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Circleboom Review: The Best AI-Powered Social Media Tool?

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Circleboom review.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives in today's digital age. Whether you're a social media user, blogger, or business, managing your social media accounts efficiently is crucial for success.

That's where tools like Circleboom come in and why I've taken the time to write this comprehensive Circleboom review. It's an AI social media tool that schedules multiple posts for the most popular platforms.

It also has a hashtag generator to find the most relevant hashtags for the most reach, a media content curator so you never run out of exciting things to post, and more! But we'll get into that later.

In this Circleboom review, I'll explain what Circleboom is, who should use it, and how to get started. From there, I'll cover Circleboom's key features and how to use them, followed by the top three Circleboom alternatives I've tried.

My goal is that by the end, you'll clearly understand whether Circleboom is the right social media tool for you. Let's get started!

What is Circleboom?

What is Circleboom Publish!

Circleboom is an AI-powered social media management tool that simplifies managing social media accounts. Its user-friendly interface makes scheduling posts and curating content on any social media platform hassle-free.

Some of Circleboom's most outstanding features include the AI post generator, hashtag generator, and content curator.

You can use the AI post generator to generate engaging social media captions. Meanwhile, the hashtag generator ensures all of your hashtags are relevant for the most reach, and the content curator sources the latest news articles based on your interests that you can immediately share with your audience.

It even has a Twitter Management Tool to track followers, analyze insights, and more. It's everything you need to manage your social media accounts efficiently in one place!

Who Should Use Circleboom?

Anyone wanting to take advantage of any of Circleboom's social media tools should use Circleboom. However, specific individuals would benefit the most from using Circleboom:

  • Social Media Marketers: Circleboom provides marketers with tools to manage their social media accounts efficiently. From using AI to generate captions, schedule posts, and analyze follower insights, streamlining social media management has never been easier for marketers.
  • Businesses: Businesses usually run multiple social media accounts to get their brand message across to a larger audience. Circleboom allows businesses to manage and schedule multiple posts on more than one platform effortlessly. Additionally, the ability to analyze follower insights provides valuable data-driven strategies for businesses to optimize their social media performance.
  • Bloggers: Some bloggers take their content beyond their blog to social media. Circleboom's content curator is an excellent tool for bloggers to find relevant content to share with their audience or schedule multiple social media posts on various platforms. The RSS feed feature is another helpful tool to automate sharing new content from their favorite RSS feeds.
  • Influencers: Influencers posting on multiple platforms always look for ways to streamline their social media workflow and increase their reach. With AI-generated captions and scheduling tools to plan their posts, Circleboom allows influencers to manage their social media accounts effectively and spend more time engaging with their audience.

Getting Started with Circleboom

Hovering over "Get Started" on the Circleboom homepage and choosing "Publish."

Creating my account with Circleboom was simple. I started by going to the Circleboom homepage, hovering over the “Get Started” button, and selecting “Publish.” Circleboom then asked me to create an account.

Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial except for Pro. However, I used the Premium plan to create posts using GPT-4!

Here is what Circleboom's Publish tool looks like:

The Circleboom Publish tool main interface.

You can access the different tools in the left navigation bar. At the bottom, you can easily connect your social media accounts.

Circleboom keeps things clean and simple with its user-friendly interface. Once you've connected your accounts, you can start exploring the various features of Circleboom.

Circleboom Key Features

Circleboom offers a range of features to help users effectively manage their social media accounts, schedule posts, curate content, and more. I'll walk you through its key features and show you how I've used them!

Here are Circleboom's key features that we will be covering:

  1. Social Media AI Post Generator
  2. Social Media Hashtag Generator
  3. Post RSS Feeds to Social Media
  4. Social Media Content Curation
  5. Social Media Video Downloader

Social Media AI Post Generator

Circleboom's Social Media Post Generator landing page.

Circleboom's social media AI post generator feature is a game-changer for content creation. It uses artificial intelligence (Open AI) to generate engaging social media posts for multiple platforms and schedules them to save time and effort.

You can plan, design, and schedule multiple social media posts simultaneously on the following platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok (coming soon)

With this feature, you can create high-quality posts that resonate with your audience, ensuring maximum engagement on social media platforms.

How I Generated a Social Media Post with Circleboom

Here is how I generated social media posts with Circleboom by following five simple steps:

  1. Connect Social Media Platforms
  2. Select “Create New Post”
  3. Write a Caption
  4. Upload Images
  5. Schedule or Post
Step 1: Connect Social Media Platforms

Selecting social media platforms to connect using Circleboom Publish.

