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AI Education Company Riiid to Lead at World’s Largest AIEd Conference

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Leading AI education company Riiid has announced that it will lead the AI in Education (AIEd) ecosystem track at High Touch High Tech (HTHT) 2021 Conference, the world's largest AIEd conference. 

The conference is co-hosted by Riiid, Education Commission Asia, and TV Chosun, and it will focus on leveraging AIEd to close the achievement gap in education. The conference is set to  feature 150 speakers and panelists coming from ten countries. 

HTHT 2021 will take place on June 30, and Riiid’s virtual all-day sessions will be available to the public online.

The Riiid Track

The company’s track is titled ‘Building A New Ecosystem for AIEd,’ and it will contain eight talks covering the top issues across AI education. Some of the sessions involve prominent research topics and recent trends in AIEd, such as the transformation of assessment methods from summative to formative. 

The track will also cover translating research ideas into products and the discussion of the future of educational assessments with AI. The latter will detail how industry experts are using AI technologies to improve assessment systems and make them more effective, while at the same time keeping them fair. 

Another one of the sessions will involve equity, ethics, and human-centered design principles for AI in learning, which is crucial as the focus on AI ethics continues to increase.

YJ Jang is founder and CEO of Riiid. 

“As an industry pioneer in bringing equity in learning, Riiid is fully committed to defining and growing the AIEd ecosystem further and establishing a firmer foundation of AI for education,” said Jang. “Riiid will lead this movement and I am very grateful to showcase our mission by hosting one of four tracks at the world’s largest AIEd conference.”

Bringing Together Global Talent

The conference will also include over 25 schoolteachers from Korea, the United States, Spain, Russia, and Brazil. They will provide insight into their experiences, expectations, and concerns involving AI in education.

Some of the speakers for the Riiid track include: Fengchun Miao, Chief of UNESCO’s Unit for Technology and AI in Education; Jim Larimore, Chief Officer for Equity in Learning at Riiid; Ryan Baker, Director of the Center for Learning Analytics and Big Data at the University of Pennsylvania; Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills at OECD, Head of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA); Maria Spies, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of HolonIQ; and Alina von Davier, Chief Assessment Officer at Duolingo, among others.

The HTHT 2021 Conference will include stakeholders from global organizations, governments, academia, foundations, EdTech innovators, schools, parents, and students. The conference takes place over four days.

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