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Adam Jackson, Co-Founder & CEO of Braintrust – Interview Series

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Adam Jackson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Braintrust, an all-in-one hiring solution, that is powered by AI. The platform uses a matching engine that scans 800,000+ talent members globally to find the top 5 candidates to fill any position. The AI is also conducts and grades video interviews, providing enterprises with a detailed scorecard to make fast, and informed hiring decisions.

Could you share the story of the genesis behind Braintrust AIR? 

Today’s hiring process is fundamentally broken. It’s slow, it’s costly, and it leaves talent in a weeks-long period of limbo. We wanted to change all that. We wanted to reduce the friction of finding your next job the way forever changed how you book travel by shrinking the hiring process into days. We think that will free human resource professionals from the most tedious and repetitive aspects of their job and empower them to help build culture and cultivate talent.

Braintrust AIR offers various innovative solutions for hiring and managing global workforces. Can you highlight some key features that set your platform apart from traditional staffing solutions? 

Braintrust AIR stands apart in three ways.

First, it’s comprehensive.  No other platform offers AI-driven job description creation, precision candidate matching, automated screening, and onboarding, all under one roof. It’s an end-to-end solution that the market desperately needs

It’s also data driven. We have four years of proprietary data, 750,000 talent and thousands of successfully completed jobs for Fortune 500 companies. We’re not just using ChatGPT to write a generic JD and calling it AI-powered. Instead, we purpose-built models to achieve specific goals that recruiters care about.

Lastly, it’s unbiased. Humans are inherently biased and tend to flock towards familiarity. Our AI ranks and matches talent with jobs based on discrete skills as opposed to personally identifiable information.

These other sites don’t do any vetting of the talent. They only allow you to post jobs and collect applications. We provide a specialized AI-driven hiring platform designed to automate and streamline the entire talent acquisition process, end to end.

How does Braintrust's AIR AI Matching Engine enhance the accuracy and efficiency of matching candidates to job roles compared to manual screening processes? 

Braintrust's AIR AI Matching Engine streamlines the recruitment process by automatically analyzing job requirements and candidate profiles to make high-accuracy matches. This system significantly outperforms traditional manual screening by reducing human error and bias, accelerating the hiring timeline, and ensuring a better fit between job roles and candidates.

How does AIR ensure the quality of candidates when performing automated AI-driven video screenings and grading? What criteria does it use? 

AIR ensures high-quality candidates by utilizing advanced algorithms to assess video interviews based on defined competencies and job-specific criteria. This process includes evaluating communication skills, technical knowledge, and problem-solving abilities, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are shortlisted.

With AI playing a significant role in recruitment, concerns about bias are inevitable. What measures has Braintrust implemented to ensure fairness and reduce bias in its AI algorithms? 

Braintrust has implemented several measures to combat bias in its AI systems. We’re not using any personally identifiable information for model training and inference. The Matching Engine provides a summary for every candidate that clearly states why someone is a match or not, and what criteria were used in decision making. The other thing to note is that our AI looks at every single applicant, instead of simply coming up with a pool of “good enough” candidates. Moreover, our async video screening enables companies to video screen a lot more applicants than they would with a traditional screen. This gives a shot to a wider variety of candidates that would not typically be invited to a screen.

Braintrust also has its cryptocurrency (BTRST). What are the benefits of incorporating a token, and how do the tokenomics work? 

The BTRST token incentivizes community participation and governance, allowing token holders to vote on significant decisions affecting the platform. This use of cryptocurrency aligns with Braintrust's decentralized ethos, promoting a transparent and collaborative environment.

Braintrust operates on a decentralized model using Web3 technology. How does this influence the platform's governance and operation? 

Braintrust's decentralized model empowers its community by allowing talent and companies to have a say in the platform's development and governance. This model enhances user engagement and ensures that the platform evolves to benefit all stakeholders.

How does the integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and job description automation benefit companies looking to streamline their hiring processes? 

Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and automated job description tools help organizations quickly post job openings, manage applications more efficiently, and optimize job descriptions to attract suitable candidates. Many customers are using Braintrust as their ATS; all in one hiring solution. Our integrations with other ATS systems enable customers to easily sync all their data in one place. The Job Description generator is differentiated because it uses data from other job postings and what's been successful (vs. ChatGPT which will just produce a generic job description)

Can you share some success stories where Braintrust AIR has significantly improved the hiring process for your enterprise clients? 

Braintrust AIR has facilitated numerous successful hires, notably reducing hiring times and costs for Fortune 1000 companies. The industry average hovers around 58 days; Braintrust AIR – specifically the AI Matching – has already reduced time to hire down to 12 days.

What are Braintrust's long-term goals, and how do you plan to expand your services in the next few years? 

Currently AIR serves as a fully autonomous hiring platform for technical and design roles.  Later this year we’ll be expanding AIR to be able to deeply screen for ALL skilled roles:  accounting, legal, compliance, even retail management.  AIR will be available as its own standalone screening system that will integrate with any ATS at any company, turning thousands of applicants and hours wasted on repetitive screening into the best matches, already fully vetted, in a day or two instead of 6-8 weeks.

Thank you for the great interview, readers who wish to learn more should visit Braintrust.

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