After creating and logging into my Circleboom account, I connected my social media platforms by selecting the ones I wanted to connect! All I had to do was sign into the accounts to connect them, so I found the process incredibly simple.

Connected social media account using Circleboom Publish.

I could select multiple accounts to connect, but I decided to connect one to get a feel for things.

Step 2: Select “Create New Post”

Selecting "Create New Post" using Circleboom Publish.

Next, I wanted to create a new LinkedIn post through the account I had just connected. I hovered over the pencil tool icon in the navigation bar and selected “Create New Post.”

Step 3: Write a Caption

After selecting my connected social media account, it was time to write the caption.

Selecting the green OPEN AI button to get ChatGPT-4 to generate the caption for my social media post using Circleboom Publish.

As soon as I started typing, I could select the green OPEN AI button to get ChatGPT-4 to enhance my caption. I typed out my original caption and hit the “OPEN AI” button.

Selecting the style for my ChatGPT caption generation.

When selected, a window asked me the style I wanted the caption to be in. I went with “Educational” and hit “Next.”

In the same window, I was also asked what tone of voice I wanted the caption to be written in (cold, cool, neutral, warm, or hot). I went with “Warm.”

Selecting the Extras for my ChatGPT caption generation.

Finally, Circleboom asked me about the “Extras” I wanted to add to my caption. This included emojis, hashtags, Calls to Action, fixing grammar, rephrasing for clarity, and translation.

I could choose multiple, so I went with “Add Emojis” and “Add Hashtags.” From there, I hit “Create Content.”

A ChatGPT-4 generated social media caption using Circleboom Publish.

After a few seconds, the Circleboom OPEN AI content generator enhanced my original caption, including hashtags and emojis!

This is much more engaging than the original caption that I wrote myself. I also appreciated that I could regenerate the content or change the initial settings I had given it, like the style, tone of voice, and extras.

Once I was happy with it, I selected “Use this Content.”

Emphasizing the hashtag and emoji icon when creating a new social media post with Circleboom.

My generated content was immediately placed in the text field. I noticed a small hashtag and emoji icon where I could manually add more emojis to the content.

Circleboom's hashtag generator.

The hashtag icon is Circleboom's hashtag generator, where you can discover trending hashtags and topics so your post can reach the widest audience! I could save or add relevant hashtags with a single click.

Step 4: Upload Images

Selecting the type of media to upload for the social post created via Circleboom Publish.

Below the caption, I selected the type of media I wanted to include in my social post. I had a couple of options:

  • GIF
  • Unsplash
  • Google Photos
  • Canva Design
  • Upload your image, GIF, or video

I decided to source an image from Unsplash.

It's nice that Circleboom provides many image options for creating engaging social media posts. I don't know about you, but I hate opening multiple browser tabs and endlessly searching for the perfect photo. Circleboom makes this easy by integrating Unsplash directly into its platform and giving users various image upload options.

Step 5: Schedule or Post

Selecting whether I would like to add my post to queue, schedule it, save it, or publish it using Circleboom Publish.

Now that my image was chosen, I just had to post it! I had a couple of options:

  • Add to my queue (you have to set your Queue preferences on the Time/Queue Settings page).
  • Schedule
  • Post now
  • Save as draft

Here is what my final post looked like on mobile:

A social media post generated with Circleboom.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my experience generating a social media post with Circleboom. I found the interface extremely easy to navigate, and the process was simple.

I am also happy with my post, especially my enhanced content using ChatGPT-4. Circleboom gave me the tools to create a visually appealing and engaging social media post.

New post options using Circleboom Publish.

Back in the dashboard, you can follow the same process to use AI to generate, manage, and schedule tweets, Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Google Business Profile posts, and more! You can even schedule pins for multiple boards on more than one Pinterest account!

Social Media Hashtag Generator

Circleboom's social media hashtag generator landing page.

Hashtags play a crucial role in social media marketing, and Circleboom's social media hashtag generator feature makes hashtag research a breeze. This feature suggests relevant hashtags based on your content, industry, and target audience, helping you reach a wider audience and increase the visibility of your posts.

How to Use Circleboom's Hashtag Generator

Selecting the hashtag icon to access Circleboom's hashtag generator.

I used the little “#” icon when generating a social media post.

Circleboom's hashtag generator.

Circleboom's hashtag generator opened, and I could search for, discover, or save hashtags.

Adding selected hashtags to a social media caption using Circleboom.

