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AWS and NVIDIA Announce New Strategic Partnership



In a notable announcement at AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA unveiled a major expansion of their strategic collaboration, setting a new benchmark in the realm of generative AI. This partnership represents a pivotal moment in the field, marrying AWS's robust cloud infrastructure with NVIDIA's cutting-edge AI technologies. As AWS becomes the first cloud provider to integrate NVIDIA's advanced GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips, this alliance promises to unlock unprecedented capabilities in AI innovations.

At the core of this collaboration is a shared vision to propel generative AI to new heights. By leveraging NVIDIA's multi-node systems, next-generation GPUs, CPUs, and sophisticated AI software, alongside AWS's Nitro System advanced virtualization, Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) interconnect, and UltraCluster scalability, this partnership is set to revolutionize how generative AI applications are developed, trained, and deployed.

The implications of this collaboration extend beyond mere technological integration. It signifies a joint commitment by two industry titans to advance generative AI, offering customers and developers alike access to state-of-the-art resources and infrastructure.

NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips on AWS

The collaboration between AWS and NVIDIA has led to a significant technological milestone: the introduction of NVIDIA's GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips on the AWS platform. This move positions AWS as the pioneering cloud provider to offer these advanced superchips, marking a momentous step in cloud computing and AI technology.

The NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips are a leap forward in computational power and efficiency. They are designed with the new multi-node NVLink technology, enabling them to connect and operate across multiple nodes seamlessly. This capability is a game-changer, especially in the context of large-scale AI and machine learning tasks. It allows the GH200 NVL32 multi-node platform to scale up to thousands of superchips, providing supercomputer-class performance. Such scalability is crucial for complex AI tasks, including training sophisticated generative AI models and processing large volumes of data with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Hosting NVIDIA DGX Cloud on AWS

Another significant aspect of the AWS-NVIDIA partnership is the integration of NVIDIA DGX Cloud on AWS. This AI-training-as-a-service represents a considerable advancement in the field of AI model training. The service is built on the strength of GH200 NVL32, specifically tailored for the accelerated training of generative AI and large language models.

The DGX Cloud on AWS brings several benefits. It enables the running of extensive language models that exceed 1 trillion parameters, a feat that was previously challenging to achieve. This capacity is crucial for developing more sophisticated, accurate, and context-aware AI models. Moreover, the integration with AWS allows for a more seamless and scalable AI training experience, making it accessible to a broader range of users and industries.

Project Ceiba: Building a Supercomputer

Perhaps the most ambitious aspect of the AWS-NVIDIA collaboration is Project Ceiba. This project aims to create the world's fastest GPU-powered AI supercomputer, featuring 16,384 NVIDIA GH200 Superchips. The supercomputer's projected processing capability is an astounding 65 exaflops, setting it apart as a behemoth in the AI world.

The goals of Project Ceiba are manifold. It is expected to significantly impact various AI domains, including graphics and simulation, digital biology, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and climate prediction. The supercomputer will enable researchers and developers to push the boundaries of what's possible in AI, accelerating advancements in these fields at an unprecedented pace. Project Ceiba represents not just a technological marvel but a catalyst for future AI innovations, potentially leading to breakthroughs that could reshape our understanding and application of artificial intelligence.

A New Era in AI Innovation

The expanded collaboration between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA marks the beginning of a new era in AI innovation. By introducing the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips on AWS, hosting the NVIDIA DGX Cloud, and embarking on the ambitious Project Ceiba, these two tech giants are not only pushing the boundaries of generative AI but are also setting new standards for cloud computing and AI infrastructure.

This partnership is more than a mere technological alliance; it represents a commitment to the future of AI. The integration of NVIDIA’s advanced AI technologies with AWS’s robust cloud infrastructure is poised to accelerate the development, training, and implementation of AI across various industries. From enhancing large language models to advancing research in fields like digital biology and climate science, the potential applications and implications of this collaboration are vast and transformative.

Alex McFarland is a tech writer who covers the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has worked with AI startups and publications across the globe.