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Usman Choudhary, General Manager, VIPRE Security

As the general manager for VIPRE Security Group, Usman is responsible for executing the company’s product vision and strategy for advanced threat defense solutions. With contributions to several patented innovations in the early stages of the security space, he was instrumental in influencing the evolution of mission-critical cyber defense programs for the U.S. Navy (PROMETHEUS) and other government agencies and security programs at Microsoft and other large enterprises. Before joining VIPRE, Usman held several product leadership roles to develop identity and security businesses at NetIQ, Novell, and eSecurity. He previously served ten years in technology innovation for the global brokerage industry. Usman received his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Rutgers University School of Engineering and his executive leadership education from Harvard Business School. In his personal time, Usman regularly contributes to several nonprofit service initiatives nationally and received the distinguished U.S. President’s Call to Service Award in 2013.