When selecting a hashtag topic, I chose the hashtags I wanted to include in my caption, or I could add them immediately to my collection!

Post RSS Feeds to Social Media

The Circleboom RSS Feed landing page.

Circleboom lets you publish blog posts directly from RSS feeds to your social media accounts. This feature is great for bloggers who want to automate the sharing of new content from their favorite RSS feeds.

With Circleboom, you can schedule posts from RSS feeds across multiple social media platforms, saving time and effort.

How to Autopost RSS Feeds to Social Media

Selecting Connect a new RSS feed in CIrcleboom.

In the Circleboom Dashboard, I hovered over the RSS icon and selected “Connect a new RSS feed.”

Next, I selected my social media account to share my RSS feed.

Fields to be filled out to add an RSS feed with Circleboom.

From there, I filled out the rest of the information:

  • RSS Feed URL
  • Feed name
  • Text to begin with
  • Text to end with
  • How frequently the feed would be checked
  • Maximum number of posts per update

Once complete, I selected “Add RSS feed.” Now, I can auto-post my RSS feeds to my social media accounts!

Social Media Content Curation

Circleboom's social media content curation landing page.

Content curation is essential to social media management, and Circleboom provides the perfect tools. With intelligent search and language stats features, you can curate content from genuine sources, ensuring high-quality posts that resonate with your audience.

Circleboom's social media content curation feature helps you find, curate, and publish content that aligns with your social media strategy.

How to Curate Content for Social Media

Selecting Discover Articles from the Circleboom navigation bar.

In the Circleboom dashboard, I went to “Discover Articles” in the navigation bar.

Selecting "Manage Your Interests" in the Discover Articles tab on Circleboom.

From there, I selected “Manage Your Interests.”

Managing interests for articles in Circleboom.

In this section, there were two things I needed to do: select the article's language and select my interests.

The language part was easy. I kept it on the default, which was English.

Next, I had to set my interests with “#” followed by my interests.

I found the four colorful blocks on the right (“Featured,” “Industries,” “Skills,” and “Fun”) to be helpful. Clicking any of these blocks revealed their recommendations, and I could select the hashtag to add to my areas of interest.

Adding robotics and tech as areas of interest and selecting "Save your interests."

I ended up adding “robotics” and “tech” as my interests and hit “Save your interests” to continue.

Selecting the articles to add to queue using Circleboom.

On the next page, Circleboom gave me an endless amount of the latest articles and news revolving around my topics of interest! I could now select the interesting ones and add them to my social media queue to be auto-posted.

Social Media Video Downloader

Circleboom's social media video downloader landing page.

Circleboom's social media content curation feature lets you download videos from popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

How to Download Social Media Videos

Selecing the "Video Downloader" in Circleboom.

From the Circleboom dashboard, I hovered over the navigation bar icons and selected “Video Downloader.”

Selecting "Grab that Instagram video file" using the Circleboom social media video downloader.

Next, I pasted the URL link of the video I wanted to download and selected “Grab that Instagram video file.”

Right clicking to save the social media video using Circleboom's social media video downloader.

I could then right-click to save the video!

Circleboom Twitter

The Circleboom Twitter Management Tool landing page.

Circleboom's Twitter management tool (also available on the App Store for mobile) gives you valuable insights into your Twitter account performance and the activities of your followers that you won't find anywhere else.

Some features include your Twitter account analytics, follower and friend insights, and tools to identify fake accounts, spammers, and inactive accounts. These tools and features will help you maximize your Twitter presence and make informed decisions to grow your follower base.

Here are the key features that come with Circleboom's Twitter Management tool:

  • Twitter user analytics
  • See who unfollowed you
  • Shadowban test
  • Delete tweets

The following section will show you how I set up my Twitter Management profile and where to access its key features!

How to Use Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool

Selecting the Twitter Management tool on the Circleboom homepage.

I started by going to the Circleboom homepage. Hovering over “Get Started” on the top right, I selected “Twitter Management.”

Connecting my Twitter account to Circleboom.

The first thing I was asked to do was connect my Twitter account.

Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool dahsboard.

Once I logged in and authorized Circleboom to access my account, I was taken to the Twitter Management dashboard.

My main insights, such as gender stats, were displayed in the dashboard's center, while all my tools were in the navigation bar on the left.

I appreciate how Circleboom maintained the same layout as Circleboom Publish, which already felt familiar.

Hovering over the navigation bar exposed all the different features available to me. Here are some of its main features.

How To Access Twitter User Analytics

Accessing the Twitter user analytics using the Circleboom's Twitter Management tool.

I found a lot of valuable insights directly on the dashboard. However, I could access this in User Analytics in the navigation bar to get even more analytics like follower growth, friends and followers characteristics, language stats, the best time to tweet, and more.

How To See Who Unfollowed You

Accessing who unfollowed me with Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool.

I could see valuable information about my Twitter followers, including who unfollowed me on Twitter by going to Followers and selecting “Who Unfollowed Me.”

The accounts that unfollowed me on Twitter using Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool.

Immediately, this page showed me which accounts unfollowed me and how many.

Selecting "Set Up Unfollowers Alert" using the Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool.

On the top right or at the bottom, I could also set up an “Unfollowers Alert” to be notified when an account has unfollowed me.

Adding accounts that have unfollowed me on Twitter to the Twitterlist for me to unfollow to keep my follower/following ratio even.

To remove the accounts that had unfollowed me, I checked them off and selected “Add to Twitterlist.” This ensured my follower/following ratio was even, and I'm only following people who follow me back.

How To Do a Shadowban Test

Shadowbanning is when a social media platform limits the reach or visibility of a user's content without their knowledge. For example, if a user impersonates someone on Twitter, they will shadowban the account since this is a policy violation.

If you suspect this to be the case for your Twitter account, Circleboom has a useful Shadowban Test tool to see if your account has been shadowbanned immediately.

Selecting Shadowban Test using Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool.

To check whether my Twitter account was shadowbanned, I hovered over the Search icon and selected “Shadowban Test.”

Searching my Twitter account to see if I am shadowbanned using the Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool.

Next, I had to put in my Twitter username and hit “Search.” Circleboom immediately told me my Twitter account was not shadowbanned in any country!

How To Mass Delete Tweets

Selecting Delete all my Tweets using Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool.

To mass-delete my tweets, I went to “My Tweets” and “Delete all my Tweets.”

Deleting Tweets using Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool.

Circleboom gave me a quick guide on mass-deleting all my tweets simultaneously. All it took was logging into my Twitter account, downloading my Twitter archive (the “tweet.js” file) from Twitter, uploading this file to Circleboom, applying filters to the tweets I wanted to delete, and hitting “Delete My Tweets.” It couldn't have been simpler!

I hope that gave you insight into some of the most popular uses of Circleboom's Twitter Management Tool. It offers a lot more useful features, like Smart Search, which is a live keyword and hashtag tool to find your target audience. I'd highly recommend exploring it more to see its capabilities!

Pros and Cons

  • The user-friendly interface makes social media management hassle-free.
  • Schedule posts on multiple social media platforms at once.
  • The Twitter (X) Management Tool offers excellent insights and analytics into your Twitter account.
  • Hashtag generator helps users take advantage of the most relevant hashtags in their industry for the most reach.
  • Ability to enhance content quality and engagement with Circleboom's social media caption generator powered by the latest GPT-4.
  • Circleboom Publish is compatible with all of the most popular social media platforms.
  • Automatically post RSS feeds to social media, saving time and effort.
  • Access your industry's latest news and articles automatically to share on social media.
  • Download any video from social media using Circleboom's social media video downloader.
  • No overly sophisticated features; Circleboom offers excellent feature sets for most social media users.
  • Expand your social circle by using the right tools to take control of your social media accounts.
  • An integrated AI art generator would help get the perfect photo for social media posts.
  • Getting insights into more social media platforms aside from Twitter would be beneficial.
  • Twitter Management tools may feel overwhelming for some people.
  • The hashtag generator could give more insights into how many people have used it, trending hashtags, etc.

Top 3 Circleboom Alternatives

Here are the best Circleboom alternatives that I've tried.


The Flick homepage.

Flick is a social media management tool that's very similar to Circleboom. It helps entrepreneurs and creatives use AI to write engaging copy, find the best time to schedule posts for maximum engagement, and access insightful analytics on social media platforms.

Flick and Circleboom use AI to generate text, and both do an excellent job. However, Circleboom's copywriting capabilities are limited to a caption generator, while Flick offers features that use AI to brainstorm ideas, repurpose content, and generate social media captions.

Flick and Circleboom also provide analytics into your social media platforms. However, Flick only offers social media analytics for Instagram, while Circleboom only provides social media analytics for Twitter.

Lastly, Flick and Circleboom allow you to search for relevant hashtags to add to posts and save for later. After using both hashtag features, Flick's hashtag tool gives more insight into the average likes of a hashtag and the total number of posts that have used it.

If you want to use AI for the most copywriting uses, access to Instagram analytics, and a more robust hashtag tool, go for Flick. If you only need an AI copywriting tool for captions and prioritize Twitter analytics, I'd highly recommend Circleboom! Ultimately, both are excellent social media tools, so you can't go wrong with either.

Read our Flick Review or visit Flick.

Content Studio

AI Caption & Image Generator for the Best Social Media Posts

Content Studio is a user-friendly tool and the easiest, fastest way to grow, organize, and manage your social media channels.

Content Studio and Circleboom can generate social media posts using trending, relevant articles and scheduling them to be published. After scheduling posts on both platforms, I found the Content Studio social media calendar more visually appealing, with larger icons showing me when posts would be published.

Content Studio and Circleboom also have AI writers to generate captivating captions instantly. Both platforms do an excellent job, but Content Studio has a bit of an advantage by also offering an AI image generator that Circleboom lacks.

Another thing that I love about Content Studio is its social media analytics feature, which can be integrated with any popular social media platform. Circleboom only offers insights into Twitter analytics; however, it provides lots of valuable tools specific to Twitter that are lacking with Content Studio, like mass-deleting tweets.

Content Studio and Circleboom are excellent social media tools. Use Content Studio for a slightly more visually appealing and user-friendly social media calendar, an integrated AI image generator, and the ability to track analytics on any social media platform.

Alternatively, take advantage of Circleboom for scheduling social media posts, generating excellent captions with hashtags and emojis, and getting deep insights and valuable tools you can't get anywhere else for Twitter.

Read our Content Studio Review or visit Content Studio.


Getting Started with Lately

Lately is an AI-powered social media management tool that increases your online visibility by 1,000%. It pulls excerpts of content directly from a webpage (like an article) from your business's website, which can be used as social media posts! It's the most on-brand social media tool to amplify your brand voice and expand your social media reach.

As you can see, Lately and Circleboom do similar things but approach them differently. While Circleboom generates high-quality social media captions with hashtags and emojis, Lately is the best option for the fastest caption generation that reflects your brand's tone of voice.

In addition, both Lately and Circleboom let you connect with various popular social media platforms. However, Lately offers integrations with Hubspot, Hootsuite, Salesforce, and more to streamline your workflow.

If you're looking for the fastest way to generate editable, high-quality social media captions that reflect your brand's tone of voice and offer the most integrations, I'd recommend going for Lately. If you want to use AI to generate your captions and a hashtag generator to use the most relevant hashtags for your social media posts, use Circleboom!

Circleboom Review: My Experience

After exploring Circleboom's features in-depth and comparing them to other social media management tools I've tried, I can confidently say that Circleboom is well worth trying.

Its AI-powered caption generator makes creating engaging captions a breeze. I was impressed with how my original caption was improved, and I liked how Circleboom also incorporates relevant hashtags and emojis to reach more people and save time.

Circleboom also made figuring out what to post extremely simple with the content curator. By searching my interests, I found trending articles and content to share with my followers that I know will resonate.

Finally, if you're a big Twitter fan and want to maximize your Twitter presence, Circleboom is an excellent choice. The platform provides advanced features tailored explicitly for Twitter management, such as tweet scheduler, analytics, and follower analysis.

Overall, Circleboom is an excellent social media tool to plan, schedule, and automate your social media content on one platform. I hope you found my Circleboom review helpful and that you try it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Circleboom worth it?

After using Circleboom myself, I can confidently say that Circleboom is worth it. This is especially true for those who want to use AI for excellent caption generation and social media management across various platforms. The Twitter Management tool is also great for those who want to clean up their Twitter account by deleting old tweets, replies, likes, and more.

Is Circleboom secure?

Yes, Circleboom is secure, and they create genuine tools for users. They use Cloudflare, a top-rated provider of internet security services, to safeguard its visitors, users, and subscribers. Cloudflare ensures SSL protection for all pages. According to G2, it is also recognized as a top-performing software for winter 2022.

Is Circleboom good for Instagram?

Yes, Circleboom is an excellent tool for Instagram. With features like scheduling posts and the AI caption generator, Circleboom provides valuable tools for effective Instagram management. However, if you're looking for a social media tool with better insights into Instagram analytics, Flick is the better choice.

Do you have to pay for Circleboom?

Circleboom does not offer a free plan, but it does have a 14-day free trial on the Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans. Once the trial is complete, you must pay a monthly or annual subscription to continue using Circleboom.

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