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Speechmatics Partners With to Capture Voice Memories

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Leading speech recognition scaleup Speechmatics is partnering with consumer AI startup to transform the capture of voice memories, with the aim of empowering individuals with personal AIs that help them never forget their conversations, spoken notes, reminders, and other daily details.

One of the most impressive aspects of this new technology is that it does not matter which dialect of English or accent is carried by the individuals.

The Process of Capturing Memories

The process begins with capturing and transcribing the voice of its creators, and it does this through Sync Speech, which stores the memories often forgotten. The personal AIs are paired along with an intuitive messaging interface and secured by blockchain technology. They can recall any piece of spoken information that the owners forget, which augments the memory capacity of the human mind.

The human mind, on average, forgets about 80% of experiences. This new autonomous speech recognition technology will have a big impact on this number by recording memories with high accuracy.

Inclusive and Accessible Technology

Throughout 2021, both companies have advanced their technologies to make them more inclusive and accessible. Speechmatics supports 31 global languages, and it has recently launched breakthrough new technology that relies on the latest deep learning and self-supervised models to improve accuracy.

In January, announced a $5.9 million seed round from investors including Differential Ventures and Built By Girls Ventures following the company’s focus on gender diversity. Last month, the company launched its 1.0 version of their technology.

Katy Wigdahl is CEO of Speechmatics.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with, combining our technologies to help make their revolutionary platform accessible for all, no matter who you are,” says Wigdahl. “We strongly believe in’s mission to empower every individual to remember everything, and our industry-leading Autonomous Speech Recognition opens this opportunity to be more inclusive to everyone regardless of accent, dialect, age, and other sociodemographic characteristics.”

Suman Kanuganti is CEO and Founder of

“We’re always looking to partner with like-minded pioneers in the deep technology space, and Speechmatics shares in our pursuit to use AI and machine learning for good,” says Kanuganti. “Their mission to understand all voices by bringing the most accurate speech recognition technology to the market means they’re the right partner to ensure our platform can be used by as diverse a population as possible, democratizing memory access for all.”

Alex McFarland is an AI journalist and writer exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has collaborated with numerous AI startups and publications worldwide.