automatically analyzed and transformed into 3D models.

Features of Spline:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Interactive experiences
  • Material layers
  • 3D sculpting
  • Physics and game controls
  • Video textures and components

2. Masterpiece Studio

Masterpiece X - Generate. Use generative AI to create 3D models from text.

Masterpiece Studio is an AI-powered text-to-3D generator that has revolutionized the 3D modeling process. It uses sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to transform a user's descriptive language into a 3D model.

Masterpiece Studio only requires a few lines from its users to generate fully functional 3D models and animations. This game-changing program has the simplest UI of any 3D production software currently available, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Features of Masterpiece Studio:

  • AI-powered text-to-3D generation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology
  • Generates fully functional 3D models and animations

3. Meshcapade

Meshcapade avatars in CLO3D

Meshcapade is a leading AI text-to-3D generator that can create high-quality 3D models from text inputs. It offers a unified platform compatible with all game engines and graphics applications to meet your avatar requirements.

Meshcapade is the cutting-edge platform you need when creating high-quality 3D models from text inputs. The platform was designed to make 3D avatars easier, allowing businesses to devote more time and energy to their main offerings.

Features of Meshcapade:

  • AI-powered text-to-3D generation
  • High-quality 3D models from text inputs
  • Compatible with all game engines and graphics applications
  • Designed for easy creation of 3D avatars

4. Luma AI

Flythroughs Announcement | Luma AI

Luma AI is a toolkit for developers and hobbyists. It offers various types of creator tools and APIs such as; flythrough videos, NeRF videos, video to 3D, text to 3D (alpha), game art, e-commerce art, and more.  Luma AI has a great team behind them and are continuously developing out the offerings to users.

Features of Luma AI:

  • Flythrough Videos: This tool allow users to create smooth, cinematic camera movements through 3D environments or scenes. This can be particularly useful for creating previews of digital spaces (eg. real estate) or for game development.
  • Video to 3D: This tool convert traditional videos into 3D models or scenes. This is especially useful in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and for creating interactive experiences where users can navigate through the scenes.
  • Text to 3D (alpha): An alpha-stage tool that converts descriptive text into 3D models. This could be a groundbreaking tool for designers, allowing for rapid prototyping based on written descriptions.

Tools like these can be a game-changer in terms of productivity and creative possibilities. The technology behind them, especially things like NeRF and AI-powered text to 3D, is cutting-edge and indicative of the rapid advancements happening in the field of computer vision and generative AI.

5. 3DFY AI

3DFY Prompt - Text-to-3D generative AI

3DFY AI uses advanced generative AI to produce high-quality 3D models from textual descriptions. By eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming, and impracticable manufacturing or scanning methods, 3DFY AI has made the creation of 3D content accessible to everybody.

3DFY AI's primary objective is to eliminate the need for human labor in developing 3D content through automation, allowing users to generate an infinite amount of 3D assets at lightning speed. This cutting-edge technology provides access to curated 3D databases of digital items or develops 3D virtual things based on written instructions.

Features of 3DFY AI:

  • AI-powered text-to-3D generation
  • Advanced generative AI
  • Eliminates the need for human labor in developing 3D content
  • Access to curated 3D databases of digital items

6. RODIN Diffusion by Microsoft

The Future tech of Digital Avatars with NVIDIA's RANA and Microsoft's Rodin. | MICROSOFT vs NVIDIA

RODIN is gradually becoming well-known as a leading artificial intelligence 2D-to-3D avatar generator. By greatly simplifying and speeding up what was once a laborious and complex process, it has changed the way 3D digital avatars are made forever.

RODIN is an AI-powered system that can create realistic 3D avatars using information like a client image. A client can have an immersive viewing experience by watching these created avatars in 360-degree views. This makes RODIN a valuable tool for those who want to create lifelike 3D characters based on one’s likeness.

Features of RODIN:

  • AI-powered 2D-to-3D generation
  • Creates realistic 3D avatars
  • Uses sensitive information like a client image
  • Provides 360-degree views of created avatars

7. Avaturn

Avaturn - Realistic 3D Avatars for Gaming from Photo

Avaturn stands as an authentic avatar generator and serves as an avatar infrastructure for various gaming platforms, applications, and expansive virtual worlds. This system empowers game creators to dedicate their energies to refining the gameplay experience, as Avaturn takes the reins on avatar creation and personalization. The Avaturn add-on enables end-users to craft lifelike avatars that mirror their real-world likeness. Users are provided with a vast selection of customization options, including but not limited to body configuration, apparel, adornments, hairdos, footwear, and eyewear.

Once the user has completed their avatar's personalization, the system provides a fully assembled 3D model that is ready for immediate deployment within a game, effectively replacing any default character. Avaturn offers instructional guides and software development kits for seamless integration.

Features of Avaturn: 

  • Selfie to 3D avatar
  • Brand customizable
  • Garment customizable

Harnessing the Power of AI for 3D Object Generation

The world of AI 3D object generation is evolving rapidly.  AI tools have made the process of creating 3D models more efficient, accurate, and accessible to everyone. Whether you're a game developer, a graphic designer, or just a tech enthusiast, these tools can help you bring your ideas to life in three dimensions. From text-to-3D generators to image-to-3D and video-to-3D converters, there's a tool for every need. Explore these tools and unlock a new dimension of creativity.

Alex McFarland is a tech writer who covers the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has worked with AI startups and publications across the globe.