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Venkat Viswanathan

Venkat Viswanathan is the visionary behind LatentView Analytics. In 2005, well before modern “big data” became a trend in the business world, Venkat was thinking about how enterprises could best leverage the ever increasing amounts of data at their disposal. Venkat spotted an emerging opportunity in the analytics industry – one he decided to bet big on.

Prior to taking a risk and starting LatentView Analytics, Venkat was a well-established and respected executive at Cognizant. There, he was in charge of strategy and business development, growing the business to the momentous $20m milestone.

When he’s not thinking about big data and analytics, Venkat indulges his passion for technological gadgets. Most recently, he acquired a Squeezebox wireless radio that streams music and headlines from around the world, combining his passions for global news and technology.

Venkat holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT, Madras, and an MBA from IIM, Calcutta.