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AI has the potential to be used by rogue states, as well as by malicious bad actors. Below we feature the top organizations that are committed to ensuring that artificial intelligence is used safely.

Algorithmic Justice League – One of the most important issues is Algorithmic Bias. This can take many forms and shapes, including being biased against gender, ethnicity, age, or race. The Algorithmic Justice League aims to develop practices to enable accountability in the design, development, and deployment of coded systems.

AI 4 All – Powered by a network of Universities including Berkeley, and Columbia University, AI 4 All is a nonprofit that works to increase both gender and ethnic diversity in AI development. They have created pipeline for talent which may be underrepresented in the form of mentorships programs and educational opportunities in both the USA and Canada.

AI Ethics Lab – They bring together collaborators from different fields including computer scientists, lawyers, scholars, and philosophers, to discuss and bring about a solutions based approach to ethically designing AI. The workshops are deeply interesting and will discuss everything from transhumanism, biases in image search results, to issues brought up by popular entertainment such as black mirror episodes.

AI Now Institute – An interdisciplinary research center at New York University, they are committed to focusing on the social implications of AI, with a special emphasis on ‘Rights & Liberties’, ‘Labor & Automation’, ‘Bias & Inclusion’, and ‘Safety & Critical Infrastructure’.

Foundation for Responsible Robotics -They wish to shape a future of responsible artificial intelligence and robotics design. This includes development, use cases, regulation, and deployment. Addressing ethics behind robots and the impact of innovations in this space on social values such as privacy, and well-being are the core focus.

Future of Life Institute – An ambitious goal of catalyzing and supporting research which will safeguard life from AI, all while developing realistic and optimistic visions for the future. They offer great interviews, articles, and more on many important issues of our time from climate change, nuclear proliferation, to biotech, and AI.

Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers – They communicate the vision of creating standards, certifications, and a code of conduct which will enable the ethical implementation of AI technologies. They believe that it is vitally important that stake holders are empowered to leader with ethics first when it comes to AI implementations that can benefit society.

Machine Intelligence Research Institute – More technically oriented then most organizations, they are a nonprofit that studies mathematical formulas and underpinnings of intelligence. They wish to create tools and systems to design and analyze artificial general intelligence (AGI). The systems are created to be as transparent as possible so that humans are capable of understanding the reasons why AI behaves in certain ways.

Open AI – This is the most popular organization as it received a huge funding boost from Elon Musk, and has Sam Altman as CEO. The mission is to ensure at artificial general intelligence (AGI) is developed with the goal of always benefiting humanity. Safe, beneficial, and regulated AGI is the goal. They release regular research papers which advance safety, policy, and AI capabilities.

The Partnership on AI – They aim to conduct research, organize discussions, and provide educational material which will benefit humanity. They also deliver AI policy and ethics research for ambitious projects and they offer a fellowship program for this.