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Adobe Makes Key New Announcements Regarding AI-Powered Capabilities

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Adobe has announced that over 80 percent of Adobe Experience Cloud customers across category-leading applications are relying on AI-powered capabilities for digital modernization.

Adobe’s AI and machine learning (ML) technology is called Adobe Sensei, and it enables customers to apply powerful intelligent services across the organization, leading to better customer experiences. The technology aims to solve digital experience challenges by “enhancing human creativity and intelligence to help brands create and design better content, accelerate business processes, and personalize customer experiences.”

Adobe’s enterprise applications have Sensei-powered capabilities built right into them, and additional AI-as-a-service solutions can be implemented by marketers, content strategists, and business analysts in marketing and IT organizations. These solutions help optimize and deliver personalized experiences at scale in real-time.

One of the areas where this can impact is the development and delivery of cross-channel campaigns. It can also help organizations gain a better insight into influential factors in customer behaviors, future customer interactions, intelligent product recommendations for e-commerce, and the creation of production-ready content.

Gerry Murray is research director of marketing and sales technology, IDC.

“The biggest challenges organizations face with AI are to identify the best use cases and then set up, implement, and manage the algorithms and data feeds appropriately,” said Murray. “Adobe simplifies these challenges by embedding AI and ML capabilities via Adobe Sensei into Experience Cloud applications, enabling marketers and data scientists to quickly design and deliver compelling customer experiences that learn from and adapt to customer behavior over time.”

Adobe’s Marketing Mix Modeling

Adobe’s announcement also included details about the company’s new Marketing Mix Modeling capability, which is powered by Adobe Sensei. It enables brands to accurately forecast and optimize budget allocations across online and offline channels, which helps them meet business objectives.

The predictive insights that are derived from Marketing Mix Modeling can also be combined with historical performance data gathered from Adobe’s Attribution AI service. This enables marketers to quantify the incremental impact of specific marketing touch points, and it gives brands a comprehensive marketing spend optimization assessment. 

Adobe Sensei Utilization Among Top Brands

Many top brands rely on Adobe Sensei technology, such as:

  • NVIDIA: The company uses Sensei-powered capabilities for the creation of data science models.


  • Esri: With Sensei-powered capabilities, Esri has driven more incremental sales and marketing ROI. The organization achieved a 300 percent higher conversion rate after combining Customer AI with Adobe Analytics to gain predictive insights about customers. 

  • Under Armour: The company was able to scale their digital asset management for faster collaboration with Sensei-powered capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager Assets. 

  • DXC Technology: By building ML models in Data Science Workspace for Adobe Experience Platform, DXC Technology is streamlining the customer experience on their site.


  • Other Companies: Some of the other top companies relying on Adobe Sensei technology include Pitney Bowes, Catbird, Bandwidth, and more.

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