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Gadi Graus, CEO of Cust2Mate

Gadi Graus is the CEO of A2Z Cust2mate Technologies Corp. and its subsidiary, Cust2Mate. In his recent position as President and Director of A2Z, he led corporate development and strategy, identified potential joint venture partners and acquisition targets, and supported the integration and commercial development of the companies’ technologies.

Mr. Graus has extensive international corporate and commercial experience, successfully assisting advanced technology, industrial, and manufacturing companies at all stages, from preliminary development to multinational corporations. He has also advised private and public companies in a wide variety of fields, including investments, joint ventures, M&A, supply chains, and distribution networks.

Prior to joining A2Z, Mr. Graus was a senior partner in the international commercial and high-tech department at Shibolet & Co., Law Offices, one of Israel’s largest law firms.

Mr. Graus holds an LLB from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel and an MBA from the Kellogg - Recanati program (Tel-Aviv University and Northwestern